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  1. Update: Since my first post we've done a lot of work in sorting out bugs and polishing the code. The game is playable (MP including COOP, and SP) and most of the core mechanics for old-school Ghost Recon style gameplay are in there. It's just a two man show at the moment, and we really need art content to help us move forward. We're looking for help with: - design & integration of website and community portal (2D art skills helpful) - level creation - asset exporting - UV unwrapping and texturing Team members will gain access to game alpha builds and can participate in online MP testing. Additionally, we're aware that quite a lot of mod content has been created by this community and by the tactical realism community as a whole. We see Special Warfare as a platform on which people can develop their own content. As such, we'd like to allow mod teams or individual modders to contribute new or existing assets. We have a user-friendly art pipeline and can personally help with any technical aspects of content integration.
  2. We are working on a website, however we are hoping to find a capable web developer to help us organize things before we start putting web content up. Being able to show images or videos of the game is contingent on us finding an artist or artists who can help us export animation and model content to the engine. We currently test the game with some placeholder assets which we would like to have upgraded/replaced. Yes we will have several sp/mp/coop game modes including (but not limited to) types similar to firefight, recon and siege.
  3. Here's a brief rundown on the current engine and game features: Game Features; - realistic player movement and weapons handling - Rainbow 6 style kit selection with custom weapon attachments - tactical squad AI - fluid system for issuing commands - support for 1st person, over the shoulder, and ghost perspective Graphics: - per-pixel lighting with normal and specular mapping - depth shadow mapping with soft shadows - efficient rendering of detailed terrain tens of kilometers across - efficient rendering of large amounts of vegetation - dynamic time of day lighting Animation: - combined 1st person / 3rd person skeleton - procedural control of bones for accurate weapon aim alignment - hardware skinning with up to 4 vertex weights per bone Physics: - 6 DOF rigid body dynamics - projectile dynamics - wheeled vehicle physics and accurate aircraft dynamics - boat and ship physics responsive to dynamic waves Network: - low bandwidth network physics - multiplayer and COOP support Asset Pipeline: - level editor - open support for a variety of 3D applications - open material and shader scripting system
  4. My understanding is that the Unreal 3 UDK only lets you code in Unreal Script, which is too limiting for the kind of features we want to have in the game. It's fine if you don't deviate too far from the feature set they give you, but we have the need to do custom things, particularly with AI, which really requires a true programming language.
  5. The game engine is made up of a collection of low level libraries for things like rendering, audio, networking and physics. Our philosophy is to avoid reinventing the wheel wherever possible, so we've taken existing libraries and then built our game engine on top of these. Our graphics is based on the Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (OGRE), but with our own proprietary scene management and shader code. When I said we've built the engine from the ground up I was referring to the Game Engine layer, and didn't mean to imply that we've built all the underlying systems from scratch as well. Sorry for the ambiguity. The main reason why we decided to develop our own technology rather than licensing an existing game engine is that the tactical realism FPS genre has many inherent technical hurdles which would have been very difficult to overcome with commercial engines available to us at the time; at least without spending a fortune on licensing fees. While engine licensing has become more affordable over the years, we still feel that the flexibility of having our own engine and owning all of our IP makes it worth while.
  6. If you're Fan of the games that defined the Tactical Realism genre -- a genre we feel has gone back in time and swapped bodies with Rambo in a freak electrical accident involving toothpaste -- we believe we are on track to offering what you've been waiting for. We've been at it (in our spare time) for over five years, have made impressive progress, but have a ways to go. This is a 'boot-strap' project where we're building it all ourselves from the ground up to offer an engine and platform dedicated to the genre's needs and future, so there's a lot of work involved not seen in the current ilk of games that essentially roll as mods of commercial engines. Our aims are ambitious but will within reach: a state-of-the-art engine and art pipeline dedicated to the genre, upgrade and expansion by design rather then self-obsolesce, a direct free-to-retail model where core content will be free that not will not only keep Developers in direct contact with Fans, but consign and pay prolific and talented Fan/Mod Developers for their contributions. Special Warfare Games is our trademark and title, 'built by Fans for Fans' our creed. We're working to bring Tactical Realism back, and invite you to join us. Presently we're looking for: a capable Web Developer; an Animator/Modeler (with emphasis on animation talent as we have a considerable stock of art assets); and a 2D/Texture Artist skilled at unwrapping and texturing models, creating texture maps, and 2D presentation art. If you are interested in working with us in any of these areas, you are invited and welcome contact us at: developers at scalerender dot com
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. The animations in the movie probably look too fast because of issues with video editing and the capturing program. Apart from that though, the model animations I'm using are pretty dodgy and are only temporary. About the graphics engine - we're using the Acknex engine. It can handle directX shaders, physics, terrain, indoor and outdoor 'block' levels, trees, bones animation...pretty much everything. What I really need at the moment are some basic procedures for the AI to follow. I want AI squads to be able to behave realisticlly - knowing when to go prone, at what ranges to detect enemies, when to go for cover etc. If anyone with knowledge of tactics has any ideas on AI, please let me know. I can't release a demo quite yet because the pathfinding code has too many bugs and needs to be re-written. I'll let everyone know when a demo is available.
  8. Hi. I posted about this a while ago, but I've got some new stuff to show, so I'm posting again. Basicly, I'm making a special operations game/simulation. I used to have some people helping with the project, but everyone (apart from 1 person) dropped out. word doc - this is some basic info on the type of game I've got in mind. Basicly it's going to be as realistic as possible, and offer some features that we have always wanted for tactical fps games. I'm open to any ideas or anyone who thinks they can help with artwork, models, sounds, textures, levels etc. You can also view a demo movie which shows the game in it's current state. Note that none of the models or sounds in the movie (apart from the terrain) are my own work - they were taken from other sources (you will recognise the voices ). These will all need to be replaced with origional or non copyrighted content. Oh, and just ignore the bug with the sky/fog clipping. This is fixable. The engine I'm using is theoretically capable with handling huge terrain levles (25x25 km or more) and a viewing range limited by graphics hardware (Z-buffer). A 1 or 2 km view range should be feesable. At the moment, the game is going to be a freeware tactical sim comunity based project. It may be sold in the future if it is good enough. If your interested in helping in anyway or providing feedback, you can post on our forums here: http://s3.invisionfree.com/Game_Project/in...om/game_project
  9. Hey, that idea sounds good. Does anyone else have any comments / ideas?
  10. I need some feedback on a possible scenario for a tactical fps game in development. Here's my idea: http://s3.invisionfree.com/Game_Project/in...hp?showtopic=10 If you have a better idea for a possible storyline, post it in that thread also. Btw, you don't have to sign up to post - you can post as a guest on our game development forum (link above).
  11. The maps will mostly be outdoor, but we will probably include a few close quaters indoor maps too.
  12. Thanks for the support! The http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project forum is the project center of operations at the moment, so you can either sign up there, or post as a guest , if you want to help out. I'm trying to get the project well known so that we can have some dedicated team members/helpers/fans on the forum who can provide ideas, resources and support. Like I said, it's a community project, so we are willing for anyone to help or have their say in the development of the game/sim. For models, first post on our forum or email me at f14_tomcat1@hotmail.com before sending models, incase we already have that model already, or don't need it. At the moment all we have though are a few weapon models - Ak47, SA80, M16, beretta etc. We currently have 1 modeler who is doing some soldier models, but we will take as many modelers / models as we can get our hands on. As for polycount - about 1000 for weapons and maybe more for characters...what's standard these days? We currently have someone as a weapons / tactics advisor, but if you can assist in that field as well, your help would be appriciated. We do need music for the game, but we are still in the design phase, so it's not urgent. We would probably want music in the typical Bill Brown / Hans Zimmer orcherstial style - (Tom Clancy games, The Rock, The Peacemaker etc).
  13. Hi. I'm part of a team of people making a freeware spec ops game...basicly the idea is for the whole tactical fps gaming community to contribute to the project in anyway they can to produce something cool . Our forum is here: http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project We still need to figure out the storyline for the game, so if you have any ideas, post them! Check out my idea for the storyline here and post your comments. If you have any models (in .3ds, MAX or Q2 mdl format) or levels (in .MAP format) from any GR mods or something you may have made and want to contribute them to the game, your assistance would be appriciated!
  14. So far we've just got basic weapons, AI and vehicle physics (yes, you can jump into vehicles, and drive around ). We don't have any models yet, apart from freely available models which may suit (2 terrorists, a humvee, a blackhawk, a littlebird chopper, a dump truck , a jeep, 4 tanks...and a few other things. We are going to include the option for full realism - one shot kill, iron sights etc, but still allow an option for semi-realism for players used to games like CS or COD. I actually only have A5, so I'm not sure about the A6 physics exactly, but I'm pretty sure that I can do the coding for physics required in the game, without using existing physics...although if they suit, we may use them. Multi-player may be included further down the track...I did a quick multiplayer test, and ran into some problems with player movement on the client PC, bit I think I can fix this. As yet, we are not going to use the Mythic AI, due to cost, however if I can't get my AI code up to scratch, we may have to resort to using it. If you have any further questions or comments, post on our forum http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project Thanks.
  15. Hey, that's exactly what we are doing here: http://s3.invisionfree.com/game_project We've only just started the project, but the engine is all up and running (we are using the acknex engine). Basicly all we need now are models, maps, some AI coding (i've already got a basic AI system setup), sounds and a storyline of some sort and we've got a covert ops millitary sim. Check out our forum (link above) and add your ideas or give us feedback. Feel free to help with the project in anyway you want.
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