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  1. Some of us don't deliberately run downgraded rigs...just haven't had the dinero to upgrade. By the way, I do take donations... j/k
  2. Yeah, since I'm a supporter, I tried to make it a poll. Even had questions all typed in. Then I fubar'd it by posting without closing the poll questions. Duh! Erased the work I'd done and then I couldn't delete/edit the post to allow for the poll questions. Next time...
  3. Simple question. Answer and be done with it. Don't bog the thread down with hateful posts or other schtuff. Day of? Week of? Going to wait? Personally, I may wait until initial reviews are in. Just my opinion, nothing more.
  4. These screenshots have me concerned. Looks like more "hero" gameplay and open warfare...nothing true Ghosts would be in.
  5. They're incredible...honestly. These are some of the best missions I've seen to date. There will be no shortage of body bags by the time everyone has tried them.
  6. This deserves my best Keanu/Neo impression...whoa. That reminds me of the Napali coast in Kauai, except more mountainous with pines instead of tropical vegetation.
  7. Yes, I'd say there's still plenty of bad feelings over the GR2 for PC cancellation...yes, even from that long ago. Many folks around here, including myself, still feel betrayed by developers and publishers who haven't treated us like we wanted. Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me. GR2 Forum - cancelled
  8. Oliver, I think your post is uncalled for. Why do you find it necessary to attack someone just because he only has 14 posts? JesseJames made it clear in his clarification post that this beta test is a server stress test. All they wanted was for people to join the server to test stress levels. A listing of fixed bugs isn't needed. I wish the "ignore" feature of the forum options would screen quoted posts as well as the original. On topic now, I sincerely hope the un-official beta-testing goes well. Good luck, all, including GRIN.
  9. Sorry if my original post was confusing. I'm running Ghost Recon, not GRAW. With GRAW, I know I have an under-performing system so I can't play it until I upgrade to a new rig. For Ghost Recon, I should be doing quite well with options on high and 30+ FPS for the most part. I'm finding that not to be the case. Thanks for the response, though.
  10. Anyone know what these details mean from the Options.XML file? <UsePrimaryDisplay>FALSE</UsePrimaryDisplay> <UseDisplayDeviceGuid>FALSE</UseDisplayDeviceGuid> Last night, someone told me if I set those to TRUE, I'd get better frame rates. I've tried it and didn't see any real improvement.
  11. With my little P4 2gHz, 1 gb RAM, 6800GS OC rig, I can get around 11,000 on my 3dMark03 test. In-game Ghost Recon, I usually run all settings on high, 1024x768. Mipmaps turned off. Texture compression is turned on. EAX is off. Force Software is on. Alternate Sound Cache is on. Forceware 84.56 (found better 3dMark03 scores with this one vs. the latest 91.47). Running RivaTuner, I unlocked the extra 4 pipelines on my vcard (now I'm up to 16). 32 color bit on desktop, 16 bit in-game. I have a GR app profile that is currently set at Antialiasing 2xQ, Anisotropic 2x, Image settings are "Quality", V-Sync off, mipmaps bilinear. Running @ 60hz refresh rate. I just defragged my harddrive and I do have an alternate gaming hardware profile through WinXP that turns off all the unnecessary services. Virtual memory is at 2.5 gig. While playing TCGR (or [GR] or GR1, however you want to call it), I'm running in the low-high 30s in my FPS. On some of the YOTM maps, I'm constantly at 20 FPS. What's funny, is that even if I reduce my graphical settings, I still remain at 20 FPS. Advice, please...do I have something missing (other than hardware) in my software config that is keeping me back? Or is this normal FPS for my setup and hardware? Thanks for the replies.
  12. RAbbi and Peace have EXCELLENT comments. I voted for GR1, PC. I don't want to be a hero figure...Rambo is only for the movies. I want to play with my buddies online and work as a team. I want to pretend I'm in the military and be the good guys against the bad guys (mission coop). I want to sneak around in virtual environments and see if I can get through the level without firing a single shot (recon). I want to blow stuff up (demo) because explosions are neat-o. I want to be the guy that covers "our six" because I have a feeling my team is being flanked. I want to lead the way and move from bush to bush, hiding from certain virtual death. I want to be in charge at times and direct 8 of more friends in tactical skirmishes. I want to feel the tension of knowing you're being surrounded by an overwhelming OPFOR (defend). I want missions with objectives, not just killing. When I say I'm a "gamer", I don't say I play first-person-shooters. I say, "I play realistic, military, tactical games online." That's it for now...I may come back and add some more.
  13. No. Consoles are fairly limited in their purpose...gaming. A PC computer, on the other hand, can be used for gaming and also be used for other purposes...like posting on forums, paying my bills online, finding out how to mod my car, etc. As such, because of it's limitations, the perceived value of a console commands a price less than a full-fledged PC. As such, consoles will always have to be subsidized by their builders because they use the same parts as full PCs and truly have the same costs. Alternatively, because of it's many uses, a PC has a higher perceived value and can command a higher premium, without builder subsidizing. And users don't feel bad paying more money, as long as they get their value out of it. Consoles for $600+ will end up like past failures. History of console pricing
  14. I'd support an idea like this if it got us mission-based coop, trouble-free netcode, and moddability.
  15. Interesting comment...If things don't shape up, it's quite possible many of us will have to return to watching reality shows on TV after work. The horror... GASP!!!
  16. I've said this point several times before. One of the only reasons for the level of "hater" participation is that there is no other next best competing alternative. Plenty of run-n-gun games out there. Not that many recent true tactical games, ala GR1.
  17. Forums are up. Still trying to get our homepage fixed. We have a temp one in place for now.
  18. Every one of us has a real life and an online life. Real life always comes first. Same goes for some gaming groups out there. I had the same concern prior to joining...that's why I joined a group that understands this difference. Ummm...to keep on topic...Anyone want to host the next tourney? (runs and hides in the +SD cave)
  19. The latest patch is out and I can now comment. Unfortunately, my interest in GRAW has declined. (What can I say, I'm a coop guy ) I tried so hard to keep the faith...keep the hope...keep on believing... Alas, it wasn't so. No problem...Actually, I'm not even miffed over spending that much money on release day. You win some, you lose some. Honestly, I have more fun playing GR1. Unless mission-coop is delivered, I'll just play what I enjoy and I'll be happy. Peace...Good times and good gaming to you all.
  20. More RAM would definitely help. 1 Gig is holding you back, especially if you're running all of Windows XP's unnecessary services.
  21. I had to chuckle when I saw that quote there. Still one of my favorite movies! Hudson's utter hopelessness was very apparent and very scary. Unfortunately, many of us are beginning to feel like Hudson did. I sure hope things work out.
  22. I have McAfee on my work laptop and it ALWAYS slows me up. I personally stay away from McAfee products on all my home computers because it's scanning process is way too intensive.
  23. Anyone know how to get a hold of Nemon? I tried to PM him but he didn't answer. I'm not sure I feel comfortable emailing him. Does anyone know him from past gaming events, whatnot? That would be the better method of approaching him...someone who has had previous contact with him in the past.
  24. We certainly wouldn't want that. Cray's are expensive but adult diapers are just horrific. Egads!
  25. Depends on what type of coop. Coop Firefight? Coop Mission? Coop Defend? For me, firefight and defend are warmups for the missions where we have to have our full attention for tactical coordination. TDM almost made me quit playing FPS games. Coop brought me back.
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