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  1. I wish to thank everyone here for thier replys and please except my apologies for not getting back sooner, but there was a wreck and they took out all the lines in this area---sooo no internet for me till now. I did not realize how much impact the net has had on my life till now I completely killed everyone, both guards at the entrances, the one at the frount last and he still shot at me. Took out the guys at the frount also, no one left alive on the whole map except him. I have since reinstalled and it straighened itself out . The same for the other mission, no one left alive, in or out of the bank, but like I said, now it is fine, thank goodness. I do have one complaint: The people that came up with this game and devoloped it should be put in prision for dealing in a habit forming substant :D . ancient
  2. I have done several searches but cannot find a solution to my problem. I have played ghost recon on elite two or three times and it did wonderful. This time in the first mission I could not captured the officer because he would not put his pistol down, when I tried to enter the room he shot at me. I backed out and searched the entire map and could find no one else alive. I finally ended up shooting him. The second mission is where you pull out because the Russians have entered his city and you must take the bank, check the helicopter, and then go to the top of the embassy and your home, oh yes, take out that tank. Again, I took out every body, no one is left alive, I am sitting on top of the embassy with my full team and the mission will not end. I have made sure that ever body is in the center, because sometimes when one is on a outer edge, the mission will not end. This is really perplexing me, I cannot figure out what is going on. I am hoping that someone else has had this problem and can tell me how to cure it. But, with my luck, I will be the only one. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas you might have on this. Thank you very much ancient
  3. I wish to thank you gentlemen, for it was exactly what I needed. I had to activate it. I am still wondering why they make things so complicated, none of the other manufacturers do? Who But then the game is worth it . I want to apologize to everyone for not getting back sooner but when you are old, you have a lot of old friends that gets sick and takes you out of your house, sometimes for days on end. That is what happened in this case. Thanks so much ancient
  4. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. I go to new mission and all it shows is Ghost Recon. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks so much ancient
  5. All I see is GR in the Box. The only thing I can think of is uninstall. thank you ancient
  6. I installed and played GH and then installed the second CD (Gold Edition) but I cannot find DS. I replayed the last mission in GH, hoping it would come up automatically, but no go. I then restarted and clicked new mission, entered name and looked in the second box but it only listed the GR mission. Sorry if I am being a pain. thanks ancient
  7. I wish to thank all of you gentlemen, for it really helped. Well, it looks like Red Square will be in the morning ,my last mission in ghost recon, well, on easy anyway .I am sure I will be playing it many more times but on harder settings, but I still have Desert Siege and island thunder to play. I can't express how grateful I am for everyone's help, this is really a great community and everyone here should be proud of it. Thanks again ancient
  8. Patriot I really do appreciate your offer very much but I have never played online in my life. I really would not know how to go about it and at 78 years old, it is really hard to learn new tricks. I started playing a short time ago, at my doctors suggestion ( although it was URU and Riven he suggested and I am playing) and I am not very adept at gaming yet. I am even less adept at computers. If it wasn't for this wonderful program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I wonder if I would ever get a post online . Another thing that helps me is my grandbabies husband owns the ISP and I get free Internet connection plus he gave me this computer . thanks so much ancient PS I have finally caught on to the gun + and - sign and that helped a little (when all else fails, read the book some more).
  9. I wish everyone here could watch me play this mission . I am sure everyone here would be rolling in the floor laughing their heads off. I die so well and so often . The best I have done, so far, is clear the town, but by this time I have lost four or five men. I am usually left alone with my anti Tank gun, only to be sniped 10 or 15 feet away .I have replayed this mission 30 or 40 times, but the enemy is coming out the woodwork. Nothing like watching an old man make a fool out of himself . ancient
  10. No, just confused on how to use them ( Its heck playing with a card deck of 51 ), I think I have just caught on to a little of it, just not used to this much problems to save and replay. thanks so much for the help ancient
  11. Perhaps I should explain myself more clearly, when I first start a mission, I hit escape, then, New Saved Game, then when I complete a section, I have tried hiting F6 and then later on hiting F7. The only thing that happens is that I get a message about recording. I then tried shutting down the game and restarting, and it started at the beginning. I then tried just using new saved game and restarting, but it started at the beginning of the game again. I love every aspect of this game except the saving issue. They did such an excellent job with this game, I cannot understand why they did not make the save and reload simple,like all the other game manufacturers do. I know that when I get through (if I get through ), I will buy the latest expansion or new game of Ghost Recon, for it is a very, very, addicting game . thanks so much ancient
  12. It takes a lot to get me down but I am going to have to admit that the save game issue in this game has get me down. I have never seen a more messed up proposition in my life. What good does it do to save a game, when you can't get to the saved game? I have read the book and have searched these forums and apparently I am the only one having problems. I have to replay the whole mission over again every time I loose too many men, and that is more often than I want to admit on these forums . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much ancient
  13. I would like to introduce myself to the community, because I would like for you to understand some of the dumb questions I am going to ask. (1) I am completely new to combat gaming altogether, I have been gamin in Riven and URU and have some experience in Mech warrior this is my first combat game. so I have no combat commonsense in gaming, real life -- yes, gaming -- no. (2) I was born February 6, 1926 (while not old, I am not a spring chicken either, your mind slows down with a little bit of age .). I am in the third mission now and have absolutely no idea of what to do, or how to handle the tanks that are coming underneath the railroad tracks.I lost all of my men trying to figure out what to do. I find this game quite addicting and do enjoy it, even though I lost two men in the barn taking the pilot. I also enjoy coming here and going through all the posts that are on this forum. I have spent quite a few hours just lurking and have had quite a few laughs at some of them. thank you very much ancient
  14. I wish to thank you gentlemen for the warm welcome and also for the help that you have given. I'll now not have to start over every time I have to shut down for family matters . I have been lurking here for a few days now and its seems like a real nice place. thank you so much again ancient
  15. I have just purchased GR Gold and really like it so far, but lack the common sense of the game, give me time. I am having a problem saving the games, I hit F6and it says "the game has been successfully saved" but when you open the saved folder, nothing is there. You can shut down the game and try to come back where you left off, only to find you have to start all over again. I have tried to hit the manual save and also the F6 method but nothing seems to work. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Another thing is a clicking noise while playing the game. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I have done searches on both of these and can come up with nothing. GA 7DPXDW + Dual 2400 AMD Processors 1000 MB of ECC memory Sound Blaster Audigy 2 G4-TI 4600 vid card thank you so much ancient
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