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  1. Got me 6'1 3/4 215. Can't dunk no more and no where near a 4.6 40, but as Toby says- http://rhaplinkslegacy.real.com/rhaplink?&track=8639135 Got friends at Hulbert-919 SOG if you need a fly by. OK IP 123=7B 24=18 7B18=31512 Hexadecimal 31512 is a multicast AS from the below ISP JSC Logica Attn: Sokolovsky Vladimir 402 office, 7 Shkolnaya st 692900 Nakhodka, Primorsky kray Russian Federation phone: +7 4236 679340 phone: +7 4236 676801 phone: +7 4236 676802 fax-no: +7 4236 645596 e-mail: lir-adm@click here to reveal Port 1031 is a UDP port so lets look a little closer at your machine, the freaks in RU are using my Internet for all kinds of crap that I personally hate. ROCO at AFZ reported another IP adress for the "DIRTY little WHORE"-it was some lame ass DSL Connection-maybe Bell south here in Florida M9 I got some real country ass guns-got a "floated" AR-15--BO KNOWS what I mean! NOX Carefully driving my little yellow bus! Cheers from TAMPA Fl. Hey M9SLUT I will send you my IP-wanna take a shot! A Russian ISP...does that mean he's a hacker because his primary IP is blocked now and he has to redirect through someone else?
  2. I remember reading about this need a while back. There was some sort of a problem in that the map view in GRAW is real time, it's not a snapshot. Whatever type of a grid system is devised, it needs to be transparent and lay across the real time view of the map.
  3. You could always try out coop multiplayer style gaming. You're playing against the AI so it's similar to single player campaigns or missions. I loved single player and still have fun with it. I view coop multiplayer a natural extension of single player gaming.
  4. Maybe this belongs in another thread or sub-forum. I use Win2000 on my work laptop. Since I only have a limited amount of RAM, I need to keep the system running as lean as possible. Thx for any help, NOX.
  5. that design has been made. mobos with 3 slots for graphics are on the way. but they still don't give room for more than 1 pci slot. if you want to run a sound card and a physics card with a top of the line graphics card tough luck because the heatsink covers a pci slot. Agreed. Everything is too close together with today's boards. A 7900GTX takes up two PCI bays, eliminating the usage of the other slots. Anyone using SLi or Crossfire and a PPU? Which board are you using? Which cards? This is the last thing that's keeping me from investing in a PPU.
  6. Is this only for WinXP? How about Win2000?
  7. It isn't all the different to play multiplayer. I remember my first initial trepidation going online and playing with people. It was a worthwhile experience and it opened up a whole new world of fun! If you ever want to get to know the ropes, look me up on ICQ, Yahoo IM, or XFire and I'd be happy to host an impromptu game with you.
  8. I was thinking this same question while talking with my +SD buddies on TS. We were like, hey, if GRAW was working correctly, we'd be having the first +SD Invitational GRAW Tourney right about now. But then I got to thinking, why not do another [GR] Tourney. I like where this is going.
  9. Good post, SimDood. If non-urban maps were available for GRAW, would that get closer to the feeling you've so eloquently described? The reason why I ask...I think the urban nature of the current map set is prohibitive to the non-linear, [GR] experience we're used to. Most of the maps in [GR] were wilderness or non-urban. Additionally, I believe that firing a gun isn't the only way to win a mission. Some of the best missions in [GR] relied upon other weapons...observation and evasion. That's the really fun (and scary) part of what I'd like to see in GRAW.
  10. How about the SP side of the game; i.e. Mission Editor, GRIN? I thought the same thing... One final multiplayer pack? That's it? No more support? Notice it said Pack... not patch. Truthfully by the contents of this there isn't much else left to do but sell an expansion pack for more maps / Weapons and fix a few bugs that creep up. With the co-op mission editor (note they said about co-op in there) you can also create single player missiong i'm betting. I am hoping, and almost betting all maps will be available for all modes and with siege i bet the new maps will also work in TDM. LOL GRIN_LOFO! Ok, I can see that now. This is possibly be the end of the free content packs and the beginning of the paid expansion packs. thx!
  11. How about the SP side of the game; i.e. Mission Editor, GRIN? I thought the same thing... One final multiplayer pack? That's it? No more support?
  12. As far as the other interview items that aren't in GRAW now, I can live without most of them. Except Kick-&-Ban, Direct IP support, SADS, and by golly, some true Coop luvin'.
  13. The non-linear nature of [GR] was dictated by the maps. Most of [GR] was in the forests, swamps, mountains, jungles, deserts, etc. You could run around due to the maps not having obvious boundaries. Current GRAW maps are in the city. There has to be a certain linear nature by default due to streets, buildings, tunnels, stairways, etc. For those that don't remember, [GR] had linear missions too. Take Red Square, for example. There was only one way to finish the mission. Go south and finish each objective in sequence. Every time the Ghosts had to enter a town or city in [GR], linearity came back into the picture. As soon as we see wilderness maps or mountain maps or desert maps of any map away from a city, you will see non-linear missions in GRAW.
  14. I'm glad this website and gaming provides relief and enjoyment. I know it does for me as well, and for many others. You're point is well taken. There's a lot of us who should relax a bit. There have been many people who have recently said, "it's only a game," to be later ridiculed and criticized as a GRAW-lover. Honestly, those who did the criticizing have a sad perspective on life and I truly feel sorry for them. Godspeed in your recovery.
  15. Agreed. Also, there's so much modding potential with the engine. There's only a few more things that need to be corrected before things really start taking off. We're on the precipice of FPS greatness. Additionally, knowing that GRAW was released a bit too early, UBI can't be hoping for GOTY awards. UBI will be looking for a slow-to-moderate burner of game sales. What's better? Having a game that goes #1 in sales for 4 months only to be replaced by the next run-n-gun shooter? Or having a game be #7 in sales for 3 years? cant argue with that. Finally! Something we can all agree on.
  16. Touché. Kittens would be a nice thing to look at coming out of a tailpipe. (Man, more of that humor I'm not supposed to have...wow.)
  17. I've even heard it's GRAWsome oooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wow, humour on a game board?!! Unheard of. Sounds like you have a decent community here as well! We do have a decent community here. Welcome! Unlike the other forum, this board doesn't...what's the word I'm looking for...oh, yeah...suck. Sorry to disappoint you, though, I have no humor. No, seriously.
  18. not for its maps though. this is one area of the game that really suffered on the PC platform. to refresh your memory, there are no weather effects, no fog, and the design in general is sub-par. looking at Avenues, we know they can be made bigger, but it isn't hard to realize that Avenues is the least played MP map at the moment. why - poor design. no that it isn't pretty to look at... this was the case with dead horse's clear modded maps. Ghost Town, a great [GR] map, yet GTC was an abomination just because the fog wasn't there. a well thought out battlefiled would suddenly turn into a lame point and click practice shootout. big open maps don't work without fog. period. that's why the small ones are so popular in GRAW, as the "within 500ft gameplay" rocks. being able to see beyond that distance, but at the same time _not_ being able to see an enemy at that distance really cripples the flow of the game on maps like that. we need fog, GRIN. fog. i'll say it again. fog. please. Agreed. I lived in Mexico City for several years. It rained everyday for 8 months during the monsoon season. I'd like to see some weather also. Additionally, if you'll allow, I'd like to correct your fog statement. I remember precisely two days that I could see as far as they depict in GRAW and that was after major thunderstorms cleared the air. Why? There's no pollution in GRAW. Where's the thick clouds of car exhaust and industrial pollutants? If this is going to be a real-life simulation, where's the "smog?"
  19. Perhaps, however incessant wailing is really annoying. I never said it wasn't...
  20. Buh-bye. The marketing material was designed to match the finished product/specs. This actually fills me with more hope because as the product isn't finished, those features will definitely need to be delivered, or that will be deceptive advertising. Lighty, we know you're in pain. Try to breath deeply and relax. Lastly, I like the all the analogies presented here. And I agree with Colin and others that say, "CHILL!!! It's coming."
  21. Sorry to continue, but I also feel that some of the frustration is due to the fact that there just isn't much out there in terms of quality FPS games. I played Doom 3, finished the game, and decided it was a lousy experience. Haven't picked it up since. There have been other letdowns, as well. People are starting to reinstall GR1 and OFP because they miss the quality and style.
  22. Agreed. GRIN has demonstrated patience and calmness responding to our demanding inquiries. It's not in their nature to leave something unfinished. To me, this is another clue that it was UBI that pulled the rug from under them and made them release as is back in May. And I also agree that we're lucky to have them here with us, finishing what they started. To keep on topic, I'd sure like to see firefight as well.
  23. Maybe the lack of comments to this thread shows agreement to your thoughts. IMO, complaining is a form of mourning...it eases the pain.
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