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  1. Worked a treat, thank you.
  2. Thanks deleyt, Ruin i was talking about 3d max 6. I think the plugins are nor compatible or something. Thanks again although i havent tried it yet... lol.
  3. Thank you, i only started 2 weeks ago.
  4. How do i turn each side of the object into faces? Sorry i am a complete novice. The help is really appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Could anyone please help with 3DSM 5.0, Heres what i have made so far. Im just learning about polygons too soo i think this weapon is just going to be an experiment and nothing more. Ok i select edit mesh, i highlight the polygon box, i go to the line i want to detach in the FRONT view and select it with the move & select tool but the detach box is not applicable. All tutorials i have read are for 3Dsm 4 or lower ive only got 5 and 6 which doesnt work with gr apparently. Im stuck, lol Thank you.
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