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  1. I dont understand why people do not play graw2, the game is fantastic. Ok so theres problems with gl's and crap run and gun sniper accuracy i think but the game as a whole is really good. All the problems can be solved by modding the game like we did with gr back in the day not that there was much wrong with gr. was graw 2 popular before teh release of cod4? do you think graw players will return when they are bored with cod? I sure hope so i love the game. I offer my time as a game modder and player to help in what ever way i can. Stereo.
  2. Thanks bro, appreciated. I did search but to no success! Thanks again. Stereo.
  3. Hi all, i have jsut got into the graw series so i dont know much about the stucture yet. Does anyone know where the screenshot location for GRAW2 is? There is a key in the control options but i cant find the screenshots i am taking. Thank you. Stereo.
  4. Does the GRAW 3dmax plugin work for GRAW2? Anyone? Thank you!
  5. WOOHOO, the sites up again God knows what went wrong lol. Stereo.
  6. Hello all, It seems my host server (mango) has went down. This is the first time its happened and if it persists i will be looking for a new hosting. Please try the site later if its not up when you read this. Thankyou. Stereo. Edit* Typos*
  7. Thanks I am currently optimising the SR25 poly count. I plan to release the Knights Stoner SR25 soon! StereoG.
  8. Hey all, I have finally got my website up and running. I am still learning php and css so bear with me. the purpose of the website is to display my stuff and help me put into practice what im learning. www.sgmodworks.co.uk Thanks for your time. StereoG.
  9. Hello, you can find the map @ http://www.sgmodworks.co.uk The site is just up and needs a lot of work so please be patient. Stereo.
  10. Crazy man, just plain ole crazy. Crazy ole world. Stereo.
  11. Ceptico, Im not sure if your asking the same question again which I answered in the first paragraph in my third post or just posting that you were going to ask but already had been answered lol. So I will make it clear anyway. The maps "Shipyard" & "Bridges" for Ghost Recon will be released as soon as I get everything completed. I have no idea when this is going to be as I am working on "CENTCOM" also. Hope this clears things up. Stereo.
  12. Thanks CommandoCrazy, Dont be decieved by the Bridges water lol. It doesnt look like that ingame, it was just an added effect in max. The "Shipyard" map Im having some problems with, I cant fix the issues with the m203's. The "Shipyard" is actually an old map I released a while back. It's called "The Container Yard" Map, youve probably seen it for download or might have even played it. Anyway the Shipyard map is a modded version of the container map with more details, which arent apperant in the screen shots, I do need to update them, two office blocks opposite each other for better gameplay and two freight ships which im still working on. I hope to release these maps as soon as I get everything fixed and/or completed. element11, as always your help offer is appreciated m8. If I run into any problems or have any questions/queries , then I know where to come for help, thank you. Stereo.
  13. Thanks Gulf01 for your generous comments. I hope to keep the "goodness" in production lol.
  14. Hi all, I am working on an html site which I will use for mostly displaying models and stuff but, I will also be hosting tuts, 3d models, utils & tools & such stuff. Its not really a great site. I coded it myself in notepad so dont expect much but any feedback would be appreciated. I am a noob at html, I just know the basics. This website got me a pass in web design at college lol. I start the HNC in August. Heres the link http://www.sgmodworks.com/ <- It will be shortly lol. Stereo.
  15. Nice one bro, looks good. Keep up the good work. Stereo.
  16. All I can say is.. He should have known better and why disrespect your friends and fellow modders like that? Crazy Stereo.
  17. Hehe cloned from first one (Prior to map editor settings) then renamed it correctly. I use a template i made, Works fine on all other maps ive made. Real strange one for ya folks lol. Cheers for all your help Element11, Appreciated M8. Stereo.
  18. Yes i am using transitions and they work correctly. Its my understanding that the transitions are for AI only so they can finf their way form level to level. I havent grouped anything by accident either. Stereo.
  19. First cheers for the suggestions but ive already done most of them. The m203 is not hitting anything and the ground is fine. Its when i launch the m203 out of the sherman level 1 into level 2, so it leads me to believe its that but i think it shouldnt matter because ive launched m203 out of the maps before np. If you look at the shermans on the Example Castle map you will see you easily launch m203s out of the map. Crazy, Ill work it out somehow. Ill create new shermans & try that & what ever else i think of lol. Cheers again. Stereo. Edit = Typo
  20. I find it hard to belive myself that its the sherman levels. I mean from one side of the map to the other (Playable Space). Anyway its a strange one. Ive made a few maps and havent encountered this before. Thanks anyway. Stereo.
  21. Ahh, well thats not very nice of him. Naughty Boy.
  22. No its the one room, so no portals required. Any ideas? The map is the Container Yard redesigned and renamed to the Shipyard lol. The map features to office block, two cargo tankers four cranes plus a shed load of containers. Stereo.
  23. Np, Thanks Whisper_44. Cheers 4 the comments. Stereo.
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