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  1. If the game was wildly popular and there were lots of full servers, I would pay for an expansion. With the current state of the MP community, I would have to say no to more $$$.
  2. I think I just wet myself. Nice!
  3. Yes, I was exaggerating a bit, but my point was not that the process is unfair. My point was that this community is so small, it isn't really the natural habitat of the hacker. They prefer the relative anonymity of a giant community where their failed tests and/or discovered cheats won't get them booted, banned, or otherwise excluded everywhere they go. A BF2142 hacker will have no problem finding servers that don't have his ban info yet, but when there aren't more than about 12 truly active servers per world hemisphere, it gets a little trickier to ply your evil trade for long, not to mention boring. That's all I was trying to say.
  4. I encountered a guy once who could not be killed. I emptied two mags into him at close range. HOWEVER, I'm almost certain it was not a cheat, but rather the way in which GRAW 2 manifests lag. I have never experienced what I know as traditional lag with this game. No choppiness, stuttering, warping or any other common symptoms of lag. The game always "appears" smooth. But we all know that not all servers and not all connections are created equal. Some of the servers I've played on must be lagging at some point from time to time. I think the game is manifesting lag by showing me action in a smooth, yet delayed fashion. My screen shows me splattering this guy's blood all over a wall, when in reality he has run away 5 or 10 seconds ago and is nowhere near me anymore. I think the way the game is designed to handle lag makes people appear to be cheating sometimes when they actually aren't. Honestly, I don't think the game is popular enough to catch the attention of the serious hackers. They seem prefer 1000 servers and 50000 players to choose from. Why go to the trouble when one post in these forums gets you banned on all 12 active servers?
  5. Riverbed, Castle Day, and Tank are already being made. Check out the GRAW 2 Modding Forum. Even though I don't understand the technobabble taking place in there, I can still see that there are some really cool things going on, and GRiN appears to be lending their expert advice to the various private efforts to make (or remake) these new (and old) maps. Very encouraging IMO.
  6. Forgive me for asking what is probably a dumb question to the tech savvy folks, but if player stats are being generated and sent to GaymeSpy, why can they not be intercepted/diverted for our own purposes? It seems kind of silly that I can't even show the names of the players that are on my server on my server status page, much less current scores, k/d, etc.
  7. Same here. I run these maps on my coop server and have the same misreports of player numbers.
  8. Very interesting indeed. I'd love to test it out on one of our public dedicated servers.
  9. GRDST was definitely around during the glory days of [GR]. We started using it for our dedi in early '02 I think. It was an awesome tool at the time but I guess not everyone was aware of it (I thought all the cool kids used it).
  10. On the contrary, sir. My feet taste like pumpkin pie with a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top. OK...no they don't. But if they did, that would be sooooo awesome.
  11. I believe Rabbi is currently stationed in Afghanistan. You are now free to remove your foot from your mouth.
  12. I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. Seriously though, the SP is completely linear. Over and over again you are forced into unnecessary bottlenecks that I would have avoided like the plague when I was in uniform. All because I can't step over a 2' wall or climb over some debris.
  13. Our servers show a ping sometimes, and other times one or the other won't. If you refresh a few times it might start showing a ping. Refresh another time or two and it's gone again. Also, since the patch our coop server won't use the "3" setting for starting the round (start round when server is ready) even though it is in the config file that way. Therefore you need an admin to manually start the round via console command or you just end up stuck waiting for the nonexistent Rebels to ready up. We are running Win Server 2K3 also (no firewall).
  14. Nice try. They also included a bunch of console command cheat codes in [GR]. Just because it's included doesn't mean it makes the game better. I stand by everything I said. My point is that there are plenty of run 'n gun arcade slaughterfests out there. It would be a shame for a game with as much potential as this one to become just another one of those, because it will never be as popular as those other games and that style doesn't play to GRAW 2's strengths. If I followed "the large majority", I'd be playing something else. The large majority of players play those other games I mentioned, not GRAW 2. The majority of players I recognize from [GR] seem to prefer no respawns. I also recall that most of the more popular [GR] servers back in the day (including our own ]RS[ Battlefield) were set for no respawns. Being in the majority doesn't automatically equal being right. Examples of this are endless. Use teamwork. Don't die. If you are having difficulty accomplishing that, a little observing of the right players could help improve your game. I do more than my fair share of observing and hope to do less of it by learning a few tricks from people who have more time to play than I do. So I would agree the collective "us" respectfully disagree with the collective "you".
  15. Opti, I think you're looking at it the wrong way. Use the dead time to fix yourself a sandwich, a glass of your favorite beverage, and re-dose yourself with A.D.D. meds. If the time limit is 5-7 minutes and you don't rush around like a BF2'er on crack, you usually don't have to wait very long for the next round, if at all. If you have no respawns, guess what? No one else does either. The rounds are over quickly. If you truly can't stand to observe for a minute or two, I'm not sure GR is the right game for you (the collective "you", not necessarily you specifically Opti). Honestly, it seems like the 3-to-infinite respawn crowd is trying to turn this game into something it was never meant to be. As far as I know there are still BF2, BF2142, ETQW, and other servers out there where you can run around like a ###### blasting away at everything in sight with as many lives as you need to fill your kill quota. GR was always a slow paced game since the beginning and meant to be played carefully and deliberately, thus the "Recon" in the name. Otherwise just rename it "Ghost Melee" or "Ghost Respawn" or "CounterGhost Source" or "BattleGhost 2"...I got a million of 'em.
  16. No respawns, no spawn raping. Simple and effective.
  17. Could a Mod please split this discussion of into a new topic please (Server Command Line Configurations)? Thanks.
  18. They are 2 separate files in the Settings folder, neither of which is named dedicated_game_info.xml. I'm using custom configs (as we all are) and renamed the xml files. I then call those renamed files from a command line. My coop file is named coop_dedicated_game_info.xml. Its command line looks like this: ...\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\graw2_dedicated.exe -dedicated_game_info coop_dedicated_game_info -port 16251 So, you can see that we have: 1. the path to the server executable (...\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\graw2_dedicated.exe ), 2. followed by the switch that activates the desired xml ( -dedicated_game_info coop_dedicated_game_info) The file name is in bold. Just drop the .xml. 3. and lastly the switch that changes the port so we can run 2 instances on the same server (-port 16251). You can name your xmls anything you want so long as they reside in the Settings folder. For your second game, simply use a different port number and a different xml name (unless you want two identical servers, in which case you can call the same xml) and execute the command line again. Hope that helps a little. I'm certainly no expert, but that's about the best explanation I can come up with.
  19. I'm running both instances from the same directory on a Trinity colocated server. Both are visible and joinable. They seem to be no less stable than just a single instance. I get some coop crashes but I'm pretty sure my xml file for coop isn't quite right and probably is the cause (if someone could PM me a good coop xml, that would be awesome). It was messed up before I started running two games. I didn't really notice a performance hit, but only one game or the other was populated, never both at the same time as far as I know.
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