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  1. Hi guys i have a problem, my building walls and some other textures at a short and long distance glitch through and i can see inside the building. How can i stop this? Thanks Guys
  2. Thanks Lexus thats appreciated but i dont think i can add anything else apart from the 4 low poly cranes. I want this map to run good so once i get the cranes in and see what the situation is i may get in contact with you. No cars will be getting added to the carpark just more grass, bushes and trees. Thanks again.
  3. Nope, mearly faces. The only ones that are full boxes well all sides and top anyway are the individual ones.
  4. I know the fog doesnt have any effect on the fps but what im saying is it can hide the clipping distance to a degree which means you may be able to increase the fps by getting the clipping distance closer depending on your fog distance. I want to keep a reasonable viewing distance because it is a long range map. It runs about the same as the normal gr maps with 100 tangos and considering its a multiplayer map mostly for team or solo games if it runs a bit dodgy with some of the coop gametypes out there well i guess it will be kept for team and solo games only.
  5. I think he has forgotten about this post or he has had a change of plan
  6. Clipping distance. I have had a further look at the map and lipping and fog distances and have now set the fog to a resonable distance and set the clipping distance just behind the fog distance. Occluders. I understand what occluders are and thier function i just dont know where to effectivly place these items on this map.
  7. Right ok guys i have an idea well an earlier idea reworked. I want to keep the support structures at the cornes so ontop of those structures im gonna put a normal static crane on each one. Yet again it isnt realistic because they cant reach the whole yard but im not looking for 100% total reality, just a fun multiplayer map. It will probably be Chems crane on the structures, Cant wait. Its a container yard which you would expect close to a shipyard or something but this one is by the looks of it 40 miles inland... lol. anyway its not about 100% realism its about fun. Although i have thought about it and decided not to start cutting docks out the landscape and adding water i like the full square for some reason, obviously its more balanced but it gives a fairer feel of game play and not one sided because of the ground geometry. just a thought. Oh can anyone help me with polygon counts for an average large map? Thankyou
  8. Well you know it doesnt get used and after playing it for a while it just becomes invisible, what i mean is that you look at it in detail for a few minutes then its game on. Fear not though for the man is on the case... lmao. Chems has offered some assistance in this matter. I cant wait to see what magic he will work. Thanks for the feedback guys appreciated.
  9. I have added a few things to make the gameplay a little more interesting. You now have access to the offices roof via stairs on the 1st floor. I have also done a basic but effective bridge crane which features 4 support structures that have stairs in them with access to two levels. I have also done 4 game versions, day large, night large, day small and night small. The team spawns and central area for the night and day close quarter gameplay are in the offices, the team spawns for the night and day large are at each corner of the map for all four teams and the central area is where you would expect it. The support stuctures for the crane are directly in front of each base which enables snipers to cover thier team mates as the advance. I have also added the wire fence as you will notice and some background scenery. Its looking good shouldnt be long now.
  10. Thanks guys, glad you like it. Cuchillo its comments and feedback like yours that keep us going, i assume every modder when they take on a big task feels like quiting when they run into some problems and nobody seems interested in what they are doing etc... ty. i cant wait till i get this map to you guys to play but im trying to take my time and do it right first time. I released 3 beta versions at different stages to get some feedback on the early gameplay feel to see if it was worth continuing. Also i help pay for a dedicated gr server and ran it on there for my friends to try out lol. Anyway im continuing with the map and adding some realisim elements like glass on the lights outside and grass growing out of the cracks in the concrete etc... I have got the lighting tool worked out and im planing 4 versions. Day large,night large, day small & night small. The smaller version will just be the offices and carpark for solo gametypes like lastman and for close combat siege or ctf. Its looking good, i will keep you guys posted. thanks again.
  11. As you know i have made a map for gr and i have done some doors but they have no sound when the player openes or closes the door. I have setup the map editor for sound,debris etc... but i dont see anything for doors. How do i get the sound tagged to the door? Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
  12. Heres the map now,still no dark map yet but its looking even better. You can download the BETA3 In the downloads section. http://www.stereo.fchost.net
  13. That tutorial is awsome, Thankyou very much. I have 1gb of corsair ddr and a good system etc... so its pretty quick moveing the lights etc...
  14. Thanks for replying guys sorry about that link it is now fixed. Yes Chems the planks are very difficult to negotiate but thats half the fun. I will need to find out more about the combatmodel file. I am already looking into the lighting too and have exported my map with a basic ambient light added to every room. Which didnt work btw lol, so i need to read further. The map is looking good and i also realise the need for small objects, and other things that make up a semi realistic enviroment. After doing those offices, 40 rooms in all and the windows man theres like 70 of them i got really ###### off and wanted to quit. Anyway the offices need some furniture and outside has still to get a crane,parking lot,some grass, some bushes and pavements. The yard is going to be lit by street lamps so theres alot to be done. I am also going to try and make this map for night too. Im sure if i get stuck you guys are here to help me out. Thanks for your comments guys, appreciated.
  15. Hi folks, Just let you know im half way through a map for ghost recon. this is my first real attempt at a map. You can download the beta which is fully functional with glass and doors etc.. you can get up on 90 % of the containers via the wooden planks. the offices have a ground floor and a 1st floor. It supports all game types for multiplayer and single player. You can download the beta here. Donwload Here Here are some screenshots they will take a while to load. 10 in all.
  16. I dont know but i will look into it. Thankyou.
  17. The Stoner SR-25 is getting certain parts remodeled. the p90 is ok but it could be doing with a little work too. You can see some pics of the p90 at my website http://www.stereo.fchost.net/
  18. Very nice, great job. Pitty about propellers damn rse.
  19. Chems i wouldnt mind at all, I made the site so that i have somewhere to display the stuff i do. I would like to speak to you further about this if you like, i can be contacted at any time @ stereo_genic@msn.com. Thankyou.
  20. Sorry and yes another Mod Works. I have unlimited Webspace and bandwidth so why not? I would really like to work on something with someone else and maybe learn a few things too.
  21. Thanks Chems, I will change it. You guys that have replied to this post do amazing work also, thanks for the response and comments guys. Im looking for someone to hookup with and possible work on some last GR projects with. I can mission script,model,skin and just about anything else for gr. If you are interested contact me @ stereo_genic@msn.com Thankyou.
  22. You can see more pics of weapons and character skins Here Once the page has loaded look on the lefthand side.
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