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  1. http://www.comcast.net/providers/fan/popup...=cbsfannews.xml What have we beens saying for more than 2 years? Well now its coming to light. PC players are were the steady money is, not short attention span Xbox and PS. I predict a flop for Xbox and PS games. Multiplayer games with leased servers are the future (ie PC!) not keep the hero alive at all cost games.
  2. Based on past UBI actions, I would'nt put much faith in this happen. However, it would please me greatly to have to eat my words
  3. I’m sorry, what flavor of Kool-Aid do you like?
  4. Your right, Mixed up RS with GR. But my point still is that GRAW sounds to me that it closer to GR2 than GR.
  5. I'm glad ya'll like what you see but I'm more concerned with game play. It still sounds like keep Capt. mitchell alive at all cost, no charater switching, no pre mission planning. How much you want to bet that there will be limited weapons choice like GR2. GR classic? dont sound like it to me.
  6. I'm sorry but it sounds like keep capt. mitchell alive at all cost much like GR2. witha few more bells and whistles. I'll buy in the hope that mp has something to offer but it looks like this will be it for me. Theres not a game out there thats anything like GR. Not AA, BIA, OFP, RVS, FTF and sadly it looks like GRAW to. O well back to NCAA 2006.
  7. I've seen this somewhere else before hhhmmmm,Wait, I remember now it was that movie StarShip Trooper! Look out here comes the bugs! LOL, hey if they can go over the top, so can I.
  8. Yiippeee! I made the high lights..lol. OK as far as the trust thing go'es, let just say Im Cautiously optimistic that GRAW will be as good a game as GR was. I feel much better with a WK providing them with input and critique and if it sux then I’m sure WK will say so. (UBI took a risk with him; he’s no one lap dog.) But I came to the decision that if GRAWs is as disappointing as GR2, I’m going to hang up my mouse and move on ending a 7+ years relationship with UBI/RSE and online gaming. The last two years have been nothing but disappointments and a waist of money on games that really are not fun to play after an hour or so.
  9. I'm starting to feel a little better about this game. With WK over there and what I read things are looking up. (still hate the keep Capt. Mitchell alive at all cost thing) I really hope this is the game that we want to replace GR because if this one is a let down like GR2 then I decided that I'll be through with FPS and just play a little NCAA 2006 and spendind more time at the shooting club shooting skeet and sporting clays. Shame to, really loved playing GR with my clan. We'll see.
  10. WK one good old Georiga boy to another, dont cut them no slack bro. Tellem what there doing good and point out the really dumb things. By them making us wait this long we only got one shot at getting a good GR game. I'm pulling for ya bro and glad your the one there.
  11. Dont know when it comming out but I suspect it to be some time in Nov. This is UBIs last chance with me. If Its not good I'm just going to retire from online gaming and just play a little NCAA 2006 every now and then. Its a shame to because I love on line killen, but no game in the last 3 years is worth paying $40-$50 for (IMO).
  12. Hahahah See ya just gatta ask and wham a New movie. while it was short and not very informative it did get a favarable reaction from me ( or was it the pain medsI'm on? Just had surgery lol, crap cant spell eather o well). See UBI it dont take much to keep us happy, just share a little info. BTW, my GR2 burns are healing nicely lol.
  13. Geeze I'm just board and want something to get excited about. What were about 90 days out. Chum the water some.
  14. But I'm starting to lose interest. You guys need to do something here to perk it up. Do a new movie, some screenshot or even some raw footage of the game. Apathy is starting to set in here.
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