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  1. thank you for the reply. I will look at this later on as at the moment im not at my pc. indeed this is an old message but we never really got the logo we wanted.
  2. ok ive had graw2 for a while since before xmas but havent really touched it since, I wanna get get back to the multiplay side of things, but i need to know what mods and maps people are using, ive looked in the downloads section but there so much out, whats the most popular stuff out and is there a way i can download in install it all at once? SST_Sparkz*CO*
  3. I signed up to yougamers around last year or so who are partners with aquamark the guys who make the benchmark, just in the new year i got this artical in the newsletter. having a read it gave me a great perpective on what to upgrade to and if i should worry about saving for some quad core, so have a read. most of you guys might already know most of this and understand it, but for people who are really struggling to upgrade and not sure on what to upgrade this gives you a direction. http://www.yougamers.com/articles/16583_th...aming_pc_specs/ check it out! SST_Sparkz
  4. Hi all, My Clan South Side Tribe has been around for about 12 years almost, started from when starcraft first came about. for the last 2-3 years its been alomost dead with aload of members that where inactive, things are now starting to pick up. we got around the same amount of members as always, just more are now starting to play again. we had an old logo before in which was made with the us seals logo, I redesigned it about 3 years ago to somethink better, but the idear just didn't stick. The thing is im good at graphic design, but the idear for this 1 is just not working. So im
  5. Im getting the same probs but on xp, i on the other hand have a gt7800. it looks like my card is dead but i can play other games fine :S Sparkz
  6. ok ive checked the power cable and its not lose at all. can anyone help me on this?
  7. right ive just brought GRAW 2 and installed it with no problem and updated drivers and so forth. I can think of only 1 solition to the problem i havent checked but im sure its not it. but the problem is when i load a mission well the first mission the cut scene where the chopper inserts my guys in, unless my settings are real low as low turning everythink down i can play that perfect. if i turn it up i get artifacts and then the cut scene just becomes unplayable to the point of alt + f4 out. my spec meets recommended so im sure it should at least play medium graphics. ok so here is th
  8. hmm graw 2 gonna be like graw 1? then the ghost recon franchize is then deffinetly dead. ubi might aswell hold a gun to the back of every [GR] fans head and pull the trigger multible times. tho i think what the pc players need is a remake of the game that still is a number 1 to many many fans. hell i dont mind them adding small bits to the game aslong as it feels and plays like the old game we played and loved thats all that counts. maby we should all come together and say to ubi, we dont want graw2 we want the gr2 we never got.
  9. A read though summery of what i agree on... leaderboard key yeah that was great! didnt cover your screen so your still in play and your eye are not away from the action. the command map.. my views on it make it in grided and allow squad leaders to give members commands like in single player we talk about tatical play with no VOIP this will be a better feature and please let them see on the map where to look. the other thing i would like to see is the ablility to change game modes and server settings in between rounds say u decided enough of TDM you only had 4 people and they all wante
  10. Coming back to the sound effect... sounds are great but i do have to agree with the loudness and its not just a footstep i think there might be a slight problem with the loudness. i was playing a scrum match with this other team and it was left with me and this other guy on the church map and i could almost trace where the guy was running around by the kicking of cans and i was in the church tower at the time. not complaining because i do listern very carfully to footsteps and cans ect but maby it is abit to loud by a fraction. esp the slow walking.
  11. Server controls need to be implemeted, GRAW + GR1 server setting = kick ass game!
  12. Ok dont flame i know they just brought the multiplayer 1 out but i just wanted to know what they are working on next. The only thing i see that really needs to be added is mutliplayer things like ready check marks against peoples name when they are ready and server admin tools to kick people change map or game style. other than that its just new content. any one know? i know grin comes on here so a question to them is whats there plans for the future...
  13. ok looking at the map all the probs are industrial so i need to change the map from historial to industrial but how do i go about doing it
  14. is there a way to change the map type then from well mine atm was set to historical can i change it to how it should be?
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