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  1. With you, and BTW,.......................I like Coco too!
  2. I guess I am having some "issues" with the game itself. I have been a true GR fan since OGR. However, I like what I have read about the game: Modern setting Choice between stealth or going in loud style Customize weapons Open World environment BUT I am just not sure about a "Third Person" view THEN switching to a "First Person View" when I use my weapon. Seems like going from "watching movie, then playing in a game". Also, as I watch some gameplay, its as if third person is like "cheating" in game. You get a "drone" view of the game, like a movie, not playing the game. I know its weird, but I simply can't help it! I hope playing the BETA, I pray I get the chance, will convince me that its worth the money......?!
  3. I agree with Papa6. First Person View is essential in this "shooter game". I do not like 3rd person view. If this game is as "open world" as they say.............and I won't encounter a "Return To Combat Area" warning.................I am good. I hope to try the Beta before I buy.
  4. Well done! I enjoyed it. Got a little worried..............kitty might get hurt...............but the end was awesome!
  5. ;)Great news! Congratulations to you Rocky. It must have been a wonderful experience seeing a new GR game! I must say I don't like the 3rd person perspective. Would love to be able to choose first person throughout the game. Otherwise, its great to see UBI giving us BOTH franchises RS6 and GR a fresh game!
  6. Latest info about the game over at their site www.titanfall.com They have the VGX Game Awards and some new stuff on Titanfall. This game looks very promising.
  7. I am very sad to read about his passing. I agree that this community would not be in existence without him. I will miss his books, and wonderful stories. My prayers are with his family.
  8. I was an early supporter of GB and have the special coin. And yes it was before the Kickstart effort. I also supported the latest GB effort, but was a little surprised at the amount that was needed. I believe many of us supported both.
  9. Today............just a few minutes ago I was able to connect with www.serellan.com. Do not know what was the reason I could not connect. All I know is that today it is working. Weird. Thanks to everyone that tried to help. And thanks to Rocky. Its why I stay with this site, all the great people.
  10. Its weird. When I try to access the site, the icon just spins and then quits without connecting. Have tried through a google search, but still can't connect. Like the link in Rocky's earlier post, just doesnot connect for me. Have tried trying to access just the forum, no luck. I can connect to the Kickstarter site. Ain't gonna give up.
  11. Any one having trouble logging into TAKEDOWN site? Haven't been able to log in the past few days. Help!!!!!! www.serellan.com not working for me.
  12. Kingkat


    Just wondering if anyone out there is looking foward to Crysis3? From the trailer and vids I have seen it does looks pretty cool. Somehow I need a little different style of play. The Battle for the Medal of Duty and the Call to all Warfighters is getting a little old. How ya doin' Rocky?
  13. Haven't been around in a while. Have tried all the "other" military shooters, got bored and wanted to see if GR FS looked good. Watched a few u-tube vids and was saddened by what I saw. A lot of copied stuff from other games and third person action. Although it did look good, I decided to visit here and read some comments about the game. I guess, sadly, the original concept of GR has faded. Nothing is very tactical anymore. Just run-n-gun action and lots of cut scenes to further a story. A lot like the other military fps games. Oh well, perhaps someday they UBISoft may realize their mistake. I just can't bring myself to buy this latest game. I am sorry and very sad.
  14. WELL alright!!!!!!! WE made the goal with a few hours to spare! Looking foward to a great game. Well worth the investment!
  15. Getting closer day by day. Especially the last few days.......WOW!!!! Maybe after all these years of .........praying........and hoping............and wishing..........and a lot of drinking!"
  16. I am in as well. Always supportive of a true CQB style fps. I hope we make the goal!
  17. I spoke too soon. The DRM worries me less than the "Third" person view? Really? That just loses it for me. Gotta have FPV.
  18. I am definarely interested in this game. I have the series and am always hoping this will be a good game. I may wait a while though.............DRM is a concern. I have hope for this one.
  19. There are four game types................ CONQUEST...........basic CTF. 32PC / 24 console RUSH..............attackers vs defenders. Several control points to play on. 24 console/ 32 PC SQUAD RUSH............modified version of RUSH. max 8 players. Only 2 bases SQUAD DEATH MATCH.............4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4 16 players. Kind of a modified Free For All match. Each 4 man squad is vs the others. First to 50 kills wins. HARDCORE can be played in all 4 types. removes most of HUD, crosshairs, must use iron sights, no KILL cam, FF is ON, more damage w/ weps.
  20. I read the article...........and noticed it lacking a little in translation. I get his point. COD MW2 has set a high standard for many games. ONE billion in sales revenue ain't nothing to sneeze at. That's a lot of money anywhere! However, I doubt anyone at this site thinks GR should try to go up against the title, and compete. IF they want that they just might need a new game. (GR and COD MW2 are two different games.) BUT it is good that he wants to improve the Clancy title and make it even better. I believe that was his intention. He just never mentions that a return to the roots of the series, GR and all, would be where they want the series to go. I think that might be cause for a little doubt...............that's all just a little doubt. I shall await the next game from UBI,( and RSE...right?) and hope for the best.
  21. WHY didn't they use: Ghost Recon: Astro Warrior .....................beam me up Scott (Mitchell).............there's no real game here...........
  22. How about Assault an Oceanic Oil Platform? Rebels have taken it and we need it back. Underwater swim stuff, stealth, x-plosives, at night? How about Assault on An Ocean Liner-Tanker? Pirates have taken it ,.........etc etc. Dynamic missions that can change objectives as you go. Tactical and not just run n gun. Why not "wet work"? A real assassination mission?
  23. First Person Weapon View. With the added feature of supporting the TrakIR System. You want total immersion.....?......
  24. I agree. Most weapon systems MUST be customizable. (did I sp that right..?) I also like true-weapons as well. I like to be able to research them and read about them as they are used in the military. YEA, Brettzies are the best weps around!!!
  25. Maybe I was different,but I used the "soul switch" as re-spawns. I always tried my best to return the entire team. But that always didn't work out. Tried to balance my loadouts as well. What good is having a sniper-soldier if he doesn't use his wep properly? I tried to put him in the correct position and then I became the sniper. I see your point petsfed, immersion versus just playing a game. A delicate balance isn't it? Its comforting to read all the posts about this game. We really want it to succeed . But are they listening....? Are any of the Dev Team around,reading these posts? I truly hope so.
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