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  1. I think you should read that again. Definitely need more info about this...Mission based coop? With 256 mb video card and lower resolution maybe .... Texture in medium http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/8766/medium7wg.jpg textures in high http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/4857/high6ig.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y117/jone...compare17fb.jpg 1o80 p HD video -44 mb- http://www.mediafire.com/?1nywm3lwyym 1o80 p HD video - 55 mb- http://www.mediafire.com/?0y5jyj2jyfw [3.14] Large Images Please do not include large images directly in a post as it blows out the forum formatting and causes delays for dial-up users. Any large image (greater than 500 pixels wide) should be posted as a URL instead of as an Image, or resized down to 500 pixels. You can use the attach file button to attach large images. To this day, I still see jaggies and that's the most prominent feature (it's my opinion, love it or hate it). Of course, I can always play without my contacts or glasses.
  2. I really hope that some of the comments around the web are incorrect about Vista and consequently DX10 or our superfast rigs are going to be devoting all their bandwidth to verify that DRM content is still protected. Deliberately disabled functionality???
  3. " Ghost Recon is the all time best game, imo. " Nice sig there, thales100.
  4. @GRIN- the above comes from what we here at GRnet (you likely know this already) regard as THE authority on COOP Mission gameplay. When I see someone with the AS or SD tag add another $.02 to the conversation, I know it comes from EXPERIENCED, TALENTED folks with a reputation for excellence in that arena. Hell, AS made better maps for GR than did the developers (no offense, RSE)! I've played some of the missions from AS and SD (though admittedly NOT in the actual tournaments, but after the fact) and they're quite awesome. Like Charles Schwab, when these guys talk EVERYONE listens. The point- please THESE folks, and I guarantee you'll please the rest of us diehards as well. Disappoint them, and GRAW2 will sell worse than GRAW did... That's quite a compliment, Rabbi. Much obliged. You'll find the latest missions from Alpha Squad, 9MS, and +SD in the Community Coop Tourney (see sig below) certainly won't fall short of your expectations. If you're unable to join us during this latest tourney, don't worry, I'm pretty sure everything will be eventually released for all to enjoy. @GRIN...please, please, please consider mission-based coop with more than 4 players this next time around. Kind regards.
  5. [GR] coop from GRAW. 12 players probably. Please oh please oh please have mission coop with more than 9 people... (goes to his special place inside Ghost Recon, yeah, you know the version I mean)
  6. Mission-based coop. Something that allows me to be on the same team as a bunch of my friends. I don't believe I ask for much.
  7. How much would you sell it for? What margin are you looking to get?
  8. Ahhh...I love feeling nostalgic, thinking of all the good times in the last few years. Let's see, the reason that attracted me to Ghost Recon... One word...friendship. As many of you know, I'm partial to mission-based coop with comms. I like the feeling of being on the same team with friends as we kick virtual butt (or get ours handed to ourselves). Even though I've never had the guts to server in the real military, I believe I feel a small portion of the comraderie my grandfather mentions when he talks about WWII (Pacific Theater, Guam, Okinawa). He still meets with his war buddies every year. I meet with my friends every week or so as we dodge enemies in foxholes, trying to outflank the OPFOR, and enjoy each other's company. I feel like I've bonded with them because we're in it (i.e. the virtual mission) together trying to stay alive. We're a team. And I'm always one of the "good guys". I play Ghost Recon because it allows me to have good friendships with those I meet. Other shooter games don't allow this friendship because you're trying to kill each other (TvT). I don't mean to offend anyone with this statement. Just my opinion. Here, here! The first time I led a team into virtual battle was scary as hell. I didn't want to screw up. Of course, I did and most of us didn't make it out. But even now, I still take the leadership role VERY seriously when inserting. Your real-life teammates are relying on you to keep them virtually safe. No other game does this. Ghost Recon Forever.
  9. Hmmm...wish this is explained better: "[Ghost Recon] Coop" GRAW Coop or the Coop (more than 9 players, mission-based, etc) I'm used to playing?
  10. Where can I sign up for this resistance movement? They are out there. They are among you. Most of them are unaware that the person right next to them is also in the Liberation Front. You just need to fight the oppression/purge the unclean. You just need to spread the PR(opaganda). William Wallace the Second, and local resistance chapter leader, Boudicca the Second, queen of the IC(deadpeople)INI tribe will always be with you. I put a little story together about [GR]. Click to hear "Ghost Recon Forever (Part 1)". "Enemy contact!" "Major firefight!" That's frikkin awesome, WD. lol
  11. This was the purpose of creating this thread. I'm one of those who feels burned and will only consider buying GRAW2 after the early adopters try it out and report back here. Where can I sign up for this resistance movement? Unfortunately, I don't believe that UBI will be supporting the gaming style many of us love. I think a lot of us feel that way.
  12. I have a feeling it means that we will be in the woods alot more too and not just sneaking through an urban landscape. Finally...looks like a developer is finally listening to us. Much obliged, BFS.
  13. Over already? Man, I wish the wife wouldn't make me go to church during these best GR days... Next time, I'll break out the stomach cramps and lick the palms of my hands.
  14. With Jay's permission, I'm going to attempt to expand the missions to allow for more than 9 players (w/multiple teams). Should be done soon. Anyone willing to do some testing?
  15. Please see here about Teamspeak when joining +SD missions. We'd prefer to talk to everyone, but it's not absolutely required. Listening in works just we well. http://specialdetachment.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15 For those who don't have it, the download is very lightweight and even works on dial-up connections. www.goteamspeak.com
  16. Can you run other mods that you've downloaded from the Internet?
  17. If you do download the individual zip files: FYI - Zip file 1 creates a "Centcom Mod" folder and puts a bunch of files in it. Point Zip file 2 and Zip file 3 to extract into the new "Centcom Mod" folder. Otherwise, you'll have misc files spread throughout your general "Mod" folder.
  18. I downloaded the 3 separate zips last night in the Supporters forum and had no problems playing with Jay last night. Support GR.net maggots! It has it's benefits! I could try to download the big one and see if there's any differences.
  19. Jay, I've said it before and I'll say it again... This looks freaking amazing. See you on the servers tonight.
  20. Congrats, CENTCOM team!!! Can't wait to check out the new maps, game types, and the beautiful skins.
  21. (awakens from the post-GRAW-induced nap) You have no idea how happy I am see you posting this great news. If you meant to perk up everyone's ears, you've definitely done that. Hmmmm...very interesting. (goes back to sleep until Q1 2007)
  22. This is what Rocky looks like when he has to edit our inflamatory posts...
  23. Hmmm...too bad. So I take it the beast didn't look like this?
  24. Some folks from Special Detachment may come along. I'll probably be around.
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