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  1. huh? what do you mean, and how do you do that? I think he renamed his arma exe to fear.exe This is the way to make arma sli compatible since now the card thinks fear is executed, which obviously supports sli.
  2. You are kidding right? But yeah, that mission sucked bigtime..........I will release my first Arma mission (BETA) very soon, if you feel like trying one time let me know and we can set up some test times
  3. Not going to vote for our own site here, but I offcourse do like it best Anyway, just wanted to thank all of you for the very kind comments about Armaholic.com I know our forums isnt the most active around, we hope that will change with the 505 release next year. But lets say other than the forum not being very active I think I can say Armaholic is a big succes if you talk about resources. At newyear we will post how Armaholic.com is doing regarding site stats...........its amazing. Or at least we cant believe what we are seeing there. Thanks to people like you guys.........
  4. I dont have my German SE yet But I cant wait, I know there are many bugs, but I dont care about the bugs. I just know it will feel the same as VBS, VBS gave me the same feel as GR1 did. Not in gameplay, but in how you play it, the tension, the waiting, the action and the after breifing. You will just love it Just image, going in with a small team, recon a site, taking out some necassay targets knowing you got some airboys comming in soon to finish the big fishes but also knowing that the enemy will sent in reinforcemnts..........but not knowing from where and when exactly. Mission number 1 is on its way. On paper only yet.
  5. 3rd Person is definatly conviniant for driving vehicles, but it also let you kind of "cheat". Not only with looking around corners but also if you reach the top of a hill, you can watch over it without exposing yourself. But its not only great for stuff like that, showing of animations, but with that option enabled you can make really beautifull screenshots, I think that also is why you see a lot of stuff now in 3rd person But as said here, luckely you can turn it off
  6. Ok, thanks for the headsup Havent read anything though if those are working minefileds (like the script I made) or will just kill you if you enter them to prevent you from moving away too far.
  7. Np I have a lot of scripting/editing stuff here. If you need something just ask. BTW, looking at those pics. Is it safe for me assume you got hold of the game?
  8. I didnt know this about the minefields. Can you give me a link where you found that? People can make it themselves (I made a minefiled script for VBS but it has to be converted for arma), I didnt know it was inside the game alsready.
  9. I dont have acces to the forums neither but I think Placebo even repeated this (or maybe a moderator there). Only DOF with high or very high settings. @Rocky, the camera.sqs is a build in script. You just execute is in the init of a unit you place on the map. Now you can just zoom/pan/move around everywhere you wish as if you were a camera. Its mainly used to make intro's and outro's I think, or maybe in Ians case for movies and pics. Maybe this is a nice read for you aswell about the camera.sqs
  10. The past few days we have added a couple of new articles to our article section on Armaholic.com. We have added the following: The "Weapons guide" All weapons available in armed assault with the weapon classnames, the ammo- and additional ordinance- classnames aswell as a small picture showing the weapon and a link to the wiki page with all the information about the weapon. We used the Armed Assault wiki as reference. The "Project guide" This guide we made mainly to keep all informations about projects we are following in one place. The guide contains only a limited ammount of information about the project so anyone interested will always have to visit the project website. We do however try to keep up with all screenshots released, each project has its own gallery in our gallery section. The "Armed Assault Equipment Guide" Using Forrestal's pictures (with full permission) we made a new updated and now complete article about what equipment Armed Assault contains for us to use and create missions with. The guide is 56K friendly, it is seperated in different pages for each side and each side is devided into pages showing only 1 type of unit. Check all of them and a lot more on Armaholic.com
  11. Ah, so you are the one causing our 126 gig bandwith use in 5 days j/k About the graphics part. I have seen all video's aswell and I must say I am impressed by what I have seen. Its not that I dont care about graphics, I do really enjoy high graphics a lot. But I keep in my head the complete picture of the game (and its possibilities), and the fact we get it now already. Better graphics will be in the future with this so called "game2" or whatever........but I dont feel like waiting 3 more years on a game right now. I am happy they could make ArmA in this state in just such a short ammount of time, I will enjoy it a lot and it will be worth every penny of my hardware upgrade..................I hope. If not than I can watch 18+ movies in a very nice way
  12. Yes, I fully agree with this. Thats why I eat movies atm, I do actually watch them all. Hoping to see unknow things to be clearified Just imagine the blowing animation
  13. He could have been dropped off by a boat or chooper close to the coastline So I wouldnt dare to say he swam both way.
  14. Yes, it is possible to swim in Arma. You walk into the water, when its deep enough your character goes into swimming animation. It will shoulder the weapon. However, you cant swim forever with your gear, that would be way to heavy in real life too I guess. So, while you swim you will drop your gear, I dont know how much time has to pass for that though........yet I also didnt see anyone go into in the water carrying a M136/RPG or javelin, but i think you will losse those immediatly. You can NOT pickup your weapons which have been droped in the water. Hope this clears some up for you
  15. The German version seems to use Securom as copy protection. I dont know how bad it is/could be, just thought you might want to know since you are anti SF, which seems logical And it was posted by some OFP lead manager that the thing the community is doing now, as in changing the languages files from Czech to English and probably will try for german too might conflict with AC tools to be released in the future. The AC might see the modified files as a possible hack and prevent you from connecting. This is not officially stated, he just mentioned it could be stopping your from MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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