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  1. I believe your concerns can be addressed server-side. Find a server that suits your tastes and play there. Could not have been said better. The options are there, its just going to take alittle time to figure out what people will like, so the server admins can tweak the server settings to try and make a mojority of the people happy. Just because you join a server, and it seems horrible because of a gameplay issue, chances are it can be fixed within the settings, so dont Judge the game by the server settings, its really not fair. Now the gametype has been developed and released, it shouldn't be too hard to modify it to your liking.
  2. Maybe his prediction came true. Anyone up to the task of picking up where he may have left off?
  3. Another from Michael Yon's website. Live action, my friends. Gates of Fire
  4. Touché. Smiling Bob certainly is a happy dude on TV...however, the supplement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Anyone who orders Enzyte is likely to eventually suffer distress, depression, and emotional damage from the unfulfilled experience. Just like a cheater.
  5. Thread Hijack Alert! This is why GRAW is going to be a great game. The developers are here. They joke with us. They're part of the community. GRiN, you guys are the most patient dudes I've ever encountered. We give you alot of xxxx and you're still around. Bravo and thanks!
  6. Online cheating only proves you're an immature individual. By cheating, you demonstrate a lack of self-confidence, lack of self-control, and a need to buy Enzyte. Yes, by cheating, you're trying to compensate for certain "deficiencies".
  7. I don't understand why people do this. This does not compute. On a very serious note, I would consider this behavior reflective of a deeper emotional or social disorder. This is not something "normal", contributing, members of society do.
  8. There are still many people still playing [GR] online. It's worth it. Besides, you'll get a feel for what inspired GRAW and why we rant about it everyday.
  9. You'd probably get a better response from the community if this question was posed in a new thread.
  10. A thought to ponder... "What could the community do for tourney-style coop from this point forward w/o developer input?" Do we need the DXE decompiler in order to proceed? Do we need to become XML experts and try to increase the 4-player limit? Anyone know how to make a gametype for GRAW yet? (the mod forum doesn't answer this question) There's a bunch of other questions that can be asked..I'm just wondering if we can do it ourselves.
  11. Best look away folks...Nothing to see here...
  12. I don't want to take a side either... However, it's my opinion that finding and exploiting a flaw (that he described in detail before being edited out) in gameplay is dishonest. The key phrase is "in gameplay"...
  13. Ooops! I use senility (at my age) to help with the pain. Ah, there it kicks in. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, In regards to those "questions" and "answers"... I found the lack of a source very frustrating. I also questioned that. Just who was this "interview" with? UBI dribble, IMO. Buehgler! You beat me to it.
  14. This is the funniest post I have ever read. Awesome.
  15. To me, the way they listed the Q&As led me to believe they are incorrectly using the word "coop", i.e. this is not a tourney-style gametype they're adding. I read the release as UBI mistakenly lumping together the tourney-style play we like with all of online multiplayer team play (TDM, TvT, HH, etc). I don't think UBI marketing knows the subtle difference. Do others see it this way too? The entire release is very poorly worded. I don't think we're getting "coop" here. Maybe later in August.
  16. I stand by what I said here... THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF WHY THE TENSIONS ARE HIGH IS DUE TO A LACK OF PATIENCE. The truth shall set you free!
  17. As this forum degenerates, I hear a whisper in my ear... "Come to the dark side"
  18. It's much better here where people blindly continue to believe there's nothing wrong with GRAW. We don't disagree that GRAW still has issues. You've had this same opinion and argument before. With all our belly-aching, GRiN still comes around and listens to our pains. That takes guts. I don't know of another developer that is this closely tied with the community. I respect that approach to game development and firmly believe it'll lead to a higher-quality product. GRAW will be fixed. Please have patience.
  19. It seems that some people on this forum will never be happy...finally some good news and folks still bash it. GRiN will provide. They've promised (TDM, TvT, Coop, Dedi server files, etc) and are starting to deliver. On a different note... When they talk about coop, I don't think they're talking about team coop, i.e. tourney-style play. (but that doesn't mean future patches won't contain additional fixes) Additionally, the way the phrased the release seems like a couple more english lessons are needed. What the hell does, "could you please details the big lines of this new MP pack" mean? lol Brethren, go with GRiN.
  20. GRAW will be great. I really hope that all GR.net participants can relax, enjoy the summer, and wait patiently for the patches to finish the game that released too early last May. GRiN will come through for us.
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