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  1. Even better. The RSE people should join up with the former Infinity Ward people AND Mr. Sonedecker. Would that be the best constallation ever in the history of gaming Mike I like your thinking man. That would be fantastic
  2. They dont have computers and Internet at the E3?...
  3. They did not tell us. There where so many wrongs we tried to make right,but in the end they did not listen. Sometimes, several of the testers got a feeling GRIN did not have the freedom to make the game WE wanted. There where UBI rules.
  4. Well done SM.I could not agreed more.Thats why i still play GR and not AW. You know, I was one of the 20 secret betatesters, who went to GRIN's studio in Stockholm for the first edition of AW. And believe me when i say that we realy tried to tell them they where too far from original GR. When we left,we thought we made a difference.Personally i got realy dissapointed.All i could see they had changed in the game,was the ability to move when crouched.It was not there origianly.You could only move fully raised, or laying on your belly.
  5. Usually the car shop has a DEMO you can try before you buy.Atleast they do where i live(Norway)
  6. Replay recording and easy to download from server.
  7. A highspeed bullet creates some kind of a vacum behing it,does'nt? Guys?
  8. The M416 has been introduced to the military police at least (have a co-worker who happens to be a national guard MP), no idea if they're the first to get it, the last or whatever xD Apparently, it was quite the "upgrade" over the G3, heheh. Sure, it's a smaller caliber, but the military police in Norway don't fire at live targets too often anyhow New weapons to the Norwegian military is: Heckler & Koch MP7, Heckler & Koch HK416 and Heckler & Koch HK417 http://www.hkpro.com/forum/showthread.php?...416-Norway-Spes. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showt...ce-MP5-with-MP7 http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showt...an-armed-forces
  9. that be good or CryEngine2, CryEngine3. I agree, CryEngine is much more powerful and very flexable!!! Now what I want in Future Soldier and someone already pointed out similar. I love the great urban of GRAW and GRAW2, also I love the beautiful open maps with forest of Ghost Recon and GRAW2. Have a good mix of maps for multiplayer with urban, forest, deserts, mountains, and rivers!!!! Such as - Ghost Recon - Embassy Ghost Recon - Railroad Bridge Ghost Recon - Red Square(Most likely already will have a similar map) Ghost Recon Island Thunder - Sierra Ghost Recon Island Thunder - Polling Center DIDNT REALLY LIKE DESERT SIEGE MAPS Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Mayday Mayday Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Coup D etait Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Avenues Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Downtown Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Mountain Ridge Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Dam Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Hacienda THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF MAPS NOW WHAT I DONT WANT IS DRM CRAP CAUSE WHEN I DONT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION I WANT TO ENJOY SINGLEPLAYER EDIT: Also GRAW2's crap multiplayer ruined it for me so I prefer GRAW's multiplayer cause we can mod our weapons and such and is effected by a better weight system then GRAW2. Also to my opinion its the maps that keeps a game going so INCLUDE a map editor!!!! NO ONE likes seeing the same thing all the time and it annoys me in MW2 and I dont even like the COD games!!!! ALSO the lack of dedicated servers is just pathetic!!!!!! You still play [GR] sometimes? My thoughts exactly. Looking back to this post Paladin. Don't you feel sc**wed by UBI now. I say boy! you where wrong.
  10. It will probably be a great game,the problem is they put the name GHOST RECON to it.
  11. Maybe we could hope UBI would do a COD thingy. Every other release Present and Future GR?
  12. Jepp,my thoughts to.GR has left the building(UBI)for good.
  13. I just ask one question everytime i read about the game.WHAT happend to the RECON part of the game? How can you sneek about in the woods with a UAV drone i front of you.They'll hear you from miles away. My beloved Ghost Recon is dead. R.I.P Long live Ghost Recon 2001
  14. Beta test is for XBOX 360 exclusive? Quote BOLD text below
  15. I'll go for Number ONE (1)[GR] gfx updated with new maps ...................
  16. Has anyone figured out if there is a possibility to se who's playing on the server as well.not only how many is there?
  17. I am wondering if there is a possibility to reset kills each round,even though you play more than one round each map? As it is now,it shows total amount of kills on that map. Lets say i get 2 kills 1st round,3 kills 2nd.The server shows 5 kills when 2nd ends.I'd like to se my score/kills for 2nd round,not the sum of 1st and 2nd. Would changing this * <reset_kills_per_rounds value="false"/ * to "TRUE"make this happen,and where kan i find this line?
  18. Would you want to face a polar bear empty handed??? Didn't think so. Of course we are allowed to have guns. Polarbears!!!! You guys moved the office way north since GRAW1(our visit)???
  19. realy dont know,but maybe Dual Dualcore2duo 10GB disk space 4GB Ram Geforce 8800XT in SLi just to get medium res.
  20. you need to download version 1.7 from my site DeadlyForceGaming.com It is listed for download in the top 20 newest and Top 20 downloaded Major fix in version 1.7 is image size in display. Since you are running multi version my server sigs might be a better option for you. Look in the navigation menu under server tools > Click on server sigs to start the proccess One last thing you violated the Licencence agreement by removing my sites link at the bottom of the block. it would be great if you could put that back. Fell free to remove the version number from the bottom If i only could register there.Never get the mail it tells me i will recieve.
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