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  1. I disagree with your comment and feel your criticism is unfounded and harsh. I helped beta test as well. There were many others who put in A LOT of personal hours last fall...for you and for the community. Please don't hate.
  2. Great article. Thx for sharing. X-Wing and Tie Fighter...wow, that takes me back. I absolutely LOVED those games. And they gave our original alma mater props. Excellent. I am a total PC Gamer Snob.
  3. You didn't get install disks when you bought the computer?
  4. rossiski


    My wife suggested we go see this on the IMAX down the road. Nothing like seeing man nipples that are 2 feet across. She liked it (obviously). I thought it was okay. Don't go for the history lesson, go and see stylized, machismo...oh, what the hell... SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA!
  5. I would like the functionality of viewing a live satellite feed. However, if you didn't want to see the OPFOR, how about part of the server-side option would be to provide a historic map overlay instead (say, a one week old satellite intel shot) "because the live feed is unavailable" or the conflict area is covered in clouds/night-time/etc. Then UAVs could then help augment with real-time information. Of course, having your opponents shoot them down is an inherent risk to using them.
  6. Thanks for mentioning us Buehg. To the OP, most of us run our old tournament missions on our respective servers. You're always welcome to drop by anytime for some action. Mics and Teamspeak are greatly appreciated/required. Special Detachment (front page has IPs) Alpha Squad server info
  7. Dang. It's down due to copyright issues. We are becoming a litigious society.
  8. Just thought I'd get this down for posterity sake. I was fairly proud of myself for editing an .exe to fix what I think is a stupid problem with Firefox. Oh, what problem is that? On laptops with a touchpad, the history "back" and "forward" gestures that are used for Internet Explorer browsing aren't present. (Anyone who uses a laptop extensively knows what I mean.) Laptop Firefox users are left with either using ALT-Left Arrow to go back in browsing history or install some extensions that require button pressing. Instead of that, I decided to edit the touchpad .exe to fix this defic
  9. OFP and it's derivatives (like ArmA) are a certain style of tactical military simulations. GR1 is a different style of tactical military simulation. I personally like GR1 over the the style of OFP and ArmA. IMO, there hasn't been another game since GR1 that captured the same style I like. There's been lots of discussion about ArmA here at GR.net.
  10. Yawn (goes back to sleep for a couple months/years) I giggled when I saw this post. Much obliged, Ledanek!!!
  11. I truly hope everyone's enthusiasm will be rewarded. We shall all see soon enough.
  12. GRAW utilizes almost 100% of the CPU. If your buddy has a dual core laptop, he should try to assign teamspeak to one of his cores and GRAW to the other. Otherwise, he should try messing with his teamspeak bandwidth settings or raising teamspeak to a higher priority for the CPU.
  13. Not going to get Vista for awhile. No need, IMO.
  14. The article doesn't really mention coop. I hope that changes.
  15. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen him around here. Thanks for the update, ZJJ. Please give him my regards as well and wish him a safe return.
  16. You must be kidding me rossiski, right? Look at the online # GRAW TvsT servers, the # TvsT players, he # of TvsT GRAW clans, the # of TvsT GRAW ladders... That pretty much sums it up, and no furter explanation needed. Well, yea I can add that from muy original TvsT [GR] community in Europe there is about 5% playing GRAW, 25 % returned or sticking with [GR], the rest have moved on to other games... Not exactly what we expected when GRAW was released. Peace, I appreciate the update. I stand corrected. I was unaware of the TvT scenario lately...I've been visiting these forums less
  17. This may be better phrased that a "portion" of the overall gaming community was wounded, i.e. the mission-based coop lovers. The TvT (the other part of the overall community) received a wonderful game that supplied the majority of their needs. Maybe it's too much to ask for one game to have it all. I've said this before...this is the reason why I play online. Friends.
  18. Hmmm...I guess I didn't realize the reason for limiting the number of mission-coop players was because of possible performance hits. I thought it was because of developer time contstraints. If that's the case, is the Diesel engine from GRAW and GRAW2 ever going to provide the gametype we've been missing? Until that question is answered, we're just speculating from here on out. Someone, please correct me. Please.
  19. Colin, your sub-question was, "Will it happen?" I hope so, but IMO, the publisher has migrated their stance from the game type many of us came to love. This attitude is unfortunately pushed onto the developer. The run-n-gunners have won out for the time being because it's an easier and cost-efficient game type to create. Complicated AI, difficult objectives to accomplish, the feeling of brotherhood you get when you insert with a bunch of your friends...this is too much for publishers to absorb (for now, at least). Who knows? Maybe in a couple years the market will shift back to
  20. You probably should make your own thread and ask those questions. Back on topic...it's my impression that a true DX10 game needs to be developed from the ground up as a DX10 game. As we're still in DX9 territory, GRAW2 will be DX9. Maybe GRAW3 or 4 will use DX10. I may be incorrect, though. Grin make PC games for leading edge hardware and software, they have been using Hardware for months now that most of us have to waite for. Agreed. Most developers have access to the "candy store" and can utilize the most recent technology. Additionally, I don't think I saw any
  21. Agreed. It's half the fun is trying to be unseen and praying your successful. An enemy detection bar would be an instrusion into the realism of the game. Hope we can get rid of it.
  22. You probably should make your own thread and ask those questions. Back on topic...it's my impression that a true DX10 game needs to be developed from the ground up as a DX10 game. As we're still in DX9 territory, GRAW2 will be DX9. Maybe GRAW3 or 4 will use DX10. I may be incorrect, though.
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