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  1. I've been playing the first mission for 25 minutes and couldn't figure out where the snipers where hiding. I would creep and look...and still couldn't see them. Then I perked up and remembered a Vietnam documentary I saw on the History Channel about how the NV snipers would stay for days in these little... (Thought I was going to tell, huh?) Sure enough, I looked...and behold!!! I found those little snipers who were stalling my upward progress through the map. I'm sure glad I remembered that documentary and have been continuing my ascension through the top notch YOTM mod! So if you can't figure out where the snipers are in that first mission, don't get down on yourself...cheer up and you'll make it sooner or later.
  2. I did a search on the boards here and couldn't find much on this topic. Not to start another Single Core vs. Dual Core argument, I've noticed that many of the latest game developers are issuing dual core patches (COD2, Quake 4). These guys say that GRAW will have dual core support (I'm not sure if this is really accurate as the game needs to run on single core systems from the get go). Don't know if it's in the form of a patch that's being worked on??? http://forumz.tomshardware.com/games/Dual-...opict94969.html This website states that dual core patches are responsible for an X2 4800+ having a 40% increase in performance over an FX-57.http://hardware.gotfrag.com/portal/story/30779/ Bottom line, does anyone know what is involved in these dual core patches for single core-developed games? And the bigger question, if this truly would increase performance, is this in UBI/GRIN's radar? Reason I ask is that GrayHaired linked to this interesting article from Xbitlabs showing an Opteron 165 getting to FX-60 performance with some overclocking.http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/displ...eron-165_9.html This is very tasty to me as I want to build a good PC for gaming. I had previously thought that single core was the way to go...but if patches are being developed and used for dual core uses...Oh, the sweet performance goodness!!! If this has already been covered, Pls let me know and I'll retreat into my cave of shame... thx
  3. [cough] front page would be really cool [/cough]
  4. Amen to that! I often thought how much replay-ability I've gotten out of classic GR. Hours upon hours of enjoyment that neither COD or anything else was able to provide. I guess I'm kinda lucky...my wife actually wants me to play my games. She once said it keeps me level-headed and burns off work stress. I immediately bought her flowers... When GRAW comes out and I put in 50 hours of gameplay the first week, I might have to get her a car.
  5. I lived for 2 years in Mexico City...some of those helo shots are awesome. They've done a SUPERB job in recreating the feel of El Distrito Federal. I can already feel myself coughing from the smog. Seriously, I have walked down streets just like this... Well, maybe with not as much smoke.
  6. I've always just bought the best I could afford. I picked up a 6800 GT for Christmas hoping it would hold me through for GRAW. I'm fairly confident it'll be usable with video options somewhat scaled down. If I want to boost my resolution, I can live with scaled down video for a couple months until I save enough for a 7800 GTX. In the end, the whole point of money is to buy things...like a new video card if the old one doesn't work.
  7. How much time would UBI need to press the discs and prepare the packaging? 2-3 weeks? If so, this means development is all but finished (hopefully) and the last minute tweaking would need to be accomplished by early March for that 3/31/06 release date. Wasn't the UBI UK site selling advanced copies of PC GRAW and guaranteeing delivery to the first 500 buyers on 3/31/06? Oh man...I sincerely hope I don't have to go back to pr0n surfing sometime in April. I need to save my testosterone for fraggin'.
  8. 6, Mundelein. ← Go Illinois! (Geneva) ...and my current PC can't run GRAW. I definitely need to upgrade.
  9. Is anyone anticipating going SLI for GRAW? AMD 64 4000+ Asus A8N-SLI Premium 1GB Crucial Dual-Channel Asus 6800GT 256MB all to power the widescreen..... Sony Trinitron W900 CRT monitor with 24 inches of horizontal goodness! Seriously, though, I'm wondering if the 6800GT isn't going to handle the refresh rates I want on my monitor... Any thoughts? I think I'd rather go SLI with another 6800GT than pick up a GeForce 7800 at the higher price.
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