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  1. SAF will be laddering I'm sure and more than likely on Teamwarfare but our options are pretty open as yet where. However I can't see us doing anything until we have some server files and some sort of anticheat.
  2. call sign:SAF_Kaiser Game: GRAW Age: 50
  3. I think once we have a little better anti-cheat support, dedicated server files, and the other MP game styles up and running you'll see things pick up pretty well. A lot of the old GR clans aren't much into this run and gun, unlimited respawns stuff. Personally I think the game shows very good promise and I know SAF is looking forward to matching again with this new game!
  4. I take that back. It might be fun to those who play for unlimited repawns and just love to run and gun like BF2 or COD. Lol for the hard core TDM player its like getting a root canal! No tactics no nothing. The other thing I've noticed is the magic nades. They just seem to know where you are. Or getting shot at through concrete walls. Doesn't the other guy see that wall? This is too frustrating. I think I'm going to hold off playing until we get a TDM style of play up and running.
  5. It's good to see you guys at Grin watching the forums and really taking an interest in the GR community and our feedback. It's very appreciated! SAF clan
  6. Hmmm, a clan made up of ex-military and cops? Very cool!
  7. Hey Cutter, Feel free to drop by SAF any time you guys like. IP is
  8. Hew Swaw, good to see you! I always enjoyed hanging out with you guys and hope to see you around in the future.
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