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  1. To those that have access to the beta test forums, could someone please give a high-level SUMMARY as to what's being reported? Obviously, I know you can't say specifics. Just Yes and No answers would probably be safe... How many errors/bugs have been reported? Are any of them "crash-to-desktop" bugs? Are any of them game starting bugs? Are there any obvious Map bugs? Are there any coop gametype bugs? SUMMARY feelings if patch is taking us in the right direction? (not sure if you can tell us this) thx, and be careful what you say.
  2. Way to go... Ruin it for everyone else. (this is meant to whoever was immature enough to take advantage of UBI's hospitality)
  3. Sheldon, I'm glad you grabbed it before those [idiots] ruined the download site. Hope it goes well.
  4. Actually, I think this was an enhancement made to overcome the old way of waiting until the end of the match. I'd rather join the action immediately then wait 30 minutes twiddling my thumbs.
  5. Hey, did you guys catch this slip? "new map downloader" ???
  6. Maybe an uninstall and full reinstall? Might be worth it to try out the beta test.
  7. I sure wish they had told us what "[Ghost Recon] coop mode" was. I'm guessing it is not what we play most every night over on the Alpha Squad public server. Oh well, I guess I will find out when I get home tonight and fire it up. Buehgler, I'm very excited to hear that you (as part of AS) are one of the beta testers. Hope you have good news later tonight.
  8. Come on testers...give us more, please. MORE DETAILS! "Original" GR Coop? By the way, thanks for answering.
  9. Hope you got into the testing progam then. Might wanna read some other topics..... Bo, Thanks for stopping by. We realize you're a busy man and have a lot on your plate. I agree it would be very frustrating to see a project you had spent so much time and effort creating not receive the welcome you felt it warranted. Additionally, distributor issues must also be a tremendous headache to deal with. However, still keeping the faith...
  10. Very pleased to see grid maps being worked on. Good job!
  11. Those pictures look really nice. Very realistic. Wonderful job on the textures.
  12. To run that big a map, won't we need fog? or something else to cut the draw distance to manageable levels?
  13. There is hope...as long as we keep GRIN hanging around here. That will be the key to GRAW becoming a success.
  14. Jeez, he's left his tracks all over the Internet. He went to Bartram Trail High School and graduated in 2005. His hometown is Keystone Heights...
  15. I'll do it. PM me and we'll set it up. Tambien hablo el Espanol, si quiere.
  16. Agreed - but to do that you'll have to buy the game itself - there is no MP demo. When I wrote my first post above, I actually wondered if I should make mention of having to buy the game to try the MP aspect. I eventually decided saying so would be redundant in this thread.
  17. Online play is free of charge. Lots of people like it. Lots don't. Only thing to do is to try it yourself.
  18. Can you try to keep the map pack updates down to once or twice a month, for sake of those who do NOT like downloading new content all the time to play a good server? Agreed. If custom maps are being created, I honestly feel you'll get better participation if they're lumped together into a larger mappack.
  19. GRIN, thank you for confirming this. Your level of commitment to our community and responsiveness are much appreciated.
  20. Does only one clan need to host? Could there be multiple maps from multiple clans? The idea was thought up here within the community, how about make it a community effort? Call it the "Ghost Recon Classic Community Tournament 2006."
  21. And if you would like to experience Cruusher's unique forum of co-op humor, you should get TeamSpeak installed and stop by AlphaSquad's Public co-op GR server. We have lots of missions that will help develop your room clearing and general tactical skills. You can find server info at http://alpha.websmart.ro/forums/index.php/topic,277.0.html Cruush, remember we tried that the other week...it didn't work. We found an adorable kitten to be more effective in clearing a room. The sheer "cuteness" kills anyone more evil than Krast. On a related note, always open a door from an angle or the doorjamb...try to minimize your exposure. If you're playing multiplayer, working in a team of two is preferred. One to throw the nade, one to cover.
  22. Please excuse my ignorance, what is an Advanced Tactical Center?
  23. Very good question. UBI certainly doesn't know what Coop is. I'm hopeful that GRIN has read some of these other Coop threads. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37811 http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34369 http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=37808 Best one yet... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34386
  24. I agree that a certain percentage of the anger towards GRAW is partly due to the GR2 cancellation. I still remember the agony...oh, sweet pain! However, the GRAW developers are still here. They're still working on patches and expansion packs. With each one, more content or fixes will be delivered. I'm going to reserve judgement until after this next patch and then see what the clans do (GRAW, ArmA, or [GR] tourneys forever). I keep trying to remind myself that [GR] took several years and several Gbs of community content to get where it's at now...
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