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  1. wow, Bigfella threw alot of nades.....lol looks cool... now if only I had my GRAW disk.....it got packed when they packed all our stuff up to start the tear down/re-building process........ :'( oh well
  2. not at first but 3rd Phase we did...... its hard to sleep here.....no planes or trains(@Camp Pendleton's Edson Range) its actually really quiet....lol
  3. as a few of you know, I left for boot camp(USMC) last July....well finaly it is over and I have become a Marine. just wanted to give you all an update on where I've been and where I'll be going next MCRD San Diego for Boot and on the 17th Camp Pendleton Ca for MCT 3weeks after that I go to Ft. Lost in the Woods in Misery(Ft Lenoardwood Mo) for MP school.... then I dont know where I'll be stationed. just a small update on me.
  4. as of July 11th you may all call me Marine Corps Recruit Dakota_kid I'm flying out of Sioux Falls(SD) tomorrow, so please keep me in your thoughts/prayers see you in 3 months OOH-RAH!!!!
  5. as for fog, I believe there is a prop or something called "cloud" I used it in a map I made....wasnt good enough to release, was a CQB that was too big and the buildings were too close together...lol it made it kinda foggy.
  6. Thank you very much! sometime this week I plan on making a TDM..we'll see if I have time I leave for USMC Boot Camp next Monday...
  7. I exported it, it was all black with Green guns, vehicles, and lightpoles...... and yes I deleted all the previous lightmaps. just a quick Q, the sky enviroment is mission01divesky im unsure of the cube setting I believe the set is city there are a lot of skyscrapers on it, might it be that there isnt enough light getting around because of all the sky scrapers? any thoughts on that? once I get this working It will be in TDM mode.
  8. in a third fix? cuz I fell through after the second version...
  9. LOL and your asking prevented me from asking.....so you saved me the embarassment........ so THANK YOU! lol
  10. +cgo+Sgt.Moody made this remake of polling center. CHECK THIS THREAD OUT for some in editor screens. for some reason he couldnt seem to export it except in draft mode w/o the black textures... so Im going to try and get it to work will post here with my results....
  11. wall is too far out, needs to be in closer to the park.... I fell through again.... here is a ss of where the wall needs to be... for some odd reason I cant upload .tga files to photobucket and as a jpg the file looks a little weird(the white area) but where the white area ends is where the actual playing area ends,.after that it is just texture w/no model.
  12. you are welcome, only problem I have found with the map is that there is a spawn point on a building that you cant get down from....other than that so far it is working fine for me. please let me know if you come across any bugs or anything...
  13. LOL! "Hey ya'll wanna come hang in the sewer with me?" lol sry just thought that was funny your map sounds cool though.
  14. .....i really dont know what to tell ya. I wouldnt know where to look to try and fix it if it is something on my end...
  15. anybody else have that problem? It works fine on my PC..
  16. WOOT!!! here it is: pow Camp Lemme know what you all think of it! (ROCKY will ya upload this to the d/l section?)
  17. sweet! btw, was great playing GRAW with ya the other night.
  18. did you put a wall so you cant walk off the edge? thats what happened to me and Vycore(my clan memeber) we walked off....lol
  19. Black:area I know for sure Red:area I think you might the tiles such as Mexican city tile_50 or what ever size are just textures, they have no model to them so.
  20. problem with map: the tiles you used in the lower left hand corner etc need a wall in front of them.....I and a clanmate both fell through them. otherwise I really really like the map!
  21. k, I unbundled the .bundle file, edited the xml from there, how do i re bundle it?
  22. well I supose you could just remove them from the world xmls....? but there will be shadows on the ground where they used to be k I removed them from the world.xml file but it still appears in game the thing is an "ai_box_small" and how many .world files are there supposed to be? I have 13
  23. .......how do I do that? UPDATE: after it re-exported(originally said 6hr 30min only took like 3) now the gun and walls are purple...... gotta try again and TDM will be coming as soon as possible, the map is just too big for DM unless you get like 6-7+ guys on....
  24. I d/led the mod, Looks great but I have one Q, I havent played the SP yet to see the Marines but... Marines dont use ACU, they use MARPAT.
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