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  1. I realize I am a little late on this, but I just made a mission for my wife with a hostage... I put them on hostage behavior with no weapon.kit and they are invisible to the map and the baddies don't touch her....there is even a tango right next to her....post your script and we might be able to get this squared away for you.. Cheers
  2. Is there a plugin that will work with Gimp?
  3. Thanks, I got the teleporting thing working well. I appreciate all the help.
  4. Typically I only use it under 2 situations. 1. I am taking fire and I have taken cover. I peek/hammer a few rnds and return while enemy fires on my pos...repeat. 2. I have cover and know the enemy is around, just to check out the area and keep concealed. Other than that I can move better by strafing. Been shot in the back of the head too many times in CQB to rely on peeking.
  5. @######,the x value i believe, as BornToKill said, is the delay (i.e. it waits 5 seconds before initiating) As for the height of the effect it depends on the effect, and the height you set it at, also I believe it depends on if it is grounded. I may be wrong, but I am still learning myself Good luck hope it works
  6. Personally I never have the cover/defense station arc any larger than 90degrees and with that setup the only time the tango releases the MG is if you fire behind him.
  7. ######, did you put any settings in the (x)(y) part of "smoke_large_type1(x)(y)"? The reason I ask is I have a mission that has multiple burning vehicles, and explosions and I didn't have this issue.
  8. Currently we have rf01_Trenchfoot in beta testing, and will soon have the next installment in beta. Total of 4 missions coming out.
  9. Keyboard E=forward D=backward S=left F=right R=peek R W=peek L T=change item B=binocs V=raise stance C=lower stance Q=soldier status Tab=Command Map Caps=NVG L Shift=quick command map L Ctl=toggle command map G=reload H=rate of fire Y=max/min zoom L=leaderboard Space=perform action L Alt=TS Talk Mouse Button 1=fire Button 2=walk Button 3=TS whisper key Button 5=TS whisper key Mouse Wheel=zoom That is about it...the numbers above the keyboard I leave as default, and the number pad I have set for team communication hotkeys. I moved the standard WASD setup over so that I could easily find my keys by finding the nipple on teh F key with my index finger
  10. everytime I attempt to create the .xml file using the sound editor igor freezes up...is there a certain trick to doing this?
  11. Set your hostages to 'Hostage behavior' That is what I do
  12. Sweet! Thanks again el nino, I greatly appreciate your help. I will post when my mission, rf01_Trenchfoot is completed, and done bet testing.
  13. That helps, but do I need to abort plan before executing the 'go to location x' plan? As for the teleporting them, I don't want to have a member of playerplatoon keeping an eye on the patrol when *poof* they dissapear. I appreciate the advice though
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