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  1. Bump for recruiting. Always looking for dedicated, mature players. We currently have teams for GRAW, Raven Shield, and Battlefield 2, as well as an informal Falcon 4:AF group. Members are free to participate in any or all of our teams.
  2. This ladder is open. This was the first official match.
  3. I think both teams started each map by trying to cap as many zones as possible, while cautiously attempting to gain numerical superiority through kills. CGI made very effective use of nade spam in likely contact zones and known hidey-holes (note to self and teammates: DO THIS). Very few of the rounds came down to a total elimination, as one team would generally gain a significant numerical advantage and simply take all the zones. Any attempts to just rush around looking for baddies would have been disastrous for either team, IMO, and that really didn't happen. The Dom gametype combined with the 10 minute limit does add a sense of urgency, which is balanced by the no-respawns. You have to advance to win, but you have to do so with caution since losing too many guys makes it pretty much impossible to keep your opponent from capping the whole map and winning. 5v5 was very good on these maps. Time only ran out a few times. Most of the games lasted around 5-7 minutes.
  4. Thanks to our excellent hosts at CGi. If you have not visited their server, please do so. Always great games there. This match was so close, I'm still sweating. Like Slow said, with the no-respawns format, this match was incredibly reminiscent of the [GR] days, where teamwork and tactics were the words of the evening, and the ###### rush so commonly observed on the pubs was completely absent. Great games. I can't wait for the rematch.
  5. Whay else are you going to do? It isn't as though there are tons of great FPS games coming out all the time. As a team leader and a ladder admin, I'm a bit frustrated about having a new game (which, despite my many criticisms, I actually like and can see has potential) that I cannot really use as is. If it had dedicated server files and PB support (or any other reliable, customizable AC) right now, there would be many servers and many players. Will those people who would host servers and play on them still be waiting around in 6 months? Probably not all of them, but still many. Releasing the game in its current state was akin to turning the iron all the up to "hot" while not being ready to strike. With that said, I think the basics ARE there to build on and IF at some point down the road we (MP guys) get the DS files and some decent AC, you will see the numbers rise significantly. At that point, the ladders and leagues can open which will get alot more people involved and interested. If other improvements are made along the way with regard to gameplay and bug issues, the chances for a later success are increased. Releasing the game before it was ready just means a longer row to hoe once the game is suitably patched, but by no means can you count it down and out. If it's good and if it's suitable for organized competition, they will come. The game isn't very far off the mark in reference to the former. We'll have to wait and see on the latter.
  6. Hi CaptivA, We're all sort of stuck in limbo waiting for server files. We PLAN to host some ladders at TCZ, but again, we need some way for teams to host and control dedicated servers for that to take off. No definitive word yet on when or if that might be.
  7. It's so choppy that it's unplayable. AMD 64 3500+ 2 GB OCZ Dual Channel Platinum (2) eVGA 6600 256 MB in SLI mode All graphics set to low running at 800 x 600.
  8. Yeah, I saw that when it was posted. I don't know who's question that quote was supposed to have answered, but it wasn't mine. Lock away if you must, but if it makes you feel better, I've given up on a straight answer.
  9. GR1 ran fine without a video card. The point that I've been trying to make is that any discussion about dedicated server files being released at some as-yet-determined future date is nothing but pure speculation. Several of you are stating it as though it were a fact. It isn't confirmed by any official source. Why you fully expect the files to be released is a mystery to me. If they aren't, your 1U servers are nothing but expensive paperweights as far as GRAW is concerned. You won't be able to run it. Why would I rather wait? I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer to have a game that I know will be viable for my clan and viable for the ladders I admin. I freely admit that my perspective is that of a clan leader and ladder admin. MP is the only thing that matters to the many gamers I serve and the confirmed info that is available as of this posting is pretty grim in that regard.
  10. Hence, they will release free dedicated server files which will not require a video card. I realize everyone is anxious about the release, but c'mon now this issue has been beat to death. Would you rather they held the release until the dedicated server files were ready? Let's put this issue to rest, please. ← The issue has not been beat to death. It's barely mentioned in comparison to some subordinate issues, none of which matter without dedicated server files. What you claim has no verification that I'm aware of. I've asked the question directly in a number of locations and formats, as well as monitoring threads where others have asked the same question, and no one in a position to know has given anything resembling a direct answer. The issue will be put to rest when there is a definitive answer. And yes, I'd rather they held the release until the dedicated server files are ready. Dawn, my clan is comprised of mostly 30+ folks. We have a short month every so often but historically have been able to easily fund our needs through donations.
  11. Roco, my GR server used an on-board graphics adapter. That ain't special. It doesn't matter if the video card costs $600, $60 or .60 cents if it won't fit in the standard 1U rack-mounted server chassis used by most dedicated server providers (if they would even agree to install it). Also, having to buy a retail copy of the game for each server is just plain ridiculous.
  12. This question needs to be directed at Ubisoft Technicle support ← Colin, these are dev questions and you know very well that they won't get answered there. Honestly, I'm as tired of getting the same responses (or lack thereof) as some people are of getting the same questions. This isn't GR1, so the comparison is getting tiresome. GR1 didn't require the server to have special hardware (nor does RvS or BF2). I'm hosting BF2 (yes, it's ranked) on the EXACT same machine I was hosting GR on 2 years ago. If you have to make a comparison to another game, the info we are currently getting concerning hosting an MP game sounds exactly like Lockdown. Trust me when I say I want to be wrong about this, but I don't want to waste my time or my teammates money if we cannot host a server (without considerable expense and labor). The questions were simple, polite, and on topic. If the focus is going be turned to how or where they were asked, as seems to be the norm lately, then I don't know what else to say. I WANT this game to succeed. I'm simply asking if it will be possible for me to be a component of that success by offering a VIABLE place for the members I serve to play and compete.
  13. Simple questions: I have several leased dedicated servers. They are in 1U chassis and cannot accommodate a video card of any kind. 1. Will I be able to host GRAW on or about the release date at no additional expense? 2. If not, will I ever be able to, and approximately when?
  14. What difference does any of this make if the only servers are hosted on people's home machines and bandwidth?
  15. The address for our dedicated server has changed. The new addy is We are currently running the HX5 mod. For recruiting info, please visit our website, or send an email to recruiter@rogue-saints.com. [RS] currently hosts teams and servers for both Ghost Recon and Raven Shield. Hope to see you on the Battlefield soon (before you see me, if possible. )
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