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  1. GR2 as a console game was moderately successful. I say moderately because they missed all the PC revenue. Which brings me to my next point...there was also a large online community by then that was severely disappointed by the cancellation of the PC version. IMO, these two items, i.e. the sales from GR2 console version and the PC community support, showed UBI they could and should pursue the next version (GRAW). So, the individuals who supported and purchased past editions (GR1 and GR2) helped pave the way for newer editions (GRAW). I can't speak for all the others that have commented on this post, but this is the point that I was trying to make...showing UBI/GRiN that there are people that will buy GRAW and keep it if it meets our expectations, meaning...fix the slight problems that are out there. I didn't play BF2 as I heard it wasn't up to GR coop standards. I can't comment on that part of your statement. On a personal note, had GR2 been released on PC, yes, I would have bought it and waited patiently for the next installment if the experience were not to my liking.
  2. As they're unproven, GRiN definitely has more at stake than UBI. They need a hit. If GRAW were experiencing lackluster sales, the motivation to fix any issues may be just a contractual obligation, instead of giving the fans what they really want. That may seem like a small difference, but I believe it'll give us a higher quality product in the end. I support the Ghost Recon franchise. I believe in it so much, I bought the latest iteration knowing I don't yet have the ability to enjoy it.
  3. I understand (based on Desmond's and other comments) that current hardware out there doesn't support deferred lighting and AA. What I don't understand is what hardware is needed to support both these features. Is this something that's 6 months away? 1 year away? What needs to be done technically? Is it, as I said above, something that only DX10 and DX10-supported graphics cards will provide? I believe many, like me, are basing upgrading/purchasing decisions on this issue.
  4. How about asking the Ageia folks if they would comment more on the frame-rate question they so eloquently side-stepped on this page... http://www.firingsquad.com/features/ageia_...ponse/page4.asp Basically, I'd love to know if an FX-60 or GeForce 7900GTX needs to accompany any PhsyX card installation.
  5. Good to see you Sheldon! I wish I had a bag big enough to get goodies for everyone...
  6. Desmond, I thank you for the clarification. I remember reading Bo's statements on this and didn't connect the two until now. Additionally, we're very lucky to have you (the GRiN crew) here amongst Ghost Recon's greatest fans. I'm hoping that technology advances quickly enough to handle deferred lighting in all it's glory. If AA or other graphical options come along with that, even better. Maybe the new AMD processors or the NVidia 8100(?) will be the answer.
  7. Got your back Ledanek. Here's my online receipt. SUPPORT GRIN! THEY CAN'T FIX ANY ISSUES IF THEY DON'T HAVE PAYCHECKS! [pray-mode]oh please, oh please, oh please, GRIN, please fix the problems...Jebus would![pray-mode/]
  8. I always thought this was a stroke of genius on the part of Red Storm/UBI. I can't remember how many times I've been hit and then tried WITH ALL MY MIGHT to bring my aim around to take out my attacker. More often than not, I'd end up dead before I could focus my reticule. Yes, it was frustrating, but frustratingly "real" IMO. You become more careful as a result. Some times though, I'd be able to get off a shot and save myself. I always felt like, "Man, that was close!" and you felt great. I just watched the video that was provided in the link above. You're right. Anyone who is sniping from a roof-top with his profile highlighted against the open sky does not know proper tactics. The gamer was not even utilizing proper cover... Maybe cover has become irrelevant in online play as you can apparently take hits and still squeeze off a perfect headshot. EDIT: Regarding the cover, was it just me, or does anyone else feel like the gamer was completely exposed in that video? Could this complete disregard for lifesaving cover be a result of the zero-effect wounding that's present in GRAW?
  9. Because its a different form of HDR then other games have used. Its a per-pixel lighting technique which basically renders AA useless as it uses multiple renders(MRT's) which AA cant resolve the surfaces/edges(too many) and our current API (DX9) cant handle it and neither can any current GFX card.Not too mention the HUGE load(Mostly frame buffer=Vid RAM and Shaders )it puts on even the highest end GFX cards at this moment So does that mean we will have to wait until DX10 and Windows Vista for true HDR and AA compatibility? Anyone else have thoughts?
  10. I seriously thought that we'd have to wait until DX10 and/or Windows Vista to get hardware that finally supports HDR and AA. That's just from reading all the forum posts and doing some HDR research on the side. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope we don't have to wait until next year (gulp!).
  11. I got a PM and I loved the way the pop-up window works. Great job, Masters of the GR.net Domain
  12. Who says my wife hasn't already kicked my ass...Oh, behave!
  13. Saw this on Slashdot today...but it's actually Friday's news. It's also over in the 360 forums, but I didn't see it here in the PC forums yet (yes, I searched). http://www.firingsquad.com/features/ageia_physx_response/ Quote: "While Ghost Recon is a very interesting game which we applaud, it's only a taste of what you can expect in the next generation of games to which PhysX will bring literally 1,000s of interactive elements of physics into the gameplay itself. Have you seen CellFactor, a PhysX-enabled game demo which brings physics into the game? Explosions cause collateral damage, cloth sways and tears naturally, fluids of all types flow and impact the environment and players, telekinesis powers which control moveable objects that can be used as weapons in the game play. This exciting multiplayer game demo was shown at GDC in March. It's available for download now. And it's the shape of things to come." Anyone going to E3 to check out their booth?
  14. Right there with you Ledanek. As my sig states, I can't run GRAW on my current PC. Sob story, I know. [jedi-mind-trick]Send donations to me![jedi-mind-trick/]. I bought GRAW as a sign of faith. Even though there appears to be tech issues now and my wife is seriously horrified at the amount of cash I'll have to lay down just to play this game (MAJOR upgrade), I believe GRIN will come through and make everything right. If by some freakish reason things don't improve in the next 3-6 months, I'll send GRIN my unopened copy with a nice little note since I probably won't be able to return it by then.
  15. You could add a different hardware profile to your and use it to turn off a bunch of the standard XP options (like printing). It saves me a bunch of my RAM. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=profile&st=38#
  16. Good point, someone mentioned to me maybe I should by a dual core processor. So are you saying that TS2 and GRAW wouldn't necessarily benefit from a dual core? I'd hate to spend the money just to find out it made no difference and didn't balance out the load on both processors?? ← You could run your Teamspeak or other comms on one other CPU while GRAW maxes out the other. Of course, if the engine needs optimization, that may end up being better.
  17. Buying GRAW wasn't the stopping point for me. I already bought it. It's sitting in my closet right now, unwrapped. However, I won't be upgrading yet to play the game because, as has been mentioned, there seems to be a bunch of issues out there. To me, it's not worth it to play yet until it's right. The retail game has been out for less than a week. Man, I waited a lot longer for YOTM and other mods. Patience, my friends. GRIN will make it right.
  18. I too would be very interested as to why they picked Deferred Lighting. More importantly, as GRAW taxes even the most high-end of today's systems, I'd love to know what rigs GRiN tested their creation on. Did they get access to a CRAY supercomputer? How do we know Deferred Lighting really works if the hardware doesn't yet support it fully? EDIT: How confident is the community that Deferred Lighting will even be supported with future hardware? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Is support by hardware manufacturers guaranteed?
  19. My specs are better ← And...??? What do your specs do? 3D Mark 06 benchmark?
  20. Are they supposed to release a dual-core patch? ← I asked this same question not too long ago. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...16&hl=dual+core The answer still eludes us.
  21. Couldn't run the demo. P4 2GHz, 1GB RAM, FX 5200 Series GeForce. Preordered GRAW, paid for it, and being delivered in the next few days. Won't be able to play it for another couple months. On the bright side, maybe I'll be able to afford an 7900 GTX or an x1900xtx and a new system by then to avoid the jaggies on my widescreen.
  22. People with the full game ( retail CD or DVD bought From UBI, I won't discuss pirated stuff) SHOULD have all the stuff referenced in the above context .xml file and be ok. Think of it as driving a car without most of the features.... and the Demo doesn't give you many options to mess with. ← Be careful mentioning pirate versions...that's an invitation for the admins to pay us a visit. I certainly hope that some of the issues people have voiced with the demo are resolved with the retail release.
  23. In terms of graphics options, I have a feeling that the official release will be different than the demo. Of course, I'm not a GFX expert nor an 3D engine expert, so I don't know if this is possible to have a different demo engine and official release engine. ← Not usually in terms of general game options.....content and possibly revision of code yes, but setup options not likely. -John ← Check this post...interesting. So the engine doesn't change, just the addition of more XML files. Maybe DOF might be an option or possibly something to be modded??? http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=365390 If so, would that assist rendering?
  24. Good catch. Didn't see that one while looking through the XML files.
  25. In terms of graphics options, I have a feeling that the official release will be different than the demo. Of course, I'm not a GFX expert nor an 3D engine expert, so I don't know if this is possible to have a different demo engine and official release engine.
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