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  1. Did any of you made some gameplay footage of the demo yet? som nice firefight situations or hillarious situations where some GRINers are being pwnd? Just for amusement
  2. Maybe this can help you out? Look at Pave Low' post! Here are some other reads: Mines?? Land Mines ... Good luck
  3. Keep an eye on Fileplanet I guess: http://www.fileplanet.com/105029/0/section...er---Chapter-#2 Keep checking the demo folder? Or UBI?: http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter_2/ http://media.ubi.com/emea/graw2/ Or 3d Gamers?: http://www.3dgamers.com/games/ghostrecon4/downloads/
  4. From the 'unofficial manual': (WARNING: all below is based upon unofficial sources!) Nothing inside the manual yet about mods.
  5. ^^ ROFL ^^ [edit] ^^ was meant for FlimFlam' post but also Kung-Fu makes my day! "The Horror!!!! The Horror!!!!" lmao [/edit]
  6. Ouch, Hopefully that is something that isn't gonna frustrate in time. [edit] Where did the good times go, where you would get a computer spec for each (p)review? The Horror...!!! [/edit]
  7. Nice! btw. here is the GT link: http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=...wmv&pl=game
  8. Congrats mate! I hope you have a lot of fun practicing this job! You got my vote!
  9. Best chance to go and look inside the IT rsb files? Though my guess would be that it is photoshop polly and not the real one
  10. How about the Fennek? [source]
  11. Ouch, that isn't what I would suspect from enemy AI if they see a smoke grenade. I would guess that as an AI sees smoke he would find cover and keep a good eye on that spot (so also nice for diversions) or investigate it. A bit stupid glitch in R6V then I would say
  12. Well, GR1 is a bit odd in it's stealth capabillities. In GR1 it was indeed THE approach to get close up to a target by leaping from , scrub to shrub. My motto in GR1 isn't for nothing "Hugg a shrub, guys and girls". In GR1 if you are in a shrub enemy AI could not sence you unless you moved or made noice. Though smoke isn't effected by enemy AI, because it's not in the code. They can just see through it and you as a player can't. My point is. For a next gen game it would be very dissapointing if the AI is still possible to sense you while you are hidden inside or behind a shrub. Also what is the use of smoke grenades if AI can just see through it and you don't. I wan't to be able to cross a street under concealment of a smoke grenade (as in COD2). Same goes for me to be able and sneak up to a target by frog leaping from shrub to shrub. Also our tactical advantages (The Ghosts) of high tech weaponary, such as night vision, need to be indeed advantages. Not just gimmicks. If AI can see through objects, such as smoke and foilage, and we as a player can't I would be very dissapointed in GRAW2 and don't think it holds a long multiplayer (COOP) life (for me). Just my 2 cents. [edit] Also if scrubs and smoke (opaque events) can't be made 'unseethrough' in my opinion one could fake it by some scripting like: "If a player of player platoon is within a distance of 0 meters of 'zone shrub' or 'zone smoke' hide player from (AI) game world." That doesn't sound to hard for hardcore developers as GRIN [/edit]
  13. Yes, the draw distance in GRAW versus the use of fog in GR has been discussed in these topics: - engine enhancements/draw distance& - GR Fog) A lot of people 'understood' that the resources on the CPU was the reason for the 150m limit. Most people suggested that in GRAW2 GRIN could implement an option (personal and server-sided) to change this distance to your liking, between 150 and 300 meters (overall). So people who have a better computer can put the draw distance on max and people with less better hardware could find their limit of it. Making the option server sided would also average out the differences between people with better hardware and less hardware capabillities. I still stand behind that kind of option. If it is implemented into the game-engine there would be no need to find a work around for the AC, which you will need if it is modwise impleneted/tweaked. Again, options is the key in this issue. Much regards.
  14. Cool Thanx Deleyt & Tinker!
  15. Doesn't Vista give you an option to run an application in win95, win98, winNT, win2000 or winXP mode ('compatibatibility mode')? I wouldn't know cos I don't have Vista but XP offers the possibillitie to run an application in a different windows mode. Good luck!
  16. Take care and see you when we see you!
  17. I check it on a fairly frequent basis. Every new posts ([Ghost Recon] topics) are read by me.
  18. I have to agree here. I am most confident this is more the game GRIN wanted to make. They had a whole year to finetune and enhance the game to their and UBI's idea's.Judge it when a full copy has been reviewed or played by yourself (demo). I think it is to early to shoot the bird while it is still in GRIN's hands. Cheeriozz.
  19. Thanx for all you excellent work element11! I wish you all the best for the future! Hang tight! Cheer'zz.
  20. Can't really compare until GRAW2 is released??? Maybe someone could catch all 'official notes' from the developer and publisher. Though I guess those aren't really very specific. Look forward of what is comming out of this question..
  21. I really hope this is one of the last effords to bash the CENTCOM mod. It isn't the feedback it desirves! I tested a long time with the developers and the issues that were found were resolved before release. I can assure you that during the long testing phase some testers were certain of the fact a release was more than affordable. Still the developers took extra time adding new (really new) stuff and testing it thoroughly before release. Aside from the problems some people experienced I, and a lot of my game-buddies never had and never could re-create these CTD issues. Most of these (some were indeed mission script glitches) were due to low end hardware pc's. I had some difficulties on some maps too. But as soon as I tuned my graphics down these issues were gone. Once again I would like to emphasize that the CENTCOM team deliverd a top notch, creative, innovative and renewed product for Ghost Recon which is very much fun and very enjoyable to play. For something that is free for download I really hope people take this into account before when they state their dislikings about a mod. Be constructive not destructive, that is what I learned on these forums!
  22. lol Well, Full Spectrum Warrior had something similar implemented. It wasn't perfect, but in most cases it worked pretty good! Hey I am not the one stating this game is next-gen lol. To me next-gen should be able to deliver something like this. Next-gen isn't only about graphics. I think some devs and publisher tend to forget that once a while. But yeah, I agree with you. We are mostly happy if the AI isn't stupid as hell walking in front of your line of fire and stuff, shouting 'out of ammo' and 'taking fire' 5 times a minute. Lol, still we can wish for some better stuff, not?
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