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  1. There is a rough version in the "Tactical Gamer 3.0 Final" mod. Textures need some work though.
  2. Love the idea of a 1km x 1km map! Suggest adding a printable version of the map to the mod file. That way everyone would be able to use orienteering techniques like in the real world. Like the scud,too!
  3. BK and fox Responce: ContinueIf ---Very powerful tool. I like it! Took some work getting the trigger to work and spotting distances. But finally got the mission to work just as I wanted. Enemy do exactly what I want and more. Basic idea of the mission: - Plays on the Jungle map from Sixpence's Eagle Claw. Very rainy and foggy. - Ghosts insert buy helo. - Have to locate and track and troop of enemy soldiers to a base camp without being spotted by the enemy troop. - If enemy troop spots any of the Ghosts, the jig is up and a seriuos firefight breaks out... Have to work-out where to go with it next. After I get it further along would you guys want to test it for me and let me know if you think it's good enough to release?
  4. What about releasing just the character files and skins like BajaBravo did for some of his work? (ie: US SF Uniforms, Canadian SF Uniforms, UK SF Uniforms, ect...) Anyone who plays GR worth his salt should be able to make their own atr files. Especially with BjB's actor generator. Don't want to push the subject, but it would be ashame to see these excelent characters go by the wayside. I'm not holding out much hope for the GR2pc release after buying the PS2 version. Will probably still play GR1 when i'm old and grey. (Not that far away, actually)
  5. I'll give it a try. thanks
  6. thanks BK. Couldn't find a trigger "*****Seen" or "*****Heard" in the trigger list. I know there should be but no luck in finding one. I'm going to try "ProximityPlatoon" and see how that works. If it doesn't, I'll PM you.
  7. I want to script a mission where an enemy patrol has a given path and is set to recon. When the player platoon is detected, I want the enemy patrol to switch to suppress. As I have it now any of the player platoon can walk right up to the enemy and the enemy won't even shot. The player platoon is suppose to follow the enemy platoon to a base camp but not be detected. How do get the enemies combat reo to change when they see or hear the player platoon?
  8. I was pretty sure that was what you meant by contributing member. The rest of us will have to wait for the actual release. Keep plugging away at the map, Deleyt. Looks like it win be stunning.
  9. Just wondering, how does one become a "contributing member" to get the password? tools
  10. Works in game for me! Thanks for posting it again, cobaka.
  11. cobaka Post a copy of your actor file, if you would please. So we can see how you've set it up. Don't look at this as a failure a quit, look at it as a challenge! The screen shot only adds to the proof you should release it again. One word, EXCELLENT!
  12. I found when I thought it was a skin problem and not the character model {sp?} was that in the skinner tool what should have said "body" said "uni" instead. Don't know if the helps or not. As others have said, please don't drop this. Having a Dress Marine to use in GR is a great idea. As amatter of fact other common "base" personel would be welcomed also.
  13. cobaka Marine render looks great. DLed the file you posted and tried to use the character. Didn't work. It was either to small to see or transparent. Not sure which. Any chance of adding an actor file to the DL. Thanks
  14. How is progress on the mod going? Really looking forward to its release!
  15. Game keeps crashing for me on the second mission in the campaign. What mod configuration is needed?
  16. Is there a list of the stock vehicles for GR, DS, and IT that gives the number of passengers allowed and if a driver is able to be present. I know some vehicles require a driver but not sure if one could be placed in a tank for example.
  17. Any chance there is another model similar to the SAS model? A US Ranger version?
  18. Suicide, Many thanks! SAS is right! // Mods Contents NAME "22nd SAS Equipment Mod" AUTHOR "EL PATRICIO - *22nd SAS*" SUPPORT "http://www.the22ndsas.com" VERSION "1.0" Just couldn't bring it up from memory. That's why I love this game. Smallest problem, and someone is willing to help.
  19. Trying to find the mod that has the character with an afghan stlyle hat. Wasn't a playable character I don't think. Just served as support. Here's a pic of the style of hat I'm talking about: Best referance I can give, sorry.
  20. tools

    VIP maps

    Managed to find Stuffit on an alternet site. DLed, and unpacked the mod. Good maps. Really like the open desert maps. Could be somewhat flatter for tank battles. Haven't checked out the entire map though. Thanks for the responces, everyone. Merry Christmas
  21. tools

    VIP maps

    Giwex Just checked their site and they give no means to contact them. If you have the email please post it here. I've tried downloading the demo for stuffit three times with the same results. Keep getting an error message: "Connot load installer data file (setup.cbf)" I'll keep trying though.
  22. tools

    VIP maps

    Got Stuffit downloaded but won't let me install. Anyone willing to repack VIP Maps as a .zip or winrar for me and the rest who are unable to use Stuffit? I'd really like to check out these maps. Tools
  23. What? You're making half naked babes modelling underwear? I'd download those!
  24. Truely top rate Para! Will be waiting with anticipation for this mod.
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