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  1. max safe temp range? well, on my 9800np, when the temp is limiting overclocking, I get multi-colerord squares, mostly in Halo. When the Vcore is limiting the oc, I get white dots. so..... if the temps is worrying u, and it works fine, dont worry. My temp at 450core and Vmods is about 90-100f load, but I have a big copper hs/f on the core.
  2. it all looks nice, except u could get the XP2500 and just oc it a little. Also, I would not get the MSI board, I know two guys(twins), one has the MSI, and the other has the NF7, and they will both tell u the Abit board is better. anyways have fun with whatever you buy
  3. CME4WHOIAM: there are the lifeguards, and the pool operators. The Pool ops guys take care of the chems( theres a lot), and pump system. And there are a lot of chems that I need to know, and how they interact anyways, I stuck a multitude of raisons up my nose when I was little.... had a doctors visit for that.
  4. true, but if u weren't running IE as ur browser, it didn't get u. Atleast not for me. I fooled around with the settings in the browser, and it works fine. if I remember, it scanned for a certain port it could then exploit by reseting something, then it was in and could install itself.
  5. The 7500 is slower then the GF4-MX440.
  6. actually, I know a federal judge in MD(Smalkin), and I was able to get a private tour of the FBI academy in VA. Rumsfield showed up while I was there, and he was only 10 feet away...... anyways, the FBI is doing counter-terrorism now also. Specifically in the US, but they are also sending agents to Iraq to act as cops, etc.
  7. The ProSavage is from S3, its basically an old Savage4. PCI cards are expensive and slow, it might be better to buy an NForce2 board for $50, add some DDR ram for about $30-$40, and then get an AGP video card. The later on u can get an AthlonXP and oc it or something. thats what I would recommend A 9600pro costs about $115, or for NVidia you can get a FX5700 for $140. If u want to spend more....... If u can only get a pci card, get a GF4-MX440. that way u wont waist much money on an obsolete card, and can save up for an upgrade.
  8. I use an OCZ Gladiator III SKTA HS/F w/ 60MM delta on my gpu. I laso do not solder at all. I use an SMD grabber, and the ground has a screw in thing that goes with the ATX chassis screw. I also use a cermit variable resistor, so I can change the voltage from the stock 1.5, up to whatever. I normally ran at 1.8vcore. And I did fry that card trying to do the vref Vmod. It cooked my ram:( But I did have the record for about 2 months:D anyways, the Vcore mod is easy, the others require more work......
  9. I used a 9500np softmodded to a 9700np. I voltmodded the core and got 470, and the ram 335. I will be setting up a web page for r3xx tweaking soon. so, anybody wanna show me a good place to learn how to set up a web page?
  10. uncommon sense does make more sense. and the only virus I got was MS-Blast, which came through IE, and AV couldn't help. I now use firebird
  11. ya, it makes a slight difference. I saw a P2 350 score within a 100 points of a P4 2.0ghz, the only difference being the cpu/board/ram. 3DMark'01 has a HUGE dependecny on the cpu and board though(and ram speed) anyways, back to our regular scheduled broadcast................
  12. Just be caeful what u mix with clorox. Clorox is bleach, which means it has Chlorine in it. Guess what happens when Chlorine gets mixed with acid? Seriuosly, do not do it you get an extremely poisenous gas. Very similar to mustard gas. Even with very low concentrations, it is Xtremely deadly. I am a certified pool operator, so i was trained to handle chlorine, acid, and other chems
  13. lol that hilarious did u guys hear about the polish troops playing Russion Roulet? they used 1911's................
  14. I'm totally agrre with SOTOphantm on all counts. My heavily OC'd PC runs 100% stable, which is more then i can say about other's pc's............
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