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  1. Fishmonger thinks that a Deathmatch map. He's made a few maps using that terrain. pull_my_finger, nuke_from_orbit are a couple. You can look at those if you like. The list of maps can be found here: http://thegamerplanet.com/forum/index.php?topic=2.0
  2. I'll ask our map guy. He'll probably have an idea.
  3. I don't know that one. We've been playing this game since it came out. We have over 200 maps in our collection. All of them OGR COOP.
  4. Nice. And good to see you're still alive.
  5. I haven't seen that behaviour. What I see for me is after a random crash I can't get back in the server for a period of time. This would be a GameSpy issue.
  6. You must realize by now that Fishmonger ROCKS!!!!
  7. In GRAW on a dedicated server you can set the number of lives to whatever you want. Hosting you can do the same thing. It's a setting in the setup screen. Respawns clearly suck. We don't use respawns. One life, 1 chance.
  8. I suppose it all depends on your system specs. I don't have much problem with it that I can remember at the moment. P4 3.6 8800 GT 512 2 GB memory. There are spots where explosions may cause some lag. The more you have going on the worse it will be. Do you have the most recent version? 9-15-2008
  9. Yes it is. As are almost all of Fishmongers maps. But then I may be biased.
  10. Very sad news indeed. Pink Floyd is and has been my favourite band for over 35 years. I have spent far too many hours and copies of many of their albums listening to them over the years. He will be missed. Stories found at the following links: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7617363.stm http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/ukne...s-aged-65.html http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080915/...nm/wright_dc_2
  11. There are a few servers that are still active. That number has gone down over time though. We still play every night. It helps that Fishmonger keeps making maps for us. Yea! Fish.. There are many nights, especially the weekends, that we have a full server.
  12. I can tell you this one is a ######. Take your time. Really.
  13. alrite thanks, yeh i have tried a new email address. do people still play graw 1 a lil or no. People do. At least we do. Every night usually.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone, wherever you are. Have a safe and joyous holiday. From Peterborough, Ontario.
  15. One new coop map is not going to encourage me to dust off this game any time soon.
  16. Nope. They cranked out 2 quick games, pocketed their money and buggered off. GRAW2 was supposed to be an improvement over 1 but almost all of us that bought the game use it as a coaster. Talk is cheap. Following through is not.
  17. Not a bad interview. A little short. I'm surprised he didn't go on and on and on..... He does love what he does. Congratulations rpg...
  18. Cangaroo is pretty much correct. There were 3 coop maps on release. There is over a hundred maps that have been created by the community. Lots of them are crap. Lots are made for multi-respawn. There are not that many that can be won with only one death. We don't see any cheating problems but then most everyone who plays on our server are pretty decent. Our server is one death and full most nights. You do the math.
  19. Same error, similar non-standard path. D:\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 The bundle.log file does point to the following directories that don't exist. data/ levels/ custom_levels/ castle_day/ ai.gph ai_coarse.gph ambient_cubes.bin castlelogo.dds coverpoints.xml environments.xml massunit.bin minimap.dds minimap_siege.dds mission.xml texture_scope.xml world_info.xml xml/ unit_list.xml world.xml objects/ plants/ biro_furu01/ biro_furu01.diesel biro_furu01.xml materials.xml biro_furu02/ biro_furu02.diesel biro_furu02.xml materials.xml biro_gran01/ biro_gran01.diesel biro_gran01.xml materials.xml biro_grass/ biro_longflower.diesel biro_longflower01.xml biro_longgrass.diesel biro_longgrass01.xml biro_redflower.diesel biro_redflower01.xml biro_shortgrass.diesel biro_shortgrass01.xml materials.xml materials_longflower.xml materials_shortgrass.xml biro_lonnetre/ biro_lonnetre.diesel biro_lonnetre.xml materials.xml biro_osp01/ biro_osp01.diesel biro_osp01.xml materials.xml biro_osp02/ biro_osp02.diesel biro_osp02.xml materials.xml biro_osp03/ biro_osp03.diesel biro_osp03.xml materials.xml biro_osp04/ biro_osp04.diesel biro_osp04.xml materials.xml biro_osp05/ biro_osp05.diesel biro_osp05.xml materials.xml props/ biro_stone01/ biro_stone01.diesel biro_stone01.xml materials.xml biro_stone02/ biro_stone02.diesel biro_stone02.xml materials.xml biro_stone03/ biro_stone03.diesel biro_stone03.xml materials.xml biro_window01/ biro_window01.diesel biro_window01.xml materials.xml world/ landscapes/ mpcastle/ materials.xml mpcastle.diesel mpcastle.xml mpcastle/ castle/ materials.xml the_castle.diesel the_castle.xml textures/ atlas_mission_specific/ mp_cubes/ castle_day/ cube.dds tdb_texture_set.xml atlas_plants/ biro_grass/ biro_longgrass01/ biro_longflower01_df.dds biro_longgrass01_df.dds tdb_texture_set.xml biro_lonnetre/ bump/ biro_lonnetre_bump.dds biro_lonnetre_bump2.dds tdb_texture_set.xml diffuse/ biro_bigold_bark.dds biro_furu01_bark.dds biro_furu01_foliage.dds biro_lonnetre_bark.dds biro_lonnetre_foliage.dds biro_osp01_bark.dds biro_osp01_foliage.dds biro_osp02_bark.dds biro_osp02_foliage.dds tdb_texture_set.xml atlas_props/ atlas_stones/ bump/ biro_stone01_bm.dds tdb_texture_set.xml diffuse/ biro_stone01_df.dds tdb_texture_set.xml atlas_world/ atlas_mpcastle/ atlas_mpcastle_bump/ biro_betong01_bm.dds biro_brokenwall01_bm.dds biro_camonett_bm.dds biro_castlewall01_bm.dds biro_generic1wood02_bm.dds biro_grunnmur01_bm.dds biro_roof01_bm.dds biro_window01_bm.dds biro_woodboard02_bm.dds biro_woodboard03_bm.dds biro_woodboard04_bm.dds biro_yttervegg01_bm.dds tdb_texture_set.xml atlas_mpcastle_diffuse/ biro_betong01_df.dds biro_brokenwall01_df.dds biro_camonett_df.dds biro_castlewall01_df.dds biro_doors01_df.dds biro_generic1wood01_df.dds biro_generic1wood02_df.dds biro_grunnmur01_df.dds biro_innervegg01_df.dds biro_innervegg02_df.dds biro_innervegg03_df.dds biro_innervegg04_df.dds biro_parkett01_df.dds biro_roof01_df.dds biro_roof02_df.dds biro_walkway01_df.dds biro_walltrims01_df.dds biro_window01_df.dds biro_window02_df.dds biro_woodboard01_df.dds biro_woodboard02_df.dds biro_woodboard03_df.dds biro_woodboard04_df.dds biro_yttervegg01_df.dds tdb_texture_set.xml atlas_terrain/ atlas_terrain_mpcastle/ mpcastle_terrain_bump/ biro_dirt_bm.dds biro_grassy2_bm.dds biro_grassy_bm.dds biro_greenrocks_bm.dds biro_leaves01_bm.dds biro_rock03_bm.dds biro_sand01_bm.dds tdb_texture_set.xml mpcastle_terrain_diffuse/ biro_dirt_df.dds biro_forestwall01_df.dds biro_grassy2_df.dds biro_grassy_df.dds biro_greenrocks_df.dds biro_leaves01_df.dds biro_rock03_df.dds biro_sand01_df.dds tdb_texture_set.xml custom_levels/ castle_day/ lightmaps/ 1033_stone01.tga 1034_stone02.tga 1035_stone03.tga 1036_stone03.tga 1037_stone01.tga 1038_stone02.tga 1039_stone01.tga 1040_stone02.tga 1041_stone03.tga 1042_stone02.tga 1043_stone01.tga 1198_stone02.tga 1269_stone02.tga 1270_stone02.tga 1271_stone01.tga 1272_stone03.tga 1273_stone03.tga 1274_stone02.tga 1275_stone02.tga 1276_stone02.tga 1277_stone03.tga 1278_stone01.tga 1279_stone01.tga 1280_stone02.tga 1281_stone02.tga 1282_stone03.tga 1283_stone01.tga 1704_stone02.tga 1705_stone02.tga 1706_stone01.tga 1707_stone03.tga 1708_stone03.tga 1709_stone02.tga 1710_stone02.tga 1712_stone01.tga 1_castlebackdrop.tga 1_castleforest.tga 1_mpcastle.tga 2660_stone02.tga 2662_stone03.tga 2663_stone03.tga 2664_stone01.tga 2665_stone02.tga 2_camonett.tga 2_house01.tga 2_house02.tga 2_house03.tga 2_house04.tga 2_house05.tga 2_house06.tga 2_the_castle.tga 2_the_castle2.tga 51_stone02.tga 59_stone03.tga 91_stone01.tga lightmap_positions.xml tdb_texture_set.xml units/ plants/ u_biro_trees.xml props/ u_biro_props.xml world/ u_mpcastle.xml u_mpcastleprops.xml
  20. Updated to the newest drivers after I got my PhysX card installed.
  21. I wondered where you had been. I just happened to stumble upon this. Congratulations on the new arrival. Your life will never be the same. H
  22. Of course you are. That's just the kind of guy you are. Joined.
  23. Over 700 hours and counting. Mainly due to the fact that there isn't much else out there that gives us the co-op experience we a re looking for. We play pretty much nothing but co-op. In that sense GRAW2 is sadly lacking until the modders and map makers get some content going. It wasn't. 2 game types and 2 or 3 maps. Both death-match based. Nothing about co-op. Left us wanting. A number of us bought it anyway. It sits on our hard drives unused at the moment. I guess we will see, won't we.
  24. I would love to prove you wrong but there is in fact only 3 maps for 12 man COOP. If I remember correctly there may have been 4 or 5 for GRAW. We have basically stopped playing it until there is some meat on the bone. Right now there are 5 people on our GRAW server that I can see. Without maps or content you will be correct. It will be dead in months.
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