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  1. Yes i think you are right. i think the one with the dent in it is the heavy barrel i think you can get different types and weigths of barrels for the m4's but im not sure. Maybe someone can answer this for us? The textures are all from photographs just the usal cut out and colour corrected etc..
  2. Awsome Thank you for the response. Agent im gonna redo the silencer as you can see it looks a bit odd and small. I have also done high detail models of the H&k G11,FN P90,M136 AT4 & C4 Charges. I will post pics of the corrected Stoner SR25sd. Ive never thought of releasing these weapons into the community but i think i will. Thx.
  3. Hi some of you may or may not remember me asking for some help a while back. Well its been about 6 months since i started making models in 3dsm and here is some stuff ive done already. Click On Each Picture To Enlarge It. M4A1 Stoner SR25
  4. Good work Chems on the vehicles/boat and models etc... However the rest of the mod we have all seen before, nothing new there. I just wish someone would do more unseen stuff like your awsome boat for gr instead of releasing the same old same old bull. Anyway time to move on to better things it seems. Please dont take this as bitchin or whatever as this is only my opinion. Thank you. Game On People!
  5. Helllo. I wonder if anyone can please help with a little prob i got. I have made a few basic maps for gr (Really Basic... Dont Get Excited) Anyway i have made and exported a few little test maps to get the exporting process and basic tagging correct and they work fine in igor etc.... I have made a slighty bigger map 380x380 Meters and when i try to load it up into igor for the first time i get a "Out Of Memory Error". I am familiar with the process of making it work in IGOR because the smaller maps work np. Oh sorry i have 128mb Video card and 1gb system ram so i dont think its ram... lol. Any help would be really appreciated, Thankyou.
  6. Hi, ok even although it says .bmp in the skinner util it uses the .rsb with the same filename. So If it says... picture.bmp there will be a picture.rsb in the textures folder. Even if you reskin the vehicle and create a .vcl file directing it to the changed .pob etc... it still effects the original vehicle. Change the skin and put it in your mod textures folder thats the easiest way. Hope this helps.
  7. awsome, thx guys and thankyou for the valuable information. Harn that did the trick. Speak to you on ts soon bro. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone could please help me? I have created a vehicle for gr and everything works fine except the sound. The pdf with gr says create a box and name it "staticengineblock" and tag it non-rendered. What type of box do they mean? an object box, a helper box? and how do i tag it to be non-rendered? Here it is sofar its just not got any sound, hope you guys can help. Oh and i need to adjust the steering wheel size its a bit small. Thankyou. I had the wheel plates on it but at a distance the wheels were glitching through.
  9. no need , sorted. It was the axis's.
  10. Hi, I have created a four wheeled vehicle for gr in 3dsm and i am having probs with it ingame. When i insert into the blank mission i made for the test the vehicle spins and whizzes of the map. I think i have everything tagged correctly. I have tagged all the seats,ejection points and wheel anchors to the <n><body>vehiclename and the O point in max's origin point. I have created and attached the wheel tags to the wheels etc <n>leftwheel0> Jeep etc.... for all wheels and created a O origin and grouped the wheels and the <n><body>vehiclename all together as <n>vehiclename. Any help would be really really appreciated. Thankyou.
  11. Hi guys, 3dmax has taken over my life. I was wondering if any of you guys can help me with 3dmax tags, any kind of lists web pages any that has got tags mainly fx tags and item tags. i have searched the web for weeks and i ve only found little ones here and there. I have all the tags for vehicles,helicopters and boats. Thankyou.
  12. Thankyou, I will look into it.
  13. The poly count is very high im still trying to cut corners on the models, the textures are 512x512, ive see alot of 256x256 textures they are not good enought detail for me. The reason i chose 512 is because our video cards have more memory capacity and and the texture compression is better. So why not? Getting there slowly but surely. Thankyou. I will say this however, i have learned anybody can make a super detailed model of anything, every little detail but the real skill is can you make it appear to have the same model detail but under 1000 polys? The textures are really important too. Thank god i know photoshop like the back of my hand, and so i should ive been working with it long enough. hehe
  14. Thankyou, sorry for the lack of detail heres some more. Same again may take a while to load.
  15. Well here they are my first weapons, i am really proud of these since i have only learned to do it in a short period of time. Im not saying its really hard. I just thought i would never be able to model weapons. Getting your model detail good and under 900 polys is a skill though... lol Im spent a few years making sigs and artwork etc.. so im good with the textures, i think lmao. Ok here thay are, any comments would be appreciated, i know the m4a1 is a little big gonna adjust it, again! lol. Thanks, these may take a while to load.
  16. I think =DRAG= made one, im not sure. I think its getting used in hx5 at the mo im sure if you contact harn he will atleast point you in the right direction if he cant help you.
  17. This is what i have with the a and b set correctly i think. <ActorFile> <VersionNumber>1.00</VersionNumber> <ArmorLevel>1</ArmorLevel> <ActorName>Special Ops Ghost</ActorName> <ClassName>sniper</ClassName> <ModelFace>icg_hsp_snp_01.rsb</ModelFace> <BlinkFaceName>icg_hsp_snp_01_blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName> <DesertModelFace>icg_asn_snp_02_desert.rsb</DesertModelFace> <DesertBlinkFace>icg_asn_snp_02_blink_desert.rsb</DesertBlinkFace> <KitPath>Sniper</KitPath> <ModelName>sg_usmc_snip_body.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>sg_usmc_snip_body_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>sg_usmc_snip_body_b.chr</LOD3> <DesertLOD1>sg_usmc_snip_des.chr</DesertLOD1> <DesertLOD2>sg_usmc_snip_des_a.chr</DesertLOD2> <DesertLOD3>sg_usmc_snip_des_b.chr</DesertLOD3> <Weapon>8</Weapon> <Stamina>8</Stamina> <Stealth>8</Stealth> <Leadership>8</Leadership> <ScaleX>1.000000</ScaleX> <ScaleY>1.000000</ScaleY> <ScaleZ>1.000000</ScaleZ> </ActorFile> It did a simple test where i deleted the a and b lods and it worked so i dont understand what they are entirely for... lol. Any further help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  18. Hi, I have been working with gr for a while now one of my first mods was Opeartion IRAQI Freedom. The problem im having is if you are in a desert siege or island thunder map the character textures at a distance disapear completely to reveal the ghost recon woodland skin. I have tried serveral rsb formats and colour depths 16/32 etc... Any ideas? Thankyou.
  19. lol. When i thought up that mad combo i was thinking or a support weapon. i know its not practicle because you would need to reach around the cmag to get to the m203 triigger but lucky for us the little gr guys have magical arms... lol.
  20. I know, im just saying. no offense intented or bitcheyness if there is such a word. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
  21. Hi i dont know if it is what you say it is, i have noway of telling. Here is the pic i got the silencer from. BTW i couldnt care if the silencer is from a water pistol, it looks apart. Ghost recon is only a game for me nothing more nothing less. Remember ive only been doing this 4 weeks i dont know nothing about gun parts im from the uk for christsake... lol I know about most weapons but not thier attachments yet.
  22. Hi, i started an m4a1 about 4 weeks ago i asked you guys for some help with detaching faces etc.. thx. i got it all sorted and started. dont even ask how many polys this weapon is... lol, but its nice. actually its not that many for the weapon but when the addons are attached, ekk! anyway any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. These may take sometime to load.!!! please be patient.
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