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  1. Interesting thought. Maybe the SADS files will come as part of the expansion. Oh, SADS...(homer-style drool)...
  2. I can't run GRAW yet due to system requirements. But I'd be happy to lend an hand with editing, writing copy, and anything else. Send me a PM if you want.
  3. Have you any idea how many copies have been sold. I think you need to check , its paid for itself and then some. Patches and add ons normally relate to how well a game has sold. Do the maths, 1.10 .1.16. 1.20 .121 and more to come. This game has sold over and above 570.000 copies on both formats. And yes its still selling. The patches are bringing the game from a beta to a final product. The patches should have been in the retail release. also what are the figures for the PC sales? I would like to know that but have been unable to find it. It's been said many times that there wasn't enough time to program everything prior to the initial release. IMO, the community would have revolted if an additional 6 months of programming were tacked on after the Xbox version came out. I remember the hate and gnashing of teeth that we all went through this past Spring when UBI delayed the game 5 weeks. This is a different situation than other FPS games that have been released in the past while. The developer is actually using the community to "test" the product. Like it or not, it is unique. Who knows...maybe (and hopefully) when everything is finished, hordes of gamers will come to GRAW for it's style, engine, and flexibility.
  4. Could this be the game we're all hoping for? Intense multiplayer action! Ability to play multiple characters! Interactive environments! Incredible storyline!
  5. Some of us are looking for GRAW to provide zero respawns. And we're not trying to emulate AA or CS.
  6. Yeah, I was kinda surprised to see him leave so fast. I know why he left and it wasn't because he got shot. That was just a good reason for him to leave when he did. Let's just say that it's after work hours there and I hope he isn't planning on doing any coding tonight as I don't think he is in any condition to be doing so. ZJJ...always with the mysterious posts... So, now that you've baited the hook, are you going to tell us?
  7. That is a very interesting viewpoint. I believe number 3 will happen if/when GRIN releases the coop patch and other fixes.
  8. This thread is to piggyback off of what was discussed here. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37977 But, I'm not thinking hypothetical now... How about a vote to put the best maps into a downloadable community release? If desired, I'll volunteer to create the monthly/bi-monthly vote thread. You'd just have to send me the name of your map and I'll do the rest. I'll even help put the winning maps into a zip file if you want and ask Rocky to post it. Full credits will be given to the map authors. I'm not looking for any glory here...I just have some free time and would like to help. Thoughts?
  9. Could there be a different community map pack put together? The server name could reference "Running GR.net MP1" etc. Those developing new maps could have them added every month or so with the latest release. That would at least give everyone a recognizable version system to work from when joining servers, right? Another thought...how about a voting contest for each release's map pack? This would encourage better map quality as people would be trying to get into the release.
  10. I agree, plus, the advantage of playing [GR] these days on far more powerful computers is that not only does it run at superb frames, but you can also get smooth games even when using 3d glasses, which actually puts it ahead of todays games in terms of visuals when you think about it. Yep - when you look at the pictures and then look at the spec of the machines over the past 5 years (since the release of [GR]), you have to wonder where all that horsepower is going! I actually played my [GR] on a APPLE MACINTOSH - and remember thinking how you PC users had it good with your fancy-nacy 16 mb video cards! LMAO Now I play BF2 on a 256mb Nvidia card... BUT - do I really get the 'value for money' for the huge increase??? ...NOT according to the pictures I posted above (IMHO)! I feel that [GR] does quite well at higher resolutions, even by today's standards. I feel this is a compliment to the engine and how nicely it has aged. I'm hoping the same for GRAW...that'll it'll nicely age with time.
  11. I second that "great post" call. I hope GRIN takes notice and gives you a holler as you've apparently fixed the problem. Thanks for being the Q/A...
  12. What, you don't want to keep playing good co-op w. 14 people??? It would be nice to see the same sort of thing in GR:AW On point I have not mentioned, that does worry me, is that we really need some sort of effective grid ovrlay system for GR:AW. The "limited scollability of teh crosscom, and lack of grids makes it very difficult to communicate with teamates. Anyway, it was a good Saturday night on Alpha#2. Glad to see you and everyoner else there. I know, I know...I'm a whack job for wanting to play good coop with 14+ people and still think it's the shiznit after all these years. I'll go into therapy. EDIT: My doctor says that another Saturday night coop mission-fest is necessary therapy. Recovery is hell... "Hi, my name is rossiski and I am a coop-aholic." "Hello rossiski!"
  13. Yeah im running the 64bit version of XP on a 4800X2 cpu & 2 7900GTX's, so rightly or wrongly im asuming i have true access to both cores ??? The frame rates are excellent at 3072x768 there just seems to be alot of unused cpu. One bonus though with this empty space you can make fraps movies with only about a 20% drop in frame rates. Wow! What monitor do you have? Or do you have more than one?
  14. Playing GR1 at this very moment with 14 other coop guys on Alpha Squad's server. GR1 still can't be beat. However, hopefully this may change in the near future.
  15. What does the SLi option do? I assume it optimizes the game according to whether or not two cards are installed. Is that correct? How much does it help?
  16. See GRIN's comments in this thread. I would take this as confirmation. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37811#7
  17. I am intrigued. First off, THANK YOU for confirming GRIN's work on our beloved coop game type. Interesting to note that GRIN is now considering a second game type beyond campaign-mode to address multi-player coop. Given the stumbling blocks our modders have had trying to edit the campaign type to allow more players, I'm excited to hear you're taking a different approach. I feel confident that GRIN knows what we're looking for in tourney-style coop. Your members are always poking their heads into threads, learning what the majority likes and dislikes. Personally, I appreciate your dedication to GRAW. Looking forward to seeing the next patch.
  18. I admit I'm definitely one of those you speak of. I can follow bits of elementary coding, but know this is way over my head. As such, there should hopefully be others in the community as intelligent as Nemon. Group effort, maybe?
  19. Tourney-coop beckons to all who feel run-n-gun pain... Come to coop. Come, little one to the true fold...
  20. Adios peeps, it's been fun. But I got fed up waiting, don't get the time to play anymore with work and stuff. Checked out the XB360 version, It aint half bad at all.... so i'll probably just throw that on at the weekends from now on. Good luck to GRiN and any future projects you may partake in. Happy gaming all. "Buh BYE!"
  21. You know, I just need to tell you TDM folk out there... I'm really happy that first impressions have been favorable. Looks like alot of you are happy. Congrats to you and to GRiN!
  22. I feel confident that additional maps would help to satiate your thirst for depth. Some forests with a center village or fort would be nice. Can I expect something from you, by say...5pm tomorrow? ("Ummm, yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to come in tomorrow and Sunday. Okay? Great...")
  23. For the record, I sincerely hope there is. Personal games between friends is wonderful, without the need to find a public server.
  24. Great point. Spawn killing is what drove me from TDM to tourney-style coop. I hate spawn killers.
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