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  1. Probably not. The user license will probably prohibit anyone to re-distribute the program. This has been the case in most scenarios.
  2. (I really need a OT happy face!) You can solve that by relocating your 'My Documents' folder to your 250GB partition. Very easy though it will take a while for it to move it over there if that is more than a few GB's. Just rightclick on you 'my Documents' folder --> 'properties'--> 'change location' and Bob's your Uncle!
  3. NIce work guys! Awesome collection!
  4. I am against super healing powers in any sort. And I would like to see 'new' gameplay situations into a new game. I do like the idea that a medic or teammate can help a downed teammate stop the bleeding from an injury. If this isn't done the (severely) wounded teammate would go into shock (shakey camera and dillerium colours) and can't controll it's character anymore. Once in shock (or dead for that matter) he/she can't be revived by a medic BUT you can score combat points/skills (or however the system is called in GRAW2) by extracting the wounded teammate to a safe zone. No Man/Woman Is Left Behind! Right? Though this should mean there has to be a descent damage model for the game. A damage model for me should at least consist of: - a bullet/grenade blast impact simulation (for instance a shakey FPV, a la GR) - limping when shot in the legs, hip or chest - decreased accuracy when wounded especcially when you have an armwound. - some sort of damage model that accounts the seriousness of an injury, in other words when do you get into shock or die by your injuries? It's not full proof NORG but it's just something slightly new and more compatible with all sorts of gameplay. See it this way, you can choose to patch up your teammates so they can perform some sort of action or just let them die. You can bring them into safety and be rewarded by combat points but also you can just game on and let them die. I don't think this limits the gameplay, I think it just ads a new perspective to the game. Game On!
  5. I believe that Rickard Johanssen in the new developer video says that there are random spawn points for tango's. Thats SP, and Coop. What Im looking for is for them to bring back the random insertions in MP games like Team Death Match. Not sure if you played [Ghost Recon], but ... when you played Team Death Match, there were 4 possible places to spawn when the game started. For example, a North, South, East, West spawn on the map. And your team could spawn at any one of those locations. So in example, in round one your team spawns in the north spawn, and the team your playing against spawns South, and in round 2 your team spawns east, and the other team spawns north. Its all random so both teams have no clue where the other team is as soon as the round starts. As it is right now, both teams know exactly where the other team is spawning, and after a few rounds, you know exactly how far the enemy can run to certain choke point, and it becomes a game of timing instead of skill. Like the demo right now, I can pretty much figure how far to sprint across the map, and about when I should be seeing the bad guy so I can slow down. Now if the spawn points were random, I cant just go sprinting across the map trying to get to a certain choke point, because I have no clue where the enemy spawned, I now have to immediately start looking. It takes the predictable measures out of the game, and takes the replay value up about 50 notches as far as MP goes. No never played GR before I understand and totally agree with you. I missed that you were pointing out to the MP side of the game. I must have been sleeping on that one, because I even quoted you in that fact. My mistake.
  6. Nade spamming is the risk in each (adverserial) game with GL. Something like a reticule for GL and accuracy down twaeking would be nice but limiting options (like Rabbi suggests) has more con's then pro's, TMHO. For me as a COOP gamer these issues have never occured, due to the fact that you always equip you team as balanced as possible for each mission. Even if this involves everybody to bring a GL to get the job done so be it and please let it be possible. Though I never came across a mission which needed such drastic measurements according to kit equipment. Game On!
  7. Well, as I see now in the Physix island video it's not only eye candy anymore. With PhysX card you are able to shoot through wooden fences, blow them and buildings to pieces etc. This adds new possibillities to gameplay.
  8. I suppose those were ladies T-shirts then right?
  9. I believe that Rickard Johanssen in the new developer video says that there are random spawn points for tango's.
  10. Yeah I think GRNET profiles are being hacked and some newbie is using Ruggbutt's profile. Jeez, this is really I maind breaker. Nice post Ruggbutt
  11. Good questions! I am very interrested in the ones I made bold.
  12. If you play as a team, spawn raping can be decreased dramatically. Work as a team and defend your spawn area. Give your fellow Ghosts the backup they need. Though random insertion locations can help enough to make the above (more) possible. Why not in GRAW2, in sp you have different locations to insert, so why not give that option in MP also? Still spawn raping can happen, but I think that is the name of the game called adversarial gametypes!
  13. Wasn't the (re-)bundling a problem in GRAW? Or has GRIN released a bundler in one of the patches? Nevermind I had a brain fart >> I was mistaken with the DXE Decompiler by Nemon
  14. 1 "e" is enough. Maybe he meant: GRIN --> Sweetish
  15. long time I had a BSOD. I hope it stays like that **knocking on hard wood**
  16. is it in invisible ink? lol http://media.ubi.com/emea/graw2/videos/
  17. I know its a pain but i would completely uninstall GR/DS and IT after first saving any "unlocked hero" xml files and start again, if you have any mods in the mod folder just save them to a folder on your desktop, you can just drop them back in after you have reinstalled. Its some time easer and quicker to reinstal than to go bug hunting Dont add the 1.4 patch till you have install all the GR discs I am with Hammer. Sometimes a new re-install is quicker an easier then when you go bug hunting. Some extra tips: 1. Save (backup) your "unlocked hero" xml's, savegames and mods somewhere on your hard drive (desktop for instance) 2. Uninstall Ghost Recon. Always try to use the Ghost Recon Uninstaller first otherwise try to uninstall it via your software list (Start > control panel > software) 3. Delete the Ghost Recon folder if it still exists. 4. Restart your computer. 5. Install Ghost Recon and launch it to see if it works. Also check your current version at the main screen (below to the right) 6. Download and run upgrade patch v1.3. Get the patch v1.3 here and launch GR to see if it works, also check the version no again. it should be v1.3 now. 7. Download and run upgrade patch v1.4. Get the patch v1.4 here and launch GR to see if it works, also check the version no again. It should be v1.4 now. 8. Install Desert Siege and launch to see if it works. 9. Install Island Thunder and launch to see if it works. 10. put back the xml files, savegames and mods one by one checking if it works. This way if somewhere is an error you know where to find it. Good luck! Note: if you are sure your DS and IT cd's work correctly you can skip patching to v1.3 and just install GR, DS and IT right away and patch it with v1.4 like Hammer said.
  18. Most people use Teamspeak 2 (TS2) or Ventrilo. though my experience is that (download -and install- the TS2 client here) is most popular amongst GR gamers. Game on!
  19. That would be like finding _good_ footage of the snowman LOL I Like to tease you GRINers! And it's even more fun if you bite Have good games!
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