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  1. The command lines I am currently using look like this: ...\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\graw2_dedicated.exe -dedicated_game_info tdm_dedicated_game_info -port 16250 ...\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\graw2_dedicated.exe -dedicated_game_info coop_dedicated_game_info -port 16251 These are working just fine. tdm_dedicated_game_info.xml and coop_dedicated_game_info.xml are both in the Settings folder.
  2. Rogue Saints TDM No Respawns is patched. Also added Rogue Saints Coop server.
  3. Would someone please PM me the ban info so we can deny these idiots one more GRAW 2 server? Thanks.
  4. Almost no one in my clan was interested in the Beta (I think I was the only participant). 4 or 5 people played the demo and liked it OK (minor complaints). I browbeat folks into buying the retail game when it was released, put up a high performance dedicated server, and for the first week we kept our server very busy every night and had about 10-12 of our guys playing regularly and reporting that they very much liked the game. Our server has been solid as a rock and has had no crashes and no reports of lag. Disconnects have been extremely rare. Having said all that, we are back to having a max of 4 or 5 people playing most nights, usually co-op. We are a multi-game competition clan. There are alot of games to choose from and some very promising games on the horizon (Crysis, COD 4, ETQW, the Blackfoot project) and attention spans are short. Ubi's performance, or lack thereof, over the past several years has made clans, individual players, and competition organizations gun shy over these products. TWL has suspended the Euro tourney due to stability and server control issues. They are dragging their feet getting the North American ladders up. The message that sends to my clanmates is that this game is not ready for prime time and they aren't going to waste their valuable and limited gaming time on something that has a dubious future. We are still active on ladders for several other games and continue to have organized practices and matches. Most of our guys have gone back to what they were playing before because there is so much more to do than just pub. If the game is dying (I would like to fool myself into thinking that it is just off to a slow start), it is because it didn't hit a multiplayer homerun on release. If it were 100% ready for organized competition (don't kid yourself, it isn't) we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. The sad part is, it was SO CLOSE. The devil is always in the details and unfortunately for people like me who really like this game and want to make it our primary game for competition, GRAW 2 seems to be falling just inches short of where it needed to be to succeed. Not saying it's too late, but time is not on Ubi/GRiN's side here.
  5. Sounds like a little Q&A session with someone from GRiN could be really valuable towards this effort, especially by someone who kneows all the right questions to ask.
  6. Wouldn't it be possible to run some sort of network activity monitoring software (or even some common firewall-type monitor), then issue some console commands (kick, map change, etc.) from within the game and thus answer question #1 and possibly #2?
  7. Yeah, FF, I wasn't really inquiring directly of GRiN. I think this would more likely be a 3rd party-developed tool like N4Admin for Raven Shield or BF2CC was. I was just curious if anyone in the community was at work on this yet. With my limited programming skills I'm not certain what, if any, roadblocks there are to creating something like this, but it seems to me that it should be do-able. I can wrap my head around the mechanics of it and envision how it should work, but I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to actually do it myself.
  8. Thanks for addressing a bunch of questions I didn't ask, but as I mentioned in my post, this is only PART of the script. The credits don't have anything to do with the script's functionality. The credits are still displayed on my website as requested by the author. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong or why you are having a problem, but the whole script works perfectly for me and has been modified to display OUR server info and to integrate with our website. I just want to add the player list. So...to get back on the actual topic, can someone at GRiN please supply the missing parameters to add the player list to this nice FULLY FUNCTIONAL script that was so nicely created by KeeKee from CERT? Thanks.
  9. Could one of the fine folks from GRiN take a quick look at this section of CERT's server query script and tell me what needs to be added to display the player list? Someone in the know should be able to solve this one in about 30 seconds. Thanks!
  10. Our server was set for 2 respawns last night. While we did maintain a mostly full server (still going strong @ 2:30 AM EST when I left), the turnover of players was as constant as the complaints. How many dang lives do these people think they need? My preference would be no respawns at all, old school GR style. Understanding that this would not please the masses and that with a new game like this, we need to get folks to stay and play, I gave them a few lives to work with. However, short of unlimited (and that will NEVER happen in our server), I don't think any amount of respawns would have pleased everyone. It's a fast food/BF2/CS/QW mentality that frankly isn't needed in this game. So, I'm tempted to turn the respawns off entirely just to ensure those whiners not only avoid our server, but maybe decide this isn't the game for them after all. My response to the complaints? Talk to me about the game. Or the weather. Or sports. Or fishing. Or your kids. Anything. I'm dead too. Better yet, try harder next round NOT TO DIE SO MANY TIMES IN A ROW. TWO RESPAWNS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. Oh yeah, and if you are one of those people who droned on and on about how much it sucked to only have 2 respawns, please find another server to play in next time. Thanks you. </rant>
  11. Rogue Saints are always recruiting (adults only) for all games we play (AA, BF2, BF2142, IL-2, GRAW 2). All members can participate in any or all teams we host. Please visit our website for details or contact our Recruitng Officer, [RS]Skemos. We have two colocated dedicated server machines centrally hosted in the US, including GRAW 2.
  12. I noticed that from the in-game server browser you can click on "Details" or something like that, and see the player list and full map list as well. I think that info has to be available from the query port too and would make a great addition to this script. See this script in action on our website here. If you figure out how to get that player list to display, I would love to have that info. Thanks for getting this done so nicely! Very cool.
  13. Looks great. Is that the only info currently coming from the query port?
  14. Usually that would mean a directory under /www or /public_html. If you step back up one directory, it won't be able to be accessed by a browser.
  15. Can we get an Anticheat sticky like there was for GRAW? I think GRAW 2 has MUCH more potential to last and be matchable, especially if the community kicks in their AC expertise. The game will need some serious help in this department, but I know the talent to do it is out there.
  16. Ignorance is bliss. Just click your heels together and keep telling yourself "There are no cheaters. There are no cheaters. There are no cheaters." Those of us who are PsB server admins, RA members, SS and replay reviewers, ladder admins, etc. all know better.
  17. No, it has its own proprietary anti-cheat.
  18. Thanks Colin. It sure is nive having you on both sites. BTW, there's a small grammatical error. OT: Delta! What's up!!! Long time, bro! Hopefully GRAW 2 will get us back on the same playing field again. Sure looks promising.
  19. I got that letter too. Me too. You people that complain about the complainers are the most useless posters on any of these forums. You seem to think that you are the center of the universe. You're like the gelatinous mounds of pasty flesh that clog the aisles of Walmart's grocery, oblivious to the fact that other people KNOW which brand of rice (they're all pretty much the same, you human flotsam) they want and don't appreciate having to wait because you chose to park your fat posterior AND your cart lengthwise in front of the whole freakin display. Toniezz...the majority? "...few ignorant boohoos"? Where do you get your figures from? That statement and that attitude is what is ignorant. I'm really glad for the co-op crowd. I truly hope you DO finally get the game you wanted, if you aren't one of lucky few who think you already did. However, I'll let you in on a little secret. The MAJORITY of people who have waited 5 years for the next installment of GR are not happy at all, whether they play SP, MP Co-op, or MP TvT. The list of LEGITMATE complaints is massive. Many of the complaints are MAJOR issues, not small quibbles. Is personally attacking the devs or forwarding ridiculous conspiracy theories helpful? Of course not. That doesn't change the fact that the game (forget the gameplay for minute) has so many problems that it is virtually unplayable for the huge number of us who primarily play TvT MP. The real numbers speak for themselves there, as in the number of available servers, the number of people playing on them, etc. Raven Shield still has hundreds of servers and thousands of players after all this time. BF2 had 1000+ servers up within a few days of release and still does. For MP team players, those are the real numbers. I'm not going to rehash what it would take for GRAW to achieve some level success with this huge segment of the FPS gaming world. It may be too late, I don't know. What I do know is that marginalizing my concerns and those of thousands of other dedicated MP players does not serve you or the future of this game. I'm absolutely certain that GRIN is doing the best they can with what they have to work with and I don't fault them. However, that doesn't change the fact that for my particular demographic of player (competing TvT MP), this game is FUBAR.
  20. Bump. I've known these guys for a long time. Always clean, good games. Check them out.
  21. The sad fact is that, if the game gains enough popularity, the hackers WILL reverse engineer the AC in no time. No disrespect to GRIN, but the developers will not be able to keep up. It's a matter of resources. While GRIN will have limited time and manpower to deal with AC issues in the future, the hackers have the advantage in numbers. The only way to effectively counter this is for the community to work equally as hard to thwart them. The best example of this can be found in games like Raven Shield, where organizations like Punksbusted, Respected Admins, and Feed Piranhas have taken matters into their own hands by enhancing native AC with custom checks and configs, and in in the case of FP, developing 3rd party ACs to work alongside the standard ones. While there isn't necessarily an immediate need to ramp this effort up (there are currently only about 100 people ever playing online at any given time), if the game does take off and the number of players and servers significantly rises, it will be in everyone's best interests for GRIN to collaborate with these fine organizations and take advantage of the nearly unlimited talent and time that these groups can devote to keeping an online game clean. As a PsB server admin and RA member, feel free to contact me if you aren't familiar with these groups and their accomplishments.
  22. New rules mandating 1.16 and outlining server settings are available here: http://www.thecombatzone.net/ladder_view.php?id=23 Come get some!
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