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  1. The tension is from the anticipation of TDM and other issues scheduled in the next release patch. Ditto that!
  2. Uh oh... That means I finally have to fork out the dough and upgrade. I want to thank all of you for beta testing the game since it's initial release back in May. Looking forward to the final release. Go GRiN!
  3. Once I again I post the question... What can we as a community do to assist this effort? Is cost an issue? Is this something we can throw $$$ at to get quicker? I'm not a programmer...but should I start to learn about decompilers to assist Nemon? Or if not Nemon, to assist the next person who will take up this torch? There are alot of people hoping/praying/waiting for this.
  4. Ummm...I would guess they're still working on it. I did spend last night in a Holiday Inn Express, hence the previous thought.
  5. I bought the game because of the series' history as well as the future modability of this version. GRAW is going to be the starting point for many years of incredible mods, maps, redesigns, etc. It's only the beginning...
  6. I agree with pretty much everything that's been said in this thread. Improved Co-op will come. We've got to trust GRiN...they listened to the TDM/TvT folk and they're going to get their gametypes. We know they're reading our posts and that they also want to support us as well. (just trying to boost some morale as I slink back to the GR1 co-op servers still running)
  7. Agreed. IMO, buy what you can to just get running on GRAW and save your money! Next year will bring new advances with API-related performance increases as well as improved hardware. Additionally, GRiN may have more time to work on GRAW optimization once all the gametypes and initial mappacks have been distributed. Lastly (and this is just me talking), when any new game is released, it's like putting a stake in the ground of the hardware performance continuum. The technology to run GRAW with minimum requirements is a constant. But hardware improvements continue to move forward. To run GRAW at 1900 x 1600 resolution 3 months ago cost $2000+. In a year, it may cost $1000+ to run GRAW at that resolution. I'm going to try to have patience for as long as possible and wait to upgrade. Just my thoughts...ignore them if you want.
  8. Co-op enthusiasts, The TvT folk are getting their due now. We will get ours. GRiN promised TDM and the community is going to get it. We were promised Co-op according to how we like it. Keep the faith, brethren, keep the faith.
  9. Grin_Wille...you're watching this post at the moment. Anything you're allowed to say? EDIT: Doh! I scared him away.
  10. Yes...it is... A user post this in our forum (italian unofficial GRAW community): http://www.graw.it/html/forums/index.php?showtopic=578 Anyone speak Italian? The pictures don't really confirm TDM or Hamburger Hill.
  11. He doesn't elaborate, but says he saw locked test servers playing TDM and Hamburger Hill. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/3321065464 Has anyone else seen anything?
  12. Is there something the community can do to help with this task? I'm not doubting Nemon's abilities to the slightest degree...I'm just offering assistance if it'll get us the tools we need faster. Go Nemon!
  13. Well, be a real man some time and play TRUE MP i.e. play against a human who won't respond the same way each time... The neg attitude is warranted by the true mp community as frown has dropped the ball... If I offended you by not including your favorite gametype in my post, that was not my intention. I believe the theme of this conversation was to comment on the negative posts that appear quite often on this bboard, not rehash the coop/TvT argument. The first part of your post appears to me as being accusatory and not-on-topic. I don't understand why you're bringing this argument up. Portions of the second part of your post I'll agree with. As far as being a real man...Anytime, anywhere, my friend.
  14. I agree with this post. The GRAW forums are getting boring to read lately. I only stop by maybe once a week now as the negativite attitudes are so pervasive. That's all I have to contribute. I personally hope the big, fabled July patch is going to bring coop back to life. Then I'll upgrade and enjoy it. Keep the faith.
  15. This really depends on the compression ratio of the file format that you are using and the video size. You only need 320x240 capture size. Once you have the file, you can reduce the size of of the actual output into a smaller format. What does that mean? It depends on the codec used to do audio and video of a file. You can also change the quality too. Quality is how many bits per second you want processed at a given point in time. Professional quality is around 1200K a second, excellent quality is 392K a second. Most streaming formats are 512K a second giving you DVD quality. You have a medium resolution of 256K a second, then 128K, 56K and then even smaller from there. Most CD Audio is 192K a second for CD quality Sound. Remember, each K upwards will add more info into the file making it larger. You can keep the overall file size down in several ways; 1) Audio/Video Compression using a Codec. 2) Quality of the Audio/Video 3) Resolution of the Video You do not need CD quality sound, you don't need 512K DVD quality and you don't have to keep it at the actual resolution of your screen size. I can record a 2 hour video on my computer and keep the file size at or under 700mbs, which is VCD quality. There are things that can be done to keep the file sizes down, and it's up to the individual to figure it out. Anyway, I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about a replay video. As some of you remember, the beauty of the GR1 recording mechanism is that it utilized the game engine to render the replay (the actual mechanics are beyond me). But I believe this took compression and codec questions out of the picture and created small enough files for sharing on the internet. IMO, the whole point of replays is to share them with people...letting others see what transpired. Maybe it was an excellent mission, or a great shot, or to catch a cheater. I regularly play long coop missions on GR1. If using the game engine is out of the picture, even a good codec/compression for a 45 long coop mission would be a bunch of megabytes...possibly prohibiting easy sharing on the internet.
  16. Screenshots or pics please. Thanks!!!
  17. Abandon ship? Bah! I really, really hope that this thread dies soon. Stop posting, all of you.
  18. You know, I also tried AA and could never get into it. It just didn't seem to have all the elements I was looking for...I'm guess I'm biased now towards the GR series experience.
  19. I recognize your lengthy experience. It was fun playing all those old games like Duke Nukem and Castle Wolfenstein 3D. Do you remember how cool it was to see the old 2D Castle Wolfenstein change into the 3D version? Ah, the beginning of an era... Additionally, if you feel I've slapped you with a flame bat, it was not my intention. I merely wanted to counter your opinion with my own. That's what's great about these online forums where we can discuss our differing opinions. Again, I'll state for the record, I really hope that GRAW one day becomes like the original GR1. I feel that GR1 is still awesome...it is still a great game that appeases to many differing fan bases that prefer differing playing styles, whether TvT or DM or Coop.
  20. I believe that hardcore combat is the core of both GRAW and GR1. That's why I feel that GR1 was so successful...it appealed to both the TvT, DM, and Coop folk all at the same time. There has not been another game, to date, that has been able to appease such differing groups of FPS fans. There are many of us on these forums that hope and pray GRAW will be able to accomplish the same feat that GR1 did. Regarding our maturity...if you knock what we coop guys love about GR1, we'll come defend it. If I knocked what you love about GR1, you'd also defend it, vigorously, I hope. Again, that's what made GR1 so amazing...the ability to make so many different kinds of fans.
  21. Some people can't enlist. Medical reasons, wives who won't let them, children that need fathers to support them, and on and on...as such, experiencing "utter realism" can be a wonderful way "to escape from reality and to be in a fantasy world." Some may call these reasons cowardly. Those are opinions. You've expressed yours about GRAW and I disagree with it, like others here. Now my opinion: GR1, played from a "pure" coop perspective, is the ultimate FPS experience to date. Joining up with Robalo (posted up above) from Alpha Squad, +SD, 9MS, and other "pure" coop clans have created the most memorable online experiences I've had in the 12 years I've been playing LAN/Internet games. Yes, I was playing the original Doom on a LAN in '94 and still remember coop as being the most enjoyable way to experience the game. What I sincerely hope is that GRAW will someday provide this same experience. I'm glad you have a forum where you can post your opinion and I can post mine. ski
  22. Creatch must be trying the new editor. Would resizing the join screen be a function within the DXE files? DXE decompiler thread
  23. So I'm reading this thread and realize my mouth is open...wow! The emoticons on this bboard are all too understated for what you're doing. Very nice work! Please, please, please keep on going! Seriously, Nemon, you should be an honorary GRiN employee.
  24. Wow! That looks really cool. Good job! Can't wait to see the finished version.
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