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  1. GRAW took the themes we all loved in ghost recon (smart tactics, teamwork, realistic military setting) and made them accessable to the masses. They made a VERY high quality action shooter that retained the thematic spirit of ghost recon.

    Not every theme transferred successfully. COOP was a disaster for GRAW and it's successors. The ability to host & run tournaments, a community event that drew us together, cannot be understated.

    Isn't that what a sequel should do? Take the original idea and grow it into something that is 'better' (if we quantify better as being enjoyed by more people?)

    Unfortunately, the enjoyment lasted only a couple months. We all know the reasons why Ghost Recon lasted for 4 years.

    I definitely miss the classical tactical shooter. I still play [GR], i love armed assault, i play Hidden and Dangerous and thought long and hard about putting down money for an old copy of Seal Team.

    But does our small niche market really have any entitlement to RSE/Ubisoft taking their game backwards just to please our bizarre tastes?

    Long tail economics can still be very powerful AND profitable.

    I add my shout to this thread. Bring back the old Ghost Recon.

  2. Special Detachment

    presents an opportunity to play the latest unofficial expansion pack on our 100mbit dedicated server:



    SERVER IS DOWN, 12/26/08, due to lack of participation (zero joins in 3 days). Bandwidth has been shifted back to ArmA. PM rossiski if you want to have a dedicated running.

    Come over to the +SD forums for joining requirements.

    In short:

    - TEAMSPEAK is Mandatory...no exceptions.

    - Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be accepted. Come on folks, we're all adults here.

    - Have fun!

    - Server will run for at least the week of Christmas 2008, maybe longer depending on you!

    Game server is

    Teamspeak server is

  3. We've been using ArmA lately for our coop and I have to say I'm very impressed. I believe this is the future for our group. Honestly, the first time I was a passenger on a "little bird" heading into battle was awesome...seeing those miles and miles of landscape roll beneath me. :) The realism is very addicting and I think I'm hooked.

    Also, I can't imagine gaming without vehicles now. How did I ever live without an M1A1 Abrams? Sheesh!

    Additionally, the ballistics are something that increases the level of realism. Knowing that you have to compensate for elevation really makes this more "real" to me.

    To those who are on the fence with the direction GR is taking, I highly suggest ArmA. It is an outstanding experience.

  4. So, I tried the demo and I had stability issues. The graphics got all weird so I decided to hold off on this game until things get fixed up. Is it to the point now where it's stable? I'm also afraid of getting this game and having to run it on low settings because of my hardware:

    Pentium 4 - 3.0 Ghz w/hyperthreading

    2 GB RAM

    Leadtek WinFast A7600GT TDH 256MB Geforce 7600GT GDDR3 AGP 8X Video Card

    Windows XP Home

    Actually, you're probably closer to medium with that graphics card. You're not pulling any high, though. And it's stable...I've played one mission for close to 12 hours straight without any server issue.

  5. http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/07/06/28/1124256.shtml

    Saw this on Slashdot today.

    Quoting from the site:

    "Recently, Intel patched bugs in its Core 2 processors. Details were scarce; soothing words were spoken to the effect that a BIOS update is all that is required. OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has now provided more details and analysis on outstanding, fixed, and non-fixable Core 2 bugs. Some choice quotes: 'Some of these bugs... will *ASSUREDLY* be exploitable from userland code... Some of these are things that cannot be fixed in running code, and some are things that every operating system will do until about mid-2008.'"

    (emphasis added)


  6. I've heard many say it's dying.

    I've heard many say pigs can fly. But it just doesn't mean a thing now does it? What people say and what is actually happening are two completely different things in this case.

    If people want an answer to the question: 'Is GR 1 dead?', the answer is right in front of them. All they need to do is wake the ###### up and open their eyes, that is where the answer is.

    Trust me, if there's a resurgence, I'd love to see it.

  7. Hello Fellow Chicagoan!

    I haven't tried it out...looks interesting, if it works correctly.

    I imagine this app would be useful for rigs that are constantly left turned on. I shut my PC down when not in use, so I don't have much use for power management.

    Or have I missed something?

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