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  1. ^^ nope, thats something I will never beat I guess You still Rock the world! Though, very interresting that the AI seem to react different almost evvery time? Thats a plus but noticing you from that distance with their backs towards you is just plain rediculous. Maybe their 'eyesight arcs' aren't set correctly (if GRAW AI uses them). I know GR AI has 180 degrees sight. Or do they have highly sensitive cams on their back?
  2. Apperently you weren't made of the same 'Rocky' material as your background J/K.
  3. so already spawned units only have one trigger event for their path. You can't let for instance reinforcements come in via one path (to a building or such) and then give them a patrolling path that is 'looped'.? So, the following is not possible: 1 spawn an unit at edge of map (reinforcements are inbound) 2 give them a path to an objective (for instance a building in the center of the map) 3 once at that location (zone), give them a new path, patrolling the building? So also, 1 an unit has noticed you presence and go investigate your last seen location 2 you pull back and conceal yourselves 3 after a time trigger that the units can't find anything, do they get back on their usual patrolling path? Ok, I am carrying away. I am just curious thats all
  4. Hilarious This guy has some good humor!I even watched it twice in a row, which I usually don't Sorry GRIN, just some selfish humor [edit]Maybe he found some way to be in godmode or invisiblillity? Otherwise he has to be damn good![/edit]
  5. All the things that already have been mentioned also worry me. Though there is no exact date on when the editor will be released I found some other answers by GRIN regarding the modding/scripting capabillities of GRAW2: An Igor editor isn't key to the modding success, though it helps the newbies (like myself) to get a head start. Hell, I know many GR scripers after a while stopped scripting via Igor but did it directly in the mission scripts. Everything can be learned as long as the documentation of how it works is included. Since GRIN (Wolfsong) is on it, I thrust it to be in good hands! My verdict will come after the release of the editor tools and tutorials.
  6. I was talking if a modder (non-ubi or non-GRIN) would port the contents of GRAW1. All contents of games are published under copyright. Therefore only the copyright holders (developer GRIN and publisher UBIsoft) are able to make such a thing happen. Yummie
  7. A possible port from GRAW1 maps to GRAW2 maps will probably come from the community, unless there are copyright issues regarding these official maps.
  8. Now you sound like me Toniezz..... Yes indeed! lol Don't you have a seperate thread about that? I did a search and only found these two: Bugs, Annoyances, & Requests What's your Opinions on MP ? (this thread...) or should it be in one of these 'server' topics: Dedi Server Setup Feedback/Questions SERVER Problems - That are not bugs console access Dedicated server files ? Where can I download SADS? GRAW 2 SERVER SETUP FILE Some last minute suggestions a better server interface than GRAW 1 ? Any official word on SADS? Server question / request ^^ Also handy for your questions regarding (dedicated) server files/options
  9. Unbelievable GRIN, how you guys are on top of things! It is just satisfactory to see that suggestions are being noted. GJ Wolfsong! Now let's hope you all don't get a burn out of all that possible extra work I trust GRIN will make the right descisions in which suggestions are being implemented first and which secondary.
  10. Something for the Technical support thread?
  11. ^^ do a search on server side options, and who do you get? ^^
  12. I thought that was resolved in AW2. And with resolved that it was thrown into the recycle bin... Does it limit your freedom of movemnt alot? As you say it, it loks like so...
  13. Medic healing capabillities are Xbox360 only! The doc you are referring to is probably Xbox360 info. Only plus side on a medic in PC would have been that there had to be a Health system with the game. Now as I see it, this is lacking the PC version. So, in conclusion: No medic class in PC version of GRAW2
  14. Wellif your browser can find this page and others, then your firewall will not be the problem. Try to clear your Cache and cookies. Maybe that can solve it... Good luck
  15. works for me: http://www.ubi.com/US/default.aspx also: http://ghostrecon.uk.ubi.com/
  16. Even Rick and Vyvyan are loving it. Now let's hope they do a better job on their PC then on their VCR...
  17. Small fix for the mean time: - don't hit x when your picked up by the chopper
  18. Sure, everybody is entitled to have their own opinion. But, a post can (and should) be constructive. I believe that is even a forum rule Some of a_user's points are true (according to similar points others made about the game). Though it wouldn't hurt to specify the problem in a way the developers know what to enhance. Welcome a_user
  19. I feel sorry for you Tinker! If I had a chopper I would fly in to the hot zone, banging 'paint it black' from my custom made stereo installation on the outside of the chopper. I would make a nice thrilling fly in, grenades blowing around you and machine gunners giving you backup. Hell superiours didn't agree with me to fly with their heli back into the hot zone. Hell with them! I would come in raging and hit my heli to the ground for a fast pickup! So, if anyone is in the nearby of Tinker with their chopper, please pick him up. He looks like a stranger sometimes, but he's a good bloke! Toniezz!
  20. Good constructive post! And that for your first one, nice... Keep it up Soldier
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