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  1. Thanks for the info. Yup. Would be nice to see that come out for VBS1, even after all these years of having ofp CTI still is a great mission even with such an old game, I find myself getting wayyyy too into some CTI games that last for hours. Honestly the whole concept of being able to buy stuff is something that would be nice to be seen in more missions for ofp/vbs1 type games that involve using entire islands. Id get into modding such missions but, the days of heavy work on modding after working all day/week are over for me, cant do it anymore, so I look and hope for others to come out wi
  2. Howdy I am hoping to get VBS1 by this summer(along with a new computer). As it stand my absolute favorite mp game is CTI (Capture The Island) by Mike Melvin(ofp). Have any CTI versions been converted for VBS1 yet? All I know is someone better before I buy it, cause thats just simply the best dang MP game I've ever seen and it would be awsome to play that on VBS1 with the better graphics and all.
  3. Thanks BrandonKappel I know there are a good few mispellings and whatnot in the story, sorry bout that but just writing the thing took me more than day, and its not a real 'formal' thing, just wanted to lay the stuff in the mod out in a somewhat entertaining way rather than just describing it all in a drab informative description. Because I know whats really going on within the missions I am almost always able to pull them off and get the best results from the various scenarios which often shows in the story, normally for other players screw ups will occurr in various places and there are
  4. Thanks Arms and Soldier-75thRR.
  5. Dont know if this is relevant but I do believe there is a limit to the radius's size also because the MG can only swing over so far, I believe its half of a full radius circle.
  6. Thanks Suicide Commando and KRP 56. It does feel a little better knowing that alot of stuff I worked very hard at in the mod is now laid out for people to see. Pibb
  7. Thanks, it took alot more typing than I expected to do this
  8. The last mission Operation Swiftend At this point things are going very well for the allies, Moscow has been taken and most of the major cities in Russia are in our control with many enemy forces now surrenduring. Unfortunately Yegor kotov has not given up the fight refusing to surrender and therefore is blamed for the war still continuing with elite units loyal to Kotov's cause dragging out the war causing more allied casualties. Resistance units made up of mostly civilians from the region have become quite a force in themselves at this point, with some very capable groups having e
  9. Last 2 missions Forest Indeed this was the simplest mission in the campaign, It was designed to be just kinda funnish more than ultra complex, a simple mission I enjoyed putting together. Briefing: Russian troops have been falling back from the city of Ryazan' which has been under heavy attack from allies. Ryazan' sits not far from Moscow. The tide has been turning and the allies are beggining to get the upper hand in the war. The ghosts have been called in again to help. The enemy units falling back from Ryazan' may end up making it up to Moscow, which will make it more diffi
  10. Going to make this one kinda breif, as I look forward to the mission after this. Montignac Limits Breifing: After hoofing it for some time it has gotten dark and Montignac City should be in sight soon. We end up stumbling on Russian defenses before we even see the city itself, troops, tanks, the works. Our team spends a good few hours surveying the situation. We also notice the odd presence of gunfire and explosions coming from within the city itself, possibly from resistance fighters imbedded within the city. Orders are to continue surverying the enemy defenses. I select cohen for A
  11. On to the next mission.... Enemy Lines Broken From the intel during the briefing looks like the other major assaults on the front lines went well aside from one company which was overrun during their attack. Orders are to hold until reinforcements arrive and recieve new orders. A new hero is given, Lindy Cohen with an M60 (the Oicw was just too small) and I readily select her as my primary unit (always do ) The mission begins with cinematics showing our groups holding at the farmhouse when allied armor and troops start rolling in while eliminating and capturing some remaining ene
  12. Hello Because of the fact that I have sometimes desired to be able to describe some of the things in my mod but havent because of fear of spoiling it, and also being that it appears there will be no review on the mod apparently because there is no one to do it (or so I have been informed), I want to write my own story, suppose this would be to me almost my own lil 'review' with of course no rating or nothin, but nonetheless this will be a full account of personal experiences within the wwiii conflict. I am putting this here and not in the general topics so its not a spoiler. Heres the
  13. The WWIIIpart2 mod type has been uploaded to Rocky again. Something must have happened during the previous uploading process, causing the errors. Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know its being re-submitted. Of course there are no issues with the zip file or anything, I already just tested it again to be sure. Pibb
  14. I have download all the other mod types except the mac version off Fileplanet, they appear fine, I even ran a few missions just to re-assure myself. If Rocky applied the version 3 patch to the version 2 WWIIIpart2 mod type, technically it should be equal to version 3, hmm. I will have to download that and assure I am correct. Pibb Thanks for the congrats on the cins award, at least some part of the mod got an award, better than nothin
  15. Well, its for real. The WWIIIpart2 mod type on FilePlanet is screwed. I just got the same error. I can send Rocky another version maybe tommorow, but more likely Monday. Oh well. What the hell can you do, WWIIIPart2 was fine on my site, I downloaded it to be sure of that off my site and ran all the missions. I will download the others to make sure they are ok. I did everything I was supposed to do to a 'T', including rediculous hours of testing the types off my site. I'll get it to Rocky when I can, there wont be any rush cause I am back to working a regular schedule and making a living, what
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