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  1. I'm not able to download this mod. Once at the online storage site, I click the download link and nothing happens. Any idea why?
  2. Thanks guys for the help. I did figure out where to get these characters at: Hooker's DEAD PRESIDENTS. The link at fileplanet does't work though. I anyone has this, post a link. I'd appreciate the further help. tools Correction, the fileplane liNk does work. Apparently we don't have win zip any more. Had to use win ace.
  3. Which mod were the movie "Heat" characters in? They had the work uniforms and hockey masks. Any ideas would be helpfull. tools
  4. Has this mod ever been released? The vehicles look great. Like to have them.
  5. I'm looking for a WW2 German soldier with a long, ankle length, coat. Thought there use to be one in War of Infamy. Doesn't have to be German soldier. Any era or nationality will do. I will modify as needed. Thanks
  6. I'll put it to rest. She spins both directions. She switches the foot she's standing on and changes direction at the same time.
  7. Have been keeping my eye out for your mod for some time now. Glad to see your still plugging away at it.
  8. Dl'ed last night, tried it out this morning. HOLY COW! Most certainly worth the pain and agony of waiting. Thanks to all the people who put so much time in developing this outstanding mod.
  9. deleyt I have a Trainride_beta05 rar file I downloaded in 6/05. From where I don't know. Can't open it with out a password, however. If you don't want me to have it just say so and it'll be deleted. If you don't care, maybe pass along the password so I can give it a try. You can PM me with the password if you want. Either way, looking forward to the release of this mod. Looks like it will be a keeper.
  10. How about rigging and exporting for TCGR. You know, for us poor people who can't afford a new computer to play that other "game."
  11. That's what I've been looking for. Turned out to be on my old hard drive. Thanks ita k... The divers look outstanding by the way. Will be great to see them in action.
  12. What mod was the leg attatchments made by Hotpants/TheBlakeness in? I've been looking for these for some time.
  13. It's been a few weeks since any word on Cetcom. How goes it?
  14. Which one? There were several. I think I have all of them if you want them.
  15. You guys who are demanding it be reeased now, please be patient. All jay and his buddies have to do is say they decided to keep it to themselves due to the negative feedback they're getting on the release, and we all lose out. eskwaad did just that after the release of his awsome 1990 Delta Force mod due to the pressure to make or change things to what others wanted. My two cents.
  16. H-Hour, I have an unused copy of 3dsm 5. Am unable to use it with Windows ME. Probably will never use it for anything serious. Might be willing to work out deal.
  17. I'll beta test for you AA. Send me a link through the PMs.
  18. All your ideas sound great. If you have time to make the changes I'd be greatful. If not, I'm still greatful for an excellent map. The working forklift would be cool, by the way.
  19. Nothing mission specific, just thought a night map would be a nice extra. Allow you to play in a more "stealthy" mode, getting in and out under the cover of darkness, and all that. The only change I'd like would be a route for a helo insertion other than the road on the north-west of the map. But I imagine that would be to big of an undertaking.
  20. Additions to landscape are perfect! Just enough. You didn't happen to do a night version of your map? I've be trying using the ambient light editor and reseting the fog with the environment tool but haven't had much luck.
  21. Pleeease, guys don't cancel this because GRAW is out! I'm actually looking forward to CENTCOM more than GRAW. (crossing fingers in ernest)
  22. From an amature such as myself, I'd like to say I really enjoyed the map. Like the fact that you can interact with the environment, blow-up the computers. And the "wind blown" shutters and curtain. Only problem I had was with the large warehouse by the hole in the fence. Entering through the door nearest to the fence, the walls became transparent and was unable to proceed through the next door. Corrected itself latter when I tried the map again. Lack of trees took some getting use to but keeps you on your toes as to watching out for enemy. Keep at it Plook, some really cool ideas not thought of before.
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