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  1. Thats some good stuff, great work.
  2. TY Stewy. I will be releasing v1.1 soon because the sherman levels on the original release are gubbed. The new sherman levels,heights and transitions are now fully workable and the ai can now find the stairs and use them. For those of you who have wanted to script missions on this map i do appoligise if i knew about the correct sherman levels setup i would have never released the map without them. Expect the link soon. thanks again.
  3. In the m06 example map look at the hidden objects and you will see "Buzz Gordon". As you know select him and save selected as... Hope that helps.
  4. Awsome, really glad yall like it. Yea this other map is taking me in new directions, i need to learn how to do roads and skin them properly. Thanks for replying Cuchillo thought i was typing to my self for a bit. Have fun, i will keep you posted about the Bunker 73 map. Thanks again.
  5. Cracked It, Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i screwedup it seems with the container map shermans but i cant let that stop me now. I have done a simple sherman test on my bunker 73 map foundations which is the geometry and a bunker with 1 set of stairs going down to a tunnel and its working. I had a problem with the transitions but they were just facing the wrong way and everything is working fine. I also noticed in igor that i have levels not just numbers but physical levels so i may release an update for the container yard but im tuned into this other map ive started which is looking great already even althought its only around 15 hours work so far. As i said above its based on a real facility so i have been gathering ariel photos and pictures which are going to be great for the brief shots etc... I also found some recent pictures of the bunkers which feature the venting system etc... so im going to include as much detail as possible. Theres not many pictures out there so it may not be 100% accurate in the content or layout.
  6. Ok i thought the sherman levels were good becuase they where showing the layout that igor generates etc... However the reference i used was mike schel or whateever and he says you just need to put a reactangle and name it correctly etc.. so i did. After reading the map builder again and i looked at the example map and relised that the sherman levels need boxes covering the floor polys aswell and you can have as many as you want aslong as they are joining but not joining two floors together. Also i discovered that you are only allowed 2 levels and you need shermantransitions between floors where the player goes up and down the stairs. I have it almost worked out. Anyway its not really a big deal for the container map mainly because its a mulitiplayer map but it is essential for my next map which is based on the Khamisiyah Ammunition Storage Complex which was bombed and raided by the US in 1991 during the gulf war. They thought it was just an ammo dump but then discovered something a little more sinister but it was too late. Remeber guys this is my first map i didnt know anything about tagging,sherman levels,occluders,transitions and all the other stuff so i think i have done well is such a short time. That container map never took long i know but i have plenty of time on my hands and usually get atleast 10 hours per day to work on what i want. Hey im a modern man with a modern woman, they want what we men have been doing the last thousand years so give it to em and sit back, relax & kickit.
  7. Get it here guess you missed this. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=19407
  8. Ok guys i have discovered some crazy business, the CQB spawn version base & spawns are on level 01 and the bases endup on level 04 i know what your thinking... havent changed the level in igor. The zones are at the correct level but still when you spawn ingame the bases endup on level 03 as i said. The enemy spawn on any level i put them but these bases are annoying. Anyway if i sort it i will release an update. Since the update will be a mission file it will be serverside. Also all the sherman levels are correct in the max map as far as im aware. As i said the enemy,vehicles & fixed weapons spawn np.
  9. Yes the download filesize is correct. Buzz extract the "cyard_final.rar" to your desktop. Inside the rar there is a cyard_final.exe which self installs the mod. You will need Winrar to extract it. You can grab it Here If you have any probs with the installer or if your ghost recon is installed in your slave or somewhere else other than the default install location, direct the installer to your mods folder.
  10. Np guys cant wait till i get a blast with 36 players. If you are interested in playing this map on a 100mbit Uk dedicated server contact me for the details. The map between both spawn versions supports everything. The Cqb spawn version doesnt support defend because of the base 0 placement on the map but it supports all others. As i said the large spawn version supports eveything and is better for recon,defend,sg assault 100,ctf etc... The CQB spawn version is for team games mainly but supports singleplayer. The SG Assault 100 gametype supports single and multiplayer modes. 2 years experience with igor helped here alot. If you could play the map and give some feedback that would be awsome. Ive also included some nightvision i made a while ago. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi guys, ok i have being going over and over things for days. Nothing to add nothing to change nothing to take away. Had a good session with the lighting tool, sorted some basic lighting out. You can grab the final map Here Heres some screens. Dont be fooled by the size of the download its a 58.5mb install. Day Night Interior
  12. Hey guys ive made some adjustments to the inside of the office but i dont know if this is final yet because when i detached the inner walls to retexture them they started to glitch again so i may have to go back to the old design im going to attach them again and see if that sorts it. Heres pics of some changes etc...
  13. I will need to find out more. Thx m8 you have put me on the right tracks. The strip lights for the offices are done and have glass in them. I also changed some wallpaper/textures and added some some storage boxes and edited the for sale sign saying "Furniture In Storage" lmao.
  14. I dont think i will bother lol. Can i maybe put a white dot on the darkmaps where the lights are? Yea ive read the pdf and cant understand half the stuff because i havent really put it into practice. I will say this that pdf stinks its not accurate on some things and leaves out important information. I think they could have made a better job of it even if its not official. The lighting tool stinks also the ui is crap, also they could have done a better job. You know these tools work and do thier job so i cant complain really. I thank the guys @ rse for such a great game and modding capability to go with it. Although it expands the games lifespan it also gives us enjoyment creating these mods and also GhostRecon.net, afterall it wouldnt be here if it werent for gr. Ill keep yall posted. Thanks.
  15. Your right i really should do more to the inside of the offices not furniture but as you say boxes and light fittings etc... Oh and could you help me plz? How do i get spot lights like the ones they use in the pow camp map? I tried spot light in the lighting tool but it didnt work, maybe exported wrong or wrong settings? If i know me those lights and boxes will be done within a few hours. Thanks.
  16. Ok guys the map is almost in your mits. It supports everything, ctf, siege,lms,ff and ive included a custom multiplayer game type called "sg assualt 100" which basically gives you invincibility for 15 secs on spawn and 100 enemies. The mod will include night and day versions of the map. There is two spawn versions available, Container Yard CQB Night & Day and Container Yard Large Night & Day. The team spawns for the cqb version are within the offices and the team spawns for the large version are at the opposite corners for all 4 teams. Hopefully this will be good enough to get featured on gr.net's front page. Heres some screens for you detail junkies out there.... Mr windows to see lol. 20 inall. 640x480
  17. Im game. This posted twice for some reason?
  18. Ok guys ive made a few adjustments althought its not totaly perfect but its close enough for me who has been buggering around with this thing for hours on end. You cant fall from it but you can snipe from it and the top section has drainage holes so you can snipe small areas of the map through those, You can grab some screens of the earlier version of the map with the dark mapping applied Here Deleyt i hear what your saying about the detail element but its getting to the stage i need to start thinking about polys and they are high and showing on the fps in gr when loaded with 100 tangos and 2 vehicles. Remember this is a multiplayer map although it is shaping up to be a mission map aswell lol. The trees and bushes i assume where planted by a landscape gardener so i imagine it would be uniform. Thanks for the info Worm.
  19. Hi guys you remember i posted that horrible structure? lmao. Well ive done some other cranes. There is 4 of them one at each corner. Here are some screenshots of the crane. The map is almost complete and it should be out in a few days depending if everything goes smoothly. Any feedback is always welcome. Thankyou.
  20. It is an easier way to solve the problem.
  21. Yes the 24bit buffer does fix it but most people run it 16 so i remodeled my outer walls and inner office walls. It took 5 hours but it has stopped the corruption... Woohoo When i thought about it for a while & i realised that its the quality of the zbuffer rendering if you like, its not good enought for the model detail/faces/polygons etc... but if you bump it up it stops the corruption as biro says. So how did i fix this by simply remodeling some parts? Ths answer is simple the model/faces etc... are to complex for 16bit. What i did was make the wall model more simple and less faces and dettachments etc... I have managed to create the exact same model but more fuller and and complete. I suggest you rethink your creation methods for such objects that persist to glitch.
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