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  1. Thanks for the info. Yup. Would be nice to see that come out for VBS1, even after all these years of having ofp CTI still is a great mission even with such an old game, I find myself getting wayyyy too into some CTI games that last for hours. Honestly the whole concept of being able to buy stuff is something that would be nice to be seen in more missions for ofp/vbs1 type games that involve using entire islands. Id get into modding such missions but, the days of heavy work on modding after working all day/week are over for me, cant do it anymore, so I look and hope for others to come out with such rare missions.
  2. Howdy I am hoping to get VBS1 by this summer(along with a new computer). As it stand my absolute favorite mp game is CTI (Capture The Island) by Mike Melvin(ofp). Have any CTI versions been converted for VBS1 yet? All I know is someone better before I buy it, cause thats just simply the best dang MP game I've ever seen and it would be awsome to play that on VBS1 with the better graphics and all.
  3. Thanks BrandonKappel I know there are a good few mispellings and whatnot in the story, sorry bout that but just writing the thing took me more than day, and its not a real 'formal' thing, just wanted to lay the stuff in the mod out in a somewhat entertaining way rather than just describing it all in a drab informative description. Because I know whats really going on within the missions I am almost always able to pull them off and get the best results from the various scenarios which often shows in the story, normally for other players screw ups will occurr in various places and there are often some pretty different outcomes because of these.
  4. Thanks Arms and Soldier-75thRR.
  5. Dont know if this is relevant but I do believe there is a limit to the radius's size also because the MG can only swing over so far, I believe its half of a full radius circle.
  6. Thanks Suicide Commando and KRP 56. It does feel a little better knowing that alot of stuff I worked very hard at in the mod is now laid out for people to see. Pibb
  7. Thanks, it took alot more typing than I expected to do this
  8. The last mission Operation Swiftend At this point things are going very well for the allies, Moscow has been taken and most of the major cities in Russia are in our control with many enemy forces now surrenduring. Unfortunately Yegor kotov has not given up the fight refusing to surrender and therefore is blamed for the war still continuing with elite units loyal to Kotov's cause dragging out the war causing more allied casualties. Resistance units made up of mostly civilians from the region have become quite a force in themselves at this point, with some very capable groups having even Russian armor either stolen or given to them by allies. A number of these resistance groups have allied spec ops units assigned to them to assist in operations to find and eliminate remaining enemy units. I am to be one these spec ops units, a highly accomplished sniper assigned to a very well armed resistance group operating in the regions north of Moskow seeking Russian units that have fallen back from the battle for Moskow. The resistance group owns a good few Russian T80's and a T72 that were salvaged from the Moskow battle and given to them by the allies. My group has just engaged in a large scale armored battle at the Volga Dam near Yarslayl', the battle spanning across the entire valley. There appears to be some sort of base structure where the enemy tanks are defending on the other side of the valley. And now I've just recieved intel from command that Kotov may be hiding within that very base! Because of threats made by Kotov that any air attacks on his position will lead to nuclear responses command informs me they cant send in air support to bomb em, so it sounds like the lense caps come off. Orders are to take out Kotov by whatever means. The resistance armor appears superior to the Russian armor and it looks like we will win the tank battle, which will then lead to a ground assault executed by resistance troops holding nearby. I cant wait for the resistance fighters to win the battle here, Kotov could escape at any time. Seems the best spot might be the observation tower on the other side of the dam, it should have a good view of the enemy base and if any escape attempt is made it will likey be right in view of the tower down the road, mountians block the rear of their base. I have a new hero availiable, a sniper. I can only select one unit for the 1st slot in Alpha team, so I select the new sniper. Also I have a 'special' sniper kit that I will by default start out with regardless of selection that includes the barret .50 cal and a bizon to boot. I have also been ordered to attempt to help the resitance fighters take the enemy base once I have eliminated Kotov only if it appears my help will result in successfully taking their base, if not I have been allowed to flee the area, Kotov is the main priority here although I intend to help our allies out too at almost any cost. It appears our group is having an 'issue' with an enemy sniper thats been picking off our guys from somewhere on the other side of the valley, great.... Mission: Uses 'The Dam' map The mission starts with a very close 'kablam!' coming from one of our resistance tanks firing at the enemy positions shaking the ground. I find myself behind a large boulder, and I immediatly realize that dam sniper prolly has a view of our entire position, so revealing myself will be very dangerous. I sneak a peek around the boulder to look across the valley and in seconds the sniper fires a few rounds at me, I duck back behind the boulder. I decide to look around for some kind of foliage to get to for concealment and find that from the right side of the boulder I can sneak down to a bush without being viewed. I lay down and carefully pan around the valley area, dang tanks are blasting away all around me with enemy tanks firing from the other side of the valley causing shells to explode allover the place. I finally find him on the other side of the valley laying next to a bush, my first shot misses(its a long shot), second shot lands on him, he shifts over and becomes lifeless looking. I am going for the observation tower for a sniping position and need to figure out what route is best, there is a small unfinished exterior entrance near the base of dam that would prolly be best, where I can then make my way through the dam itself and avoid detection on the road across the dam which has enemies covering it from the far side. I then take a little more time to pan around the area to find anymore enemies that might see me. I find an enemy soldier hold up in a small bunker at the bottom of the valley and take him out and start moving down towards the entrance, the tank battle still going on full steam with rounds sometimes landing very close to me. As I near the entrance an enemy finds me from some distance across the valley and starts pelting my position, I drop to prone as bullets fly around me and eliminate him with one good shot. I finally reach the entrance and decide to save game here. I crouch down and move into the Dam structure through the entranceway, which leads to a small room. In the room I make my way towards a set of stairs leading up, when all the sudden I am shot dead from an enemy way up above me on the flight of stairs. I load last save and slide my way towards the staircase on my belly and snipe the guys legs off before he even sees me. Up a huge flight of stairs I go winding around and to a doorway which leads me to the outside. From here I can carefully make my way across the dam to the observation tower on the oppsosite side without touching the road itself, but I see that as I am moving forward I may be in view of enemies around the base, a little hope and i keep moving. I reach the tower door without being seen and quickly go in and shut the door behind me(unexpected visitors are more expected when they hafta open the door ). I cautiously check the tower for enemies and find it empty. I then start to look around through the observation windows and find the enemy has the road across the dam blockaded a fair distance below me, I can also see pretty well into the enemy base at full zoom through their main gates but the dang tinted windows are hindering the view abit. I decide heck with it, pull out my bizon and shoot the glass windows out. I then carefully take a look out at the enemy blockade to see if they have noticed, looks like im still good. So I go back to viewing the base at full zoom, the view is much better now, I can see an enemy soldier nearby the gates hold up and also a structure within the base and a doorway to it, who knows where Kotov is hiding, but this is prolly as good a spot as any so I decide to wait it out. After about 5 minutes I notice one of the enemy tanks get destroyed, that now makes 2 enemy tanks destroyed with a third left that has some smoke coming from it and its not fired the whole time, dont know if its still active or not. Another 5 minutes or so passes and a round slams into that tank also destroying it completely. Still focusing on that base entrance. Not long after I see the door to that small building in the base swing open, and moments later a soldier barely visible comes through the doorway into view that looks an awful lot like Kotov. I can see him crouch down in front of the doorway for a few moments before he starts moving towards the entranceway, gotta be him. Follwing his movement I place the reticule on his chest and fire, he falls. Moments later I recieve the objective complete message for eliminating Kotov. Time to save game again. Now I also notice that the firing has stopped from the resistance tanks, I hear some firing from in the valley and realize they must be making the assault now, time to join the fight. All the sudden the door to the tower I'm in swings open, I back off from the entrance and train in with my bizon, a head pops up and I waste him. I then swing around to find another enemy soldier training on me from a distant position on the dam structure and take him out also. A good start to helping this fight would be to eliminate the blockade, but as I stand up in view of their position the machine gunner sees me and I hafta duck down as bullets fly into the tower ceiling. I hold up for a moment and then I hear the sounds of tank treads and its getting closer, coming from our side of the valley. A few moments later a tank round explodes near where the blockade was, I take another peek to see the blockade units all dead. I now can see one of our T80's rolling down the road across dam towards the now dead enemy blockade, yes! The resistance fighters are now at the base entrances, and from the looks of it through my scope they arent doing well. I make my way onto the road in front of the resistance T80 moving across the dam and get to the end of the dam where I then run to destroyed enemy tanks for cover as I get closer and closer to the base. From the second burning tank with my barret I can get a decent view of a few enemies that are cutting down the resistance guys as they try to get past through the base entrance. I knock down three of em and move in closer. The resistance T80 has now stopped after crossing the dam and some more resistance fighters move past me towards the enemy base, gotta find the rest of the enemies that are sniping off our guys from inside the base. As I carefully move towards the opening I get it too from an enemy hunkered down near the entrance inside the base. I load last save and return to this point and pick off hiding enemies near the gateway, which finally allows the resistance guys to move into the base structure. We get into a pretty fieirce battle with some enemies nearby a couple of hanger style buildings where almost all the resistance guys are killed. A few more stragglers are found lurking about until I cant find anymore enemies and the two resistance fighters left are holding covering positions in the center grounds of the base(two out of like 15). A few moments later the objective to secure the enemy base is declared completed, then the screen fades to black and a cinematics begins marking the completion of the mission and gives the final outcome of the war after this action - of course, we win! And thats the story. Thanks to all who read this. Pibb And then the Ghost Recon outro movie plays - du du da da du du daaa daa, etc etc zooming through the different maps, oops , sorry, had that darn song playing in my head.
  9. Last 2 missions Forest Indeed this was the simplest mission in the campaign, It was designed to be just kinda funnish more than ultra complex, a simple mission I enjoyed putting together. Briefing: Russian troops have been falling back from the city of Ryazan' which has been under heavy attack from allies. Ryazan' sits not far from Moscow. The tide has been turning and the allies are beggining to get the upper hand in the war. The ghosts have been called in again to help. The enemy units falling back from Ryazan' may end up making it up to Moscow, which will make it more difficult to take Moscow when that time comes. All sorts of spec ops groups have been deployed in the woodlands north of Ryazan' to stop this threat, the ghosts have also been inserted to assist here. Mission: Uses Wilderness Map The mission is simple. Hold position in preperation for an ambush of retreating enemy forces fleeing Ryazan', eliminate all enemies in the area. The missions starts, I have selected the standard one unit per team, notably Cohen-Alpha, the rest riflemen, 3 teams. We start a short jog away from the ambush point where another Ghost platoon is already positioned. The enemy has been reported to be moving towards our position. The flanks are good spots to place units, so I accordingly spread them out with Cohen near center with the other Ghost platoon. After some time an enemy team is spotted walking across the clearing adjecent from us, right were we expected em. Then another team is seen behind them and not long after the Ghost platoon engages the first team. From Cohens position I can barely see an enemy team making its way up a decent sized wooded hill across the feild, and my other 2 units are reporting enemies at both flanks. Most of the rest of the mission is dealing with the enemy force in various areas within the densly wooded enviornment where some enemies will attempt flanking and such, then later hunting down remaining enemies, some of which are loners which stalk around using the terrain and can be quite difficult to see before they see you. Mission complete status is attained through clearing the map, so I prefer to use threat indicators here. In my expereince there is one or two allies left if any only if I really kicked butt, normally they dont make it, rightly so, cant have npc's doing the work for ya. A cinematics shows with an overhead view of the battle grounds and mission is declared success. The last mission uses the Dam map, another goodie in my book and worth a nice descript of my experiences there, which is why I am gonna wait and do it a little later. Thanks Pibb
  10. Going to make this one kinda breif, as I look forward to the mission after this. Montignac Limits Breifing: After hoofing it for some time it has gotten dark and Montignac City should be in sight soon. We end up stumbling on Russian defenses before we even see the city itself, troops, tanks, the works. Our team spends a good few hours surveying the situation. We also notice the odd presence of gunfire and explosions coming from within the city itself, possibly from resistance fighters imbedded within the city. Orders are to continue surverying the enemy defenses. I select cohen for Alpha, a rifleman for Bravo and two AT units for Charlie. Mission: Uses the mp map nightbattle Cinematics kick off the mission showing our platoon moving to a viewing position above some of the Russian defenses. Command contacts us and we are given new orders to attempt to break through the Russian defenses and get within the city itself. Once in the city we are to try to make contact with what may be resistance fighters within the city and basically team up with em to cause some mayem as a distraction as allied forces are due to reach Montignac City very soon. A tank is seen patrolling about along with stationary tanks, patrols, troops in ready for an attack, this wont be easy. Once having recieved the new orders cinematics show my platoon moving about carefully towards the enemy lines. The cinematics end with my map being marked with enemy tanks spotted. All we gotta do is get past the defenses so we can get into the city, no prob, sure . We start on the main road going into Montignac, with the Russian defensive lines just a short distance away. After realizing that until we get past the small roadblock we cant manuever past the confines of the road, I decide to quickly get my platoon off the road and spread out. I move in with Cohen first, but as soon as I get to the road block I see a tank sitting a short distance away, watching the road. I hold and grab one of my AT guys and take out the tank, like 5 seconds after that a dang patrol tank practically jumps over a hill right behind that tank and starts firing at me, I reload and luckily take him out too. All this commotion brings concern of troops moving this way, so I quickly try to disperse everyone to make a defensive position. Sure enough, I start catching fire from enemies moving in from down the road. Then we get bushwacked from another patrol. I could carry on, but all in all its one heck of a fight, good terrain with the bomb holes and destroyed walls, a few more tanks, spetz natz, personally one of the best combat scenarios in the mod were alot of variables come into play, lots of annoying individuals tramping around looking for me. I have never actually spent the time to rid the map of enemies, but there are some crazy spots if someone wished to do so, after making the mission it was enough just to try to complete it for me. So anyhow, after losing almost everyone (which I happens almost every time I play the mission) except Cohen and one AT guy we finally make it past the enemy defenses. Montignac City Heres the mission that caused the greatest headaches in the history of my GR modding, thank god this is just a story of one of my experiences playing it not making it, cause honestly I dont even wanna think about the modding part of this mission. Breifing Well, here we are, finally in the City Montignac. Basically after moving about in the city following the sounds of fighting and getting into a lil trouble here and there we manage to find one of the resistance fighters. He gives us the lowdown as to whats going on, where the main russian base is in the city and tells of a planned attack on a convoy due to leave the base anytime soon. He ends up contacting the resistance leader of the group attacking the convoy and looks like we just got front row tickets to a convoy attack . Only thing is we can only bring on or two guys there as the leader has informed that there is little room left to hide many more men at their position. Also we apparently have run out of ammo during the trip here, and were all using Russian weapons at this point, with no AT rockets left either, hmmmm. So our objectives are as stands: get to the resistance fighters and help them attack the convoy, then try to join up with em and maybe attack that base, which would be an excellent diversion for the allied attack on the city soon to arrive. As usual I select one man fire teams: Cohen - Alpha; - Rifleman - Bravo. Mission; uses Vilnius map with new enviornment file We start out in who knows where in the city, with an eerie sun rise poking through the clouds. I soon hear intermitten distant gunfire echoing from all directions. The location for meeting the resistance fighters is marked on the map, and so I decide to play it safe and just take myself and hide Bravo in a covered walkway entrance thing near the insertion. I make my way to the resistance fighters position with no engagements, as I near the marked position I get text showing 'Americans! we are over here!'. I crouch down and move into a small walled off area where I see a number of the resistance fighters laying down. I am then told to get down and stay quiet and basically not to do anything to jeapordize their assault. They then kindly grant me an AT rocket and a bizon to boot for the upcoming attack. So I lay down and wait. After about 5 minutes all the sudden Bravo reports a tank nearby, dam!. I switch to bravo and peek around the corner to see what looks like a mechanized patrol rambling down the street, a T80 with a group of 5-6 Russians following it. I decide to stay out of sight and let them go, not really thinking that this same patrol might come upon our little convoy attack group. After they are out of sight I return to Alpha and find ol Cohen has moved from prone to crouch! Luckily there seems to have been no one about, yet, so it didnt blow our cover, but darn ai units , and I go back to prone(which is only position that truly conceals you here, the walls are quite short). Just shortly thereof Bravo reports enemies close , great, do I leave Cohen to control Bravo so she can reveal her pretty face or do I let Bravo deal with this and prolly die? Answer: Save Game And then I switch to Bravo and sneak a peak around the corner to get shot in the face by what looked like a spetz natz soldier . Quit and loaded last save and ended up having to do the load last save a few times to deal with about 5-6 stealthy sptez natz sneaking around the area. After clearing them out I returned Bravo to his hiding spot (which hasnt been much of a hiding spot ) and switched back to Cohen, who was actually still laying down this time, go figure. Decided to save game again being the pain it was to deal with the spetz natz. So the waiting game comenses again, pretty soon and I hear the familiar sound of tank treads squeeking, great, the patrol I let go most likely. Then a text comes up from the Resistance guys 'Dam! You hear that? Sounds like a patrol tank, everyone say down and keep quiet'. Oook, so I'm thinkin, I cant engage the patrol tank cause it will blow our cover, but what if they see us? I shimmy myself as best I can behind the wall to be as concealed as possible. The tank noise gets louder and louder and all of the sudden it fires its machine gun right near our position for a few seconds then stops firing, then when it seems they might go right by, I hear the tank stop and the idle sound of its engine, great . Then I hear the 'pitter-patter' of footsteps VERY close, I dont move an inch. After about a minute I hear the tank start moving again, farther, farther, and finally pretty much gone , yes! Ends up being quite a wait, prolly another 5 minutes or so when I hear the sound of another vehicle coming in, sounds like its coming from the base this time, and it sounds like a tank too, hmmm, tanks, whyd it hafta be tanks. I stay low. As the sound gets to the point where it seems the vehicle(s) must be directly across from us I decide to save again, hopefully this is the convoy. Being a little overly curious I goto crouch and I see, wow! I see a T80 just making its turn to the north away from us with 3 trucks following it loaded with troops and a dang T80 behind it all too. Seems they arent seeing me so stay in crouch and wait. I get the text message 'This is Team One, preparing to hit lead tank, get ready to attack.'. A few seconds later I hear a rocket crash into the lead T80 and then I stand up and fire a rocket into the first of the three trucks. All of the alive occupants of the trucks have abruptly jumped out and are firing back immediately. The other resistance fighters have stood up too and one of them fires a rocket into the second truck while the others let loose with their guns. I crouch back down for a moment, switch to the bizon, full auto, then stand up and just start spraying any position it seems the resistance fighters arent hitting, its really happening so fast I'm just being instinctual. Within 20 seconds it gets kinda quiet, three of the five resistance fighters are still alive and are covering. Then text appears 'Lets get the hell outta here. Americans, come with us, you will be safe there' - something like that, cant remeber exactly- and then the resistance fighters start making their way down the street that I had come in on. All of the sudden the lead resistance guy gets shot in the back. I run madly over to one of the trucks and recklessly eliminate a soldier hiding behind it before he kills the others. I then run back to the Resistance fighters and follow them into a hidden base of theirs within a damaged building. I end up engaging in a lil 'conversation' so to speak with them were I am informed that they will indeed help us in attacking the Russian base, dont know really how much help they will be but some help is betterthan none. They state that they will gather a group together at the location where the convoy was hit and will wait 3 minutes once there, then they will attack. I am also informed of a rear entrance to the Russian base which may be a good spot to start from and a tank that sits in view of the main entrance where we would come out at that should be taken out , great. They then grant me another fully loaded AT rocket and Bizon, bid us farewell and shortly thereof they make their way to their postion. I walk outside the building into a courtyard area where the first resistance fighter is moving through and see a tank coming into view! I run up to get a clear shot and nuetralize the tank then spend another few minutes mopping up the foot soldiers that were following the tank. I take a look at the map, no way I can get to that tank and then return to the rear entrance in time to join their attack, only way would be to split up and have Alpha go around the base from the south and to the west to kill that tank and have bravo goto the rear entrance. I decide to chance the tank and goto the rear entrance in force with both of us. I make my way there with both units, we get to the last corridor where the entrance should be, I peek around the corner and see two soldiers lounging about. Instead of waiting for the resistance fighters I decide I want to get all the way in to the base before they attack to get maximum effect of them drawing fire away. I take out both soldiers and move towards their bodies. I end up stopping at a corridor that leads into the one were in to check for enemies before moving forward, Bravo takes a hit. I spend a little while and eliminate two more guards down that corridor then move on to a small doorway where the first guards were. I go ahead and save game here. Bravo is already wounded and dosent have an AT kit so use him to advance into the building being less of a loss if he dies. After having to put on NV goggles cause its darn dark in there I move to a room where I eliminate two more enemies. Alpha moves in too. I find from this room there is a split corridor where both ends lead to the main base entrance, I move both teammembers to either side of the corridor just outside of the view of the main base area. I can hear the Russians yelling and some movement, obviously in response to my rather rash premature attack, but they havent gone in here, yet . After a few more minutes I hear an AT rocket hitting a vehicle and then not long after the resistance fighters and base occupants start fighting it out. Thats my queue, I save game again(I know, I do it too often ) and then I start by picking off the Russians within site from the 2 corridor entrances, which brings a horrendous volley of gunfire in shattering some old glass display walls and banging off the walls around us. Then comes simoultaneous death. A tank round slams into the wall inbetween me and Bravo killing us both instantly , woops, shoulda killed that tank. I load last save and decide to wait out the tank firing in hopes it will stop, while taking down a few enemies inbetween tank rounds. After maybe ten shots or so the tank does stop firing, but so does the resistance . A difficult job ensues from here of more less very carefully sniping enemies that are scattered about within the base paremiter (personally I'm not the greatest shot so it took me a few loading saved games) and also eliminating the tank threats within the base too. Finally acheived mission complete status after eliminating most threats within the base parimiter (I say 'most' because not all of the tanks within the base parimiter are required to be killed, only the ones within the courtyard itself). A cinematics started with music showing an overhead of the Russian base area and then switched to an overhead of the convoy attack area, then declared mission complete. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww And thats the other 'big' mission. There are 2 missions left, which will take far less to run through. Might do those another night, thanks to anyone who's read this far. Pibb
  11. On to the next mission.... Enemy Lines Broken From the intel during the briefing looks like the other major assaults on the front lines went well aside from one company which was overrun during their attack. Orders are to hold until reinforcements arrive and recieve new orders. A new hero is given, Lindy Cohen with an M60 (the Oicw was just too small) and I readily select her as my primary unit (always do ) The mission begins with cinematics showing our groups holding at the farmhouse when allied armor and troops start rolling in while eliminating and capturing some remaining enemies in the area. The cinematics end as the next day begins with an entire battalion moving out through the break in the lines. I am given instructions to move to marked helo landing spot to await transport to a location deep within enemy territory to do some 'prep work' for the battalion thats advancing. Two helos come in and land, one at the marked position and another a ways away where I see other spec ops boarding it. I assemble my platoon at the helo and we board her and take off. Nice view of the farmhouse and the allied troops everywhere, then I start wondering what mess I will find myself in next. After a short flight a cinematics kicks in showing our trusty helo flying off into the unknown and declares mission complete. On To Montignac The breifing describes the scenario, were to be inserted many miles away from a city called Montignac, which is our destination by foot after insertion. Apparently the battalion that was rolling through our break in the lines will be arriving in Montignac and our job is to recon the area before they get there. There is another hero avaliable, Jack Stone. I decide to select one man teams, Cohen for Alpha, a Rifleman for Bravo and Jack Stone for Charlie. The mission begins with us in 'Windy Six' (our blackhawk) flying down a remote canyon above the Trosky river where we will be inserted at some point and then continue following the river to Montignac City. As we begin making a turn around a bend in the canyon we start catching enemy fire from the ground, rounds pinging off the helos metal. After rounding the bend the firing stops and we recieve new orders. Orders are to seek out these enemies and eliminate them before continuing on to Montignac, being that they will prolly be looking for us it would be better to confront them now rather than get shot in the back 2 miles later, and according to the new intel these are likely spetz natz, not regular soldiers. The helo drops us off and I get a very alone feeling bout now as I watch Windy Six fly off down the canyon. Thinking about setting up an ambush, well, these guys are gonna know where we dropped at, so seems logical to set up an ambush nearby our current position. The enemies spotted have been marked on the map, so its pretty obvious where they will go to get here. Theres a confined entrance through some rock that they will likely go through, we set up in some bushes adjecent to that spot. Within a few minutes while laying in a bush (controlling Cohen, Alpha Team) Bravo engages an enemy coming from a small camp to our right, then he gets killed. I spin around to see 3-4 camoflauged enemies almost right on top of me. I open up and knock em down. Then the all too familiar sound of a small round metal object bouncing off the ground nearby me prompts me to get up and run, barely escaping the frag blast. I find new cover and wait, eventually the guy shows up and I take him out. My dumb sniper has been sitting near the river prolly taking pictures all the while. A little concern grows as I realize that there is already signs of more than just that one group of enemies, but I decide to stick it out where I am. A few more minutes pass while watching the rock entrance from the same previous bush and sure enough a spetz natz comes a runnin out, and then another behind him. I was wanting to let most of them come out before attacking but they are coming in too fast and I have to take out the first two. Its then a game of watching carefully as each one tries to sneak in a shot around the edge of the rock they are hiding behind and killing them before they kill me. After a good few minutes of 'pop goes the weasel' the actions stops. I decide to save now before advancing into the rock entrance to check it out. As I come into view of the passage, well, its a good thing I saved, cause I get checked by an enemy holding in there. A quick restart to the last save and I find him and two others further in and clear the passage area. Shortly after this I find my sniper has aquired a target and just made a kill , and then a ton of fire starts coming in from the other side of the river and my sniper is dead . But its ok, I like working alone and my super gunner chick is still alive, what matters. I merely stay where I am and watch carefully as a number of distant enemies are seen moving towards the insertion spot, and once they get close enough I lay down a heavy suppressive fire on em, using 2 full M60 mags they all buy it. After thinking that I might have gotten all the enemies at this point I find that the objective is still incomplete and my threat indicator still shows enemy activity (threat indicator is suggested for this mission in breifing). So I follow the signal all the way to a bridge that crosses the the canyon, finding a truck parked at the other side and an enemy soldier there too. After taking him out its objective complete and once I return to the insertion to continue following the river the mission is completed. Next mission or 2 in next post (there is a total of 7 missions) Pibb
  12. Hello Because of the fact that I have sometimes desired to be able to describe some of the things in my mod but havent because of fear of spoiling it, and also being that it appears there will be no review on the mod apparently because there is no one to do it (or so I have been informed), I want to write my own story, suppose this would be to me almost my own lil 'review' with of course no rating or nothin, but nonetheless this will be a full account of personal experiences within the wwiii conflict. I am putting this here and not in the general topics so its not a spoiler. Heres the story... WWIII The beggining May, 2005. The worst winter recorded continues in Europe, farming is impossible, there is great concern for future food supply. Russia begins to slip into a major economic depression. July, 2005. The thaw is finally complete after a month of steady normal temperatures, late farming begins. October, 2005. Many already depressed areas including much of Russia are running out of food supplies. The unthinkable happens. Russia is hit by a major winter storm, entire crops are lost. January, 2006. As the rest of the European area struggles through the winter, Russia is falling apart. Hundreds of thousands die of starvation, thousands more freeze to death. March, 2006. Finally a normal spring begins, and reveals the chaos left from the winter. Anarchy begins to take in many towns and cities in Russia, the economy is simply gone. General Yegor Kotov, head of the russian army begins rallying troops to overthrow the government, promising a new prosperous future under his rule. One week later Russian tanks roll into Moskow, with most of the entire Russian army behind Kotov the president and his staff are removed. June, 2006 With what little stability was left in the goverment gone, the country goes from bad to worse. Kotov focuses on strengthening his army leaving little concern to much else. As the country starves factories begin assembling military vehicles around the clock, Kotov offers food and clothing for those who would join his army. Hundreds of thousands accept the offer. Truth is Kotovs army hasn't even enough provisions for one month. A few weeks later Kazakhstan falls under attack. Cities and towns are plundered. In the months to follow Kotov's troops take all of the southern former Soviet Republic countries. His army grows, Russia slowly pulls out of its economic depression, at the expense of tens of thousands of lives, mostly Kazakhstanies. The fighting finally slows and the region becomes quiet again. September, 2008. Russia's economy has stabalized with the former southern Soviet Republic countries now merged once again with russia, by force. The tyranical Kotov has severely taxes those regions, labeling their people as traitors to the republic and its cause. With Kotov's army estimated at around one million strong the monster grows hungry once again. Russian troops begin building up near the borders of Ukraine and Belarus. Nato conferences begin over wether or not to deploy troops in response. Nato warns Kotov to stand down or else. October 2nd, 2008. With over five hundred thousand men, armor and air power the Russians attack. Kiev and Minsk fall within days. Allied forces have been building in Germany and Italy, but their troops strength is still to small to do anything. The Russians begin forming defensive lines cutting Ukraine and Belarus right in half, linking the lines with Kiev and Minsk. Latvia then falls also. October 10th, 2008. Allied forces, now at roughly six hundred thousand strong are moving into Ukraine and Belarus. Jets and helicopters begin pounding the enemy defenses. Russian Mig's and Helos respond with heavy anti-aircraft support from the ground, the allies are stunned. After losing more than half of our air support the air strikes are halted and air to air combat becomes the call. Ground forces reach enemy positions near Minsk and Kiev, hoping to free those cities first. The battles that ensued were feirce and terrible to say the least. Days go by and after thousands of casualties on both sides the allies begin to fall back. With reinfocements stills days away and the Russian defenses building the Allies retreat and re-group. They are pounded regularly by scud attacks, and eventually they disperse from the city areas completely. At home and abroad the draft becomes enabled. Reinforcements finally arrive. Battle erupts all along the enemy lines, some major assualts, some guerrilla style attacks. Some ground is lost, some ground taken but as the weeks go by the enemy lines remain. The Fight For Freedom continues. Thats the first missions breifing, which is really the introduction. The first mission is purely a cinematics for about 8 min long. Allies and Russians have massed forces at a point on the front at the town of Petrovice, where a major allied attack commences on Russian forces. As the attack continues the allies are eventually defeated by hidden Russian support units hiding in the town itself. The cinematics end and lead me to the first 'real' mission. The Russian Front I find myself in Ukraine at the Russian Front with a large allied force. Having been dragged into this global mess along with many other spec ops groups. From the breifing it looks like were gettin ready for a major assault on a key enemy position, and this is a major attack, a few other companies at other locals will be making assaults also. The plan is not simple, we have 2 major attack groups assembled, one group will attack the enemy lines while the other holds. My platoon and I are with the group assigned to attack first. There is reported enemy artillery in the area which is my teams responsibility to take out after breaking through the lines, then we are to attack a makeshift Russian base from its rear while the second attack group attacks also. It is seemingly imperative that my platoon finds and takes out the artillery, or else the second attack group may get creamed by artillery rounds while trying to advance on the enemy base. There are also possibly some high ranking officials at the Russian base, capturing or eliminating them would be a bonus, but its a target of opportunity only. I consider the fact that control of my units will be important with the possibility of being under heavy fire in open terrain, and select only 2 units for the attack in seperate teams for full control. Alpha Team will be a regular soldier with an An94 Assault Rifle and Bravo Team will be a demo guy with an M4/AntiTank Launcher. The mission starts, I find myself hidden in a small valley of a creek along with like 20 or so allied troops hunkered down waiting for the go - ahead. Its snowing pretty good and theres a fog, but viewing distance is still decent. An artillery round lands on ground just past the valley then dramatic music kicks in just as I'm thinking about what exactly is going to happen here. Another artillery round lands somewhere and I realize this whole thing might get real ugly. Then I see a text message appear "all units get ready", then "5", "4", "3", 2, 1, "Initiate". Everyone stands up and starts up and over the hill, I carefully follow behind leaving my AT guy behind for now. As I'm moving cautiously behind the main force I see them running across the open feild then a few shots are fired and one of our point men falls, all the sudden all hell breaks loose as I see the allies scrambling for some cover, I do the same. Bullet tracers flying everywhere from heavy machine gun fire. I find a shallow ditch and stay low just peeking over the edge to see more of our guys laying dead. All the sudden I hear the 'woosh' of an incoming artillery shell and I hunker down as much as I can, 'bam!' it strikes near me but I'm low enough in the ditch to avoid harm. I then decide heck with it, I can hear and see people dying all around me and its time to make a difference, I get up and run to a large haybail nearby where another allied soldier is hiding also. From here I still cant get a view of the enemy, except 2 dead Russian soldiers a distance away, so I dash to a nearby trench that runs towards the enemy positions and slowly move forward crouched down. The firing is still insane, with some almost continuous mg fire coming in, must be a few fixed mg's out there too. I almost get it from another arty shell that lands right near me, got down just in time to see an allied soldier near me get the brunt of the shell I avoided. I then realize that I can target some of the flashes that appear in the distant fog, and the fire is random at this range, they cant see me, so I start fring at the flashes. I manage to take out 2 enemies using this method when they musta got a general fix on my firing and more innaccurate fire is sent my way. I move forward some more and catch a figure just barely visible in the fog and take him out, and another. I look behind me in horror to see at least half my allied buddies are dead, and then a text message appears, it must be our assault groupleader and hes radio'ing in to the second assault group for backup. I get the message to hang in there and looks like they are sending some of the second assault group our way to help, which in essence isnt good cause that weakens them for their later assault, but it will be nice to see those guys. Another added bonus now, the shelling has just stepped up, guess the Russians got their artillery trained on us in force now, dam shells are exploding allover. As the allied reinforcements arrive we finally break through the enemy defenses and cleanse the immediate area of hostiles. We end up all meeting up at the end of the field and my team is ordered to continue on towards the enemy arty and destroy it, all the while I manage to get my AT guy across the field while dodging shells. The allies take defensive positions and wait for me to take out the arty before advancing to the enemy base. I decide now is a good time to save. Once again I decide that I am going this alone with my AT man and leave Alpha Team member behind to stay with the others. I quickly make my way along a small wall leading me towards the suspected arty area trying to keep my distance from the Russian base area. As I near a small hill I hear 'Kablam!' from a short distance off and again, and again. Sounds like I found the arty, and then I hear firing coming from the allies holding position as Alpha reports under fire. Nothing I can do for them, I decide to press forward to take out those arty guns hoping our guys can fend off their attackers. I catch sight of the first of three arty guns, and the distant images of three Russians holding in the adjecent feild. I promptly snipe two of em with my m4 and the third gets away hiding behind a small hill. All the sudden I start catching innaccurate random fire from a nearby patch of woods. I quickly move a short distance and then drop down as bullets fly right by me. I lay and wait as the firing is still being directed at my last firing position, then they start moving in , I wait till I can see what is hopefully all of the immediate threats moving towards my previous position and then snipe them having to be very quick to acquire each target before they target me. A few more and it looks temporarily clear, and the firing from Alpha's position has stopped(hes still alive). I then take out each of the howitzers, which have been thundering away during the mayem. Upon Destroying the last howitzer I am awarded objective complete but I dont get to savour the moment, I come under fire again and run my $#% off towards the allies holding position. I am then informed to assist in the base assault, the final primary objective , pheww. I once again find this a good spot to save. This is the biggeon, the allies holding behind enemy lines and the allies holding in the creekbed adjecent to the enemy base will all be advancing on the Russian stronghold. I decide to move back towards the arty area and try to sneak in towards the base from here. I keep Alpha in position in case I die so I can still use him. Obviously the allies have reached the base as I can hear heavy firing again. I can tell Russians are advancing from nearby my position to reinforce too, and I decide to seek these guys. Step by step I eliminate a good number of Russians holding near an embankment that overlooks the base, having to constantly shift my position after a kill to avoid being pinned down. I also eliminated two differently dressed soldiers trying to escape the area by way of the adjecent feild, hopefully those were the Russian officials. The firing has all but stopped coming from the base area, and I suspect the allies have not fared well. After clearing the patch of woods and feild area nearby the enemy base I carefully make my way to the Russian base area. I find a few Russians scattered about and eliminate them while seeing more and more allied bodies laying around. After clearing the farmhouse area I see a few more Russians in another feild nearby and take em out, then oddly I stumble across another farther out, and looks like he's given up! He's on his knees with his hands up, while I have my sites trained on him instinctively. Then the screen fades to black and a cinematics with music starts showing an overhead view of the farmhouse area. All the objectives are shown completed including the capture/eliminate Russian Officials. Mission complete. And thats the Russian Front, which is one of 2 of the campaigns most complex missions, so I am relieved to say that the stories for almost all of the other missions wont be nearly as long. And I think I will make another post for the next mission or two. Pibb
  13. The WWIIIpart2 mod type has been uploaded to Rocky again. Something must have happened during the previous uploading process, causing the errors. Anyhow, just wanted to let you all know its being re-submitted. Of course there are no issues with the zip file or anything, I already just tested it again to be sure. Pibb
  14. I have download all the other mod types except the mac version off Fileplanet, they appear fine, I even ran a few missions just to re-assure myself. If Rocky applied the version 3 patch to the version 2 WWIIIpart2 mod type, technically it should be equal to version 3, hmm. I will have to download that and assure I am correct. Pibb Thanks for the congrats on the cins award, at least some part of the mod got an award, better than nothin
  15. Well, its for real. The WWIIIpart2 mod type on FilePlanet is screwed. I just got the same error. I can send Rocky another version maybe tommorow, but more likely Monday. Oh well. What the hell can you do, WWIIIPart2 was fine on my site, I downloaded it to be sure of that off my site and ran all the missions. I will download the others to make sure they are ok. I did everything I was supposed to do to a 'T', including rediculous hours of testing the types off my site. I'll get it to Rocky when I can, there wont be any rush cause I am back to working a regular schedule and making a living, what matters. Pibb
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