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  1. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of CMP (formerly DCM) sanctioned competition. With NM sights, NM trigger and a sleeved, floating stainless steel barrel, this rifle shoots outstandingly right out of the box! MODEL: M15A2 NATIONAL MATCH CALIBER: .223 REM UPPER RECEIVER: FORGED A2 TRIGGER: NM TWO STAGE BARREL: 20" SST NM SLEEVED RIFLING TWIST: 1:8 INCH FRONT SIGHT BASE: M16 STYLE MUZZLE DEVICE: NONE OVERALL LENGTH: 38.4 INCHES WEIGHT: 9.0 POUNDS ACCURACY: 1" GROUPS AT 100 YARDS (1 MOA) COMPLETE WITH: 7 ROUND MAGAZINE OWNERS MANUAL LIFETIME WARRANTY BLACK STOCK order no. 15A2BSN retail price $1,435 Thats my baby. I also have Glock model 22, 40 cal. - my issued duty weapon S&W model 457, 45 cal. Ruger model P94, 40 cal. Ruger SINGLE-SIX .22LR/MAG Remington Woodsman 740, 30-06 Model 740 Woodsmaster Description: Autoloading Rifle Introduction Year: 1955 Year Discontinued: 1959 Total Production: Approximately: 251,398 Designer/Inventor: Research & Development Action Type: Autoloader Caliber/Gauge: .244 Remington, .308 Win, .280 Remington, .30-06 Serial Number Blocks: Starting: N/A Ending: N/A # of Grades Offered: 740A Standard 740ADL Deluxe 740BDL Deluxe 740D Peerless 740F Premier Remington Sportsman, 12 gauge
  2. If it wasn't for the press, he'd already be dead.
  3. Go here and read SOTOMac's advise to me and if you follow it, I'm sure it'll solve your problems http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ct=ST&f=3&t=700 exe error, help
  4. Ya, I hear you. I love this game more than I thought I ever would have. And thanks again MAC.
  5. OK, problems again. It wouldn't start again. I think I have it figured out now. As long as nothing stops running, I believe it to be my refresh rate fix. Since it locked my screen to one size at a higher refresh rate, and my GR was at a different resolution, it wouldn't run. I hope that was it cause I got a newer program that dosn't lock anything, but instead it opens up the refresh rate to a higher speed. I hope this is finnally it. I have the newest driver installed once again and it seems to be working, so cross yuor fingers.
  6. I uninstalled my video drivers and installed the older version from NOV 2003. It now works with my mods just as it did prior to updating to them and DX9a few weeks ago. Looks great and plays great. Can't wait to play with you guys. Thanks for all the help and support. That program is very good, I'm going to end up buying it. Thanks again and I hope I make the team. Later.
  7. I followed the above steps and it found 37 problems. I repaired or deleated them all and ran the speed disk. I followed the above dirrections and GR will not boot, I continue to get the above error. I ran windoctor again and it found no errors/problems. What do you want me to try next?
  8. Never mind, it has did it again. I installed the patches, the addons, and mods I had before when it worked and nothing. It no longer starts. I have never had a problem with a game like this. Since it worked with windows XP before with the above paches and mods, my only guess now would be the video card drivers? I have the latest nvidia drivers for the geforce4, the 41.09. I don't know what to do from here besides just give up. I'm not reformating again, thats for sure. From what I have been told by other SOTO members who I work with, they use the same drivers on XP with DX9 and have no problems, so I'm lost here. Windows XP Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.8 GHz 512 MB RDRAM 80 GIG HD Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4600 Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer Logtech 560 Antec 350
  9. OK, I reformated my HD and now GR works. I still need to install the patches and mods, but it looks like its running now. I'll leave DX9 alone for a while. LOL.
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