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  1. Like many of my mission-coop brethren, I have waited patiently throughout the months, hoping to see our beloved gametype incorporated into GRAW. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we haven't yet heard if mission-coop will eventually be a part of GRAW. Allow me a slight detour and I'll sum up my thoughts... I work for a tech company that relies heavily upon custom programming. For the past year we have been working on a project to interconnect six different proprietary client computer systems via the Internet. Our live date is in November. This is, coincidentally, nearly th
  2. "Just no new extra content" for free, right? If they do a paid map pack (ala [GR] Desert Storm or Island Thunder) more content would be delivered... Per Colin above, he doesn't know what has been decided from here on out. Maybe others know what type of support GRAW will be getting in the future. Honestly, and this is being a little bit selfish, I want to know if I should continue to hope for new content.
  3. well you could either put the terrain insisde the MAP bundle, not the game bundle:) OR put it in using the local folder way. Thank you for your post Wille. By putting a map file in the local folder, this would increase the GRAW load time as it's unbundled, correct? This is an excellent question... I'd also like to know if mod priority can be controlled. Or is this a function of the GRAW .dxe? Or does the .dxe consider all the bundles as the same priority?
  4. This thread is not intended to discuss what may or may not be lacking in the current patches. I merely would like to know the extent of support that GRAW will get after today (if anyone is allowed to say). Is 1.30 the last of the free patches? If so, does that mean that additional paid map packs may be in consideration for future delivery? If that's true, does that mean additional fixes may be introduced with those paid map packs? Just wondering if continuing to post bugs (in other threads, mind you) or other community wishes (mission coop, other threads, please) is worthwhile.
  5. Wrong, if you are a coop only player maybe yes(depending if GRIN decide to add the old GR coop mode), If you play T vs T , firefight, seige, HH and domination the game is worth every cent. Because must people are not happy with the Coop outcome, doesn't mean the game is bad. Coop old style is just a part of the game. BTW the single player version ia very good too I thought single player was very fun. To me, it's worth it if you can pick it up on Ebay for under $25. I won't comment on mission-based coop until I've tried it personally.
  6. Forum Administrators, I would like to request that the Beta Tester feedback forum be opened for public viewing, but not posting. My biggest reason is to see what the beta tester's initial reactions were. Additionally, now that 1.30 is out, I don't believe there's much need to keep those posts "private". Thank you for your consideration. Kind regards.
  7. No offense, but I still view much of this as premature. We need to wait until the release of the last patch before continuing this discussion. THEN, if it's not what we wanted, we'll raise Holy Hell. Not before... EDIT: Darn! I'm always late to the party... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38930
  8. I'm really, really excited for the next map pack. I really, really hope it makes everyone happy. I really, really hope we get it this week.
  9. This thread is premature until the next patch comes out.
  10. If only there was a gametype that didn't involved cheaters...Wait, there is! Coop! You can forever rid yourself of these pains by playing coop. Lots of us are still playing [GR] and initial GRAW coop reports are positive. Gosh, I love coop...
  11. Man, that takes me back. I remember creating some Quake levels a long while back. That stuff was easy compared to the detail you guys are doing now. Props to all the scripters and modders who have more patience than me. Although, GRAW singleplayer (yes, singleplayer) has got me thinking that I may want to delve back into modding and have some multiplayer fun.
  12. That doesn't sound right. Something is wrong with your WinXP configuration. I have set up lots of multiple user accounts in XP on one system and no one can get to a desktop without a password. What version of XP do you have? Agreed. Something isn't right with your WinXP setup if you can boot directly to a desktop. I know you can edit your registry to accomplish this if you're the sole user (faster boots). Not sure if you've done this. Normal boot always loads you to the user screen where passwords and accounts can be kept. The BIOS password is a great idea. When you immediately tur
  13. Sorry to hear it, Angel. We also got hacked last weekend and haven't come fully online yet. Just wondering, but do you know if the hacking was related to Islamic extremist sympathizers? (Dead serious question, folks, that's who got us)
  14. We need a troll emoticon for posts like this. I still don't know why he's mentioning a dead Canadian president... ???
  15. Which gaming groups (or clans)here has alot to do with which game type you most enjoy. TvT Coop Solo etc.
  16. They've been asked a million times already, not only have they not answered, they haven't (to my recollection) even responded to say they can't respond, which they have with other questions. Basically, they haven't acknowledged the question at all, which tells me that they can't, which tells me that it's pointless to ask. If you want a true answer, maybe ask PhysX directly. They wrote the code and produced the hardware specs. I'd prefer to have GRIN working on the patches and potential Add-ons instead of spending time troubleshooting 3rd party code/hardware.
  17. Nothing else to do except wait of the next patch to be released. Then we can comment all we want.
  18. What would really help is if you shared your true feelings on the topic.
  19. Won't Gamespy issues be resolved when the SADS files come out? Bandwidth issues may be contributing to the reduced experience. I personally am looking forward to getting a SADS up and running on a 100 mbit pipeline.
  20. The UBI support page should say these are "cumulative" patches. http://www.ubi.com/US/Downloads/Info.aspx?dlId=1604 It could be less confusing...especially for those who don't haunt these forums much. Additionally, why have the old patches available for download if the latest one covers everything?
  21. http://www.ghostrecon.com/us/ http://www.ghostrecon.com/ss/graw_mpack3_01_US.jpg http://www.ghostrecon.com/ss/graw_mpack3_02_US.jpg Please don't think I'm a troll. I was just wondering what the community thinks... Do these new pics properly capture the modes we're hoping for? I like the siege pic. Looks fun! If I was playing co-op, I wouldn't change magazines as the dude pictured is doing...take cover first. Sheesh!
  22. Agreed. We need to wait for the patch release and then come back. The recent beta-test was to find glitches, not add major functionality between now and it's release in a couple weeks. Be patient...and then we can asplode all we want.
  23. Topic title says it all. I'd like to pick up a Photoshop 5.0 from Ebay but was wondering if newer versions had capabilities that I'd want as a GRAW modder. Appreciate any input. thx
  24. Congrats, Rocky! Thank you for being the driving force behind this website and for providing a forum for our shared passion.
  25. I don't know about any other non-beta testers out there... But I'm in pain right now...the craving...the hints... Wish...I...signed up...AHHHH!
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