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  1. I don't think it looks any better than COD4 put out. Almost looks the same, but in a different environment. Love the action and all the explosion. Yet they look weak and not very impressive! Compared to also what COD4 and even GTA4 did with explosion for that matter. It just looks weak and fake. When you get very close up to objects (AI or other players mostly) it looks washed out and blurred. This could be because its a bad video, but it sure don't look like the case. Just look close and pasted the bad video the models outfits blur and washout compare to the other objects he looked at close. If anything can be said they still haven't met what they said the game was going to look like by any means! It looks to be on par with COD4 graphically, but darker and different setting. Maybe alittle wash out and weaker effects. Even if they get it all fixed and cleaned out to be crisp. Its still far away from what they said it was going to look like and not very much better than what COD4 look like today. It does look like a fun game, but not at all what i was expecting. If the video was bad for at least the washed out look fine so be it, but the explosion are still weak and its still not any where near what they said it was going to look like not even close.
  2. Not sure if you guys looked hard enough, but when the team gets in the little fenced in spot and kill everyone they then begin to spawn kill them. Looks like GR2 with the spawn killing.
  3. From the way i understand it all games come in 720p as a standered, but if your TV doesn't support 720p it switchs to 1080i by defualt. Yet i would still go through and switch it back to 480p in the system display if i was you than everything well go right to 480p instead of 1080i. All you got to do is just choose what set up you want in the system display that your HDTV can handle and your all set to go. So like you said your HDTV does 480p and 1080i so these two are the ones you want to choose from. Again i would go with 480p over 1080i becuase it gives out a much smoother picture when there is action on the screen, but than again the choose is all yours. 1080i is alittle more sharper over 480p, but in 480p it gives off a much less blur when in action or if you play slow type of game than 1080i all day. Edit: Sorry BIGOLBRAIN we must of been typen at the same time there.
  4. I am going to wait until i play the PC demo and hear more feed back from all you guys here on the forums before i make up my mind on getting the PC version. Im already thinking of skipping the console version just becuase of the CooP so im going to wait and play the Demo for PC and get feed back before i make up my mind. As for the XNA and modding, I myself have made countless post about the User created content & XNA here on GR.net. If you want the Info just use the search option becuase me and many others have made many posts about it with links. Though some post might be going back awhile at least a year+ i would say yet some are new and upto date!
  5. Myself being a girl and all i have to say Jessica Alba myself, as for you guys saying she is jailbait well if Age: 24 Date of Birth: April 28, 1981 is to young than i guess its to young! I know my husbands farther doesn't think she's to young and hes in hes 50's, he just loves Alba. I think thats all old men dream of are wanting a 24 year old though!
  6. A new video Water Effects, Draw Distance at 2km (02/14/2006) Looking very nice! Edit update better videos Quick time WMV
  7. Yea i am if [OFP: DR] comes through with this kind of shooting. They where halfway there in OFP with bullet drop. Been looking for that kind of game play ever since and still looking!
  8. Well if GR never picks up on it, hopefully someone else well. By the way that demo is fun couldn't get enough of it!
  9. I think i could be feeling much better about the CooP and stealth. Other than that i think the game is coming along fine, just haven't made up my mind if its a rental only yet!
  10. Got some new videos Video HD Quicktime Video HD WMV
  11. ← As soon as i seen the part with the AI, it left no doubt to me thats its a fake!
  12. Has anyone even tried it yet or can you just not repley on a forums with the Xbox360???
  13. I love to own one of these Multi-Touch Interaction Research
  14. I seen this afew days ago, but wanted to make sure no bad feed back came from doing this. Everything has been good and even MajorNelson from Xbox has said its ok. So if you want to surf the web on your Xbox 360 you need to patch your Windows Media Center to allow it here's links. www.anpark.com Transcode 360 v1.0 Released Though i dont have Windows Media Center yet i would like to see if anyone can get it up and running and post here at GR.net and say HI from the Xbox360!
  15. We'd previously seen PlayStation 3 in "realtime" action in three demonstrations - the stunning Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer taken into a simulation to show off game engine and graphics, Sonic the Hedgehog's realtime demo at TGS, and also a realtime demo of Sega's Fifth Phantom Saga, also at TGS (all available to watch below). Based on what we've now played for ourselves, we can answer a question we all asked back at E3 2005. Does PS3 really look like the Killzone trailer? No way. Does it look like Metal Gear Solid 4? Sure, near enough, although now that it's on near-final hardware, things just need a little polishing to look as complete as what was shown by Kojima-san in September.
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