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  1. And Papa, we're sorry you're sorry. It's a shame that you have to be wrong if you're dissapointed with the game. If this forum was nothing but kudos to GRIN for the awesome game that was out, then we'd have nothing to talk about.
  2. I have to go with rackrunner on this one. A lot of folks defending the product they bought are doing so under the premise that the add-ons/patches will actually materialize, and that's not guaranteed. If they don't materialize for whatever reason (GRIN moving on to another contract, UBI shutting the pocketbook on this one, etc.) then you have what you have. And while Logos was quick to dismiss my earlier statement about how GRIN portrayed what was coming, they did allude to the fact that it would resemble GR in more than just name. From what is being written here, that's where the resemblence ends.
  3. The point that is being missed is that GRIN did, in fact, promise (for lack of a better word) to stay true to the original GR, which by reading everything in these forums they didn't do. If you are an SP player, or a COOP player, then the game had answered your expectations. Most of the MP players, however, have been put off for another month and must still HOPE that the forthcoming add-on will give them what they have been waiting for. I don't think, having read these forums daily forever, that GRIN was completely honest about the direction that the game was heading, and they may not have had authority to do otherwise. Either way, some are going to like it, some aren't. I'm one that can't run it, and probably won't spend the money to upgrade so that I can until I see it get fleshed out some. Not mad, just sensible.
  4. What I actually said. And no, asking those things is not wrong. Telling someone how they should express their feelings is. As long as the poster stays within the guidelines of the forum, they should be able to post anything they want, with any tone they want. I think that sometimes people in here are forgetting that this is a forum. A place for people to be heard, share information, say what they have to say. To take the position that they have to do it with the same tone and affect as yourself is rediculous. As you said, just agree to disagree. And I do sort of owe you an apology, you just happened to be the person I vented on.
  5. Be careful J, you'll be the next one the wolves come after...lol!! Collector*AFZ*
  6. All sounds pretty constructive, positive, and mature to me. I'll just put it out there Xeno, you're full of garbage. You've been a member on this site for less than a month and you're in here telling guys like Ruggbut what it takes to have a sweet, cuddly, GR community. In my opinion, the GR.Net community was a lot better before the influx of folks that have dropped in here and attempted to tell everyone else how they should feel about every topic that has been started on this site in the last 3 months. And you're right, I was a noob once. And I came into this community and tried to show the respect that everyone deserved. If you notice, I don't come in here and mouth off everyday, or even every month, but I'm here every day. I've seen too many guys that I've gamed with for the last couple of years be trash talked by guys that just walked in the door. Collector*AFZ*
  7. I can't believe the crud that I am seeing on here these days. Since I first joined GR.net (a lot longer ago than many of the posters these days), this was one of the few forums where people could voice their opinion, debate the issues, and agree to disagree, no matter the topic. For the last several months, especially since GRIN started hanging out here, this place has been over run by a bunch of "holier than thou" types who think that theirs is the only opinion that matters about anything. I'm one of the many that can't run the demo because of the last minute spec changes, so I don't know what to think about the viability of this game. What I have to go on at this point is the information that is getting posted on this site, and I for one appreciate both the positive and the negative posts here. I certainly don't want to make my decision to spend money to upgrade and purchase the game and only have heard the sugar-coated suckup opinions of all the GRIN fanboys that have moved in here lately. At this point, the only people in here posting that I am paying any attention to are the ones who's join date is ealier than, well, yesterday. Rocky, ZJJ, Collin, I appreciate the wealth of information that has been given to the community by the Dev's. I am sure that they deserve kudos for the hard work that they put in the game. I am truly concerned however with the fact that all these johnnie-come-latelys can come in here and talk down to guys that have been with you for years and nothing is said about it because all of the moderators/admins are trying to protect their relationship with the Devs. I WANT to know if there are problems. The MP issues DO interest me, as TVT is what we play mostly. Guys should be able to voice their concerns without having to deal with 473 guys calling them a ###### because they disagree. Giv'em hell Rugg!!! Collector*AFZ*
  8. You know, I can absolutely understand why Rocky and the other guys involved with trying to fix this problem would be ######. Any other's that are busting this guys balls though are out of line. If the guy hadn't stepped forward and made it public that he was responsible none of you would have known anything. Rocky obviously had no intent of making it public, or naming the guy. Again it's a matter of people knowing their role, or in some cases NOT knowing. It's fairly obvious that the dude didn't understand the ramifications of his actions and is willing to try and help make it right, despite the fact that he may or may not be unemployed at this point. Rocky handled the situation in a professional manner, when he of all people didn't have to be that way, so follow his example and cut the guy some slack.
  9. If you look on the UBI-US site store, it says that the game will be released on PC-CD, not DVD. The Euro site shows DVD...
  10. I've never heard such a big bunch of crap in my life. The discussion here began NOT as to whether or not global oil supplies were dwindling and NOT whether or not we could find more ways to conserve energy, but whether or not the oil industry was taking unfair advantage of consumers in the short term. The fact that a company such as Exxon-Mobil or BP has experienced the INCREASE in NET PROFIT (that is third quarter 2005 vs. third quarter 2004) that they have, is a clear indication that they have taken advantage of an unfortunate situation here in the U.S. Keep in mind people that this is PROFIT (income less cost) we are talking about, not gross income. These increases didn't occur because the world supply of oil was found to be less than expected, they occurred because a natural disaster gave them the opportunity to dramatically raise prices while experiencing a relatively minor increase in costs. As stated before, these companies have the advantage of producing a product that everyone has to have, as to date there is no viable alternative to it's use. They propagated the myth here in the U.S. that we were critically short on their products, prompting the old "Supply and Demand" scenario where prices would skyrocket. The fact is, in the broader picture it was only a minor blip on their production radar screen. Further, whether I drive an SUV or a YUGO is irrelevant to the discussion because it costs the same amount per gallon for each of us, regardless of how many gallons I use. Whether you spend $20.00 per week on gas, or $200.00 a week on gas, $100 to heat your shack all winter, or $10,000 to heat your mansion, we are all affected equally, percentage wise, by the gouging. Add to this the increase in cost on most other consumer products, directly attributable to the increase in production and delivery costs related to the increase in fuel prices, the extent of the extortion by these companies becomes even more apparent. Why is it that because I didn't hug a tree this morning that somehow I am to blame for the Oil Corporations screwing the American people? P.S. @ Gambit: Wonder if that favorite band of yours uses bicycles to deliver their CDs to the marketplace? @ Ronin: I understand what the guy was saying in the article, but I don't have to invest in real estate to get by, or build a new house, or eat beef when the prices are up for that matter. I do, however, have to have gas to get to work.
  11. What I find amusing is that because these were police officers, authorized to use force, that this is a problem. If this was a video on Big-Boys.com, and two girls were jumping on a third and beating her senseless, people on here would think it was hilarious. It's not the fact that the girls got tazed, or slammed, that anybody has a problem with. It's the fact that it was a cop, legally entitled to use force, that you have a problem with. The one person, given the circumstances, who was authorized to act in such a manner. He does it, and everyone wants to scream "excessive force". I am not going to ask you to put yourself in their position, because you wouldn't understand it. You don't know how it feels to be surrounded by 5-600 people who don't like you because of what you do and have to do something they don't want you to do. Funny how the Monday morning quarterbacks know how things should've been done on Sunday, but never suited up to play the game. C
  12. Now I have had a chance to look at the video, and my opinion is reinforced even more. A huge crowd of people, voicing their displeasure at the fact the dude was getting arrested. It appears to me that the girl was not simply "tapping" the officer on the back, but was adding her little "you suck" voice to the crowd. As far as the second girl, she had no business getting that close to an officer affecting an arrest, I don't care what her reasons were. It wasn't just where she was beside the officer, it was WHEN she chose to approach the officers. In reading these posts, it was made to sound like this was not a volitile situation, like the girls just pleasantly approached the officers to inquire as to what was happening, and were just innocent victims. That was far from being the case. They were obnoxious, and ignoring what they were being told to do.
  13. As a former correctional officer, and more recently probation/parole officer, it has been my experience that many times when there is an incident where an officer gets hurt you will find that somewhere along the way the officer didn't follow procedure. Procedures are written for a reason: Following them keeps you safe. When procedures are circumvented, or just plain ignored, is when the bad things happen. It sounds like to me that the officers in this instance were following procedure: The subject was under physical restraint, but refused to become passive and/or comply with the continuing orders of the officers. Under those circumstances I would say that continuing to move through the Use of Force continuum would be justified, especially if they were in a situation where they were trying to maintain control of the scene around them at the same time.
  14. Not to get political or anything....but yeah, that justifies killing civilians and non-government types. As long as it's not the U.S., anyone is welcome to open up anywhere and anytime they want. It's cool, they are just extremeists, its what they do.
  15. The Most Serene Republic of Augusta National is proud to be the newest member of Ghostlandia. Don't let the name fool ya, it just means we like to play golf!!!
  16. That's just way too cool Ronin...Awsome!!
  17. Collector*AFZ*


    My question would be: Why not a leash law for cats? Why is it appropriate to control a dog's movement and not a cat's? I'll let you cat lovers who think that cat's should be allowed to roam free come on over and dig the cat poop out of my flower beds and wash and wax my vehicle to get the cat prints and scratches off my car and vacuum off my deck furniture on a weekly basis to keep the cat hair away. I don't own cats and I get a little tired of having to clean up behind them. If dog's should be leashed, so should cats. Collector*AFZ*
  18. I don't know about Verizon, but the Sprint DSL modem I have also has built in NAT functions. You have to also open those ports throught the modem, IF, Verizon's works the same way. C
  19. Yeah, but I don't have to buy 30 gallons of Snapple at a time!! LOL!!
  20. I use ABIT EQ to monitor the temps while in windows. There really is no way to monitor the BIOS temps while in game, but from what I can tell they are pretty close. I switched to MBM to double check what I was seeing and the temps were pretty close. From research, I have found the the ABIT !S7 wasn't the best choice to run the Prescott on to begin with, and I think that the stock HS and fan (which tops out around 3000 rpms) suck in addition. Gonna do some shopping and see if I can do a little better... Collector
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