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  1. If the game was wildly popular and there were lots of full servers, I would pay for an expansion. With the current state of the MP community, I would have to say no to more $$$.
  2. I think I just wet myself. Nice!
  3. Yes, I was exaggerating a bit, but my point was not that the process is unfair. My point was that this community is so small, it isn't really the natural habitat of the hacker. They prefer the relative anonymity of a giant community where their failed tests and/or discovered cheats won't get them booted, banned, or otherwise excluded everywhere they go. A BF2142 hacker will have no problem finding servers that don't have his ban info yet, but when there aren't more than about 12 truly active servers per world hemisphere, it gets a little trickier to ply your evil trade for long, not to mention boring. That's all I was trying to say.
  4. I encountered a guy once who could not be killed. I emptied two mags into him at close range. HOWEVER, I'm almost certain it was not a cheat, but rather the way in which GRAW 2 manifests lag. I have never experienced what I know as traditional lag with this game. No choppiness, stuttering, warping or any other common symptoms of lag. The game always "appears" smooth. But we all know that not all servers and not all connections are created equal. Some of the servers I've played on must be lagging at some point from time to time. I think the game is manifesting lag by showing me action in a smooth, yet delayed fashion. My screen shows me splattering this guy's blood all over a wall, when in reality he has run away 5 or 10 seconds ago and is nowhere near me anymore. I think the way the game is designed to handle lag makes people appear to be cheating sometimes when they actually aren't. Honestly, I don't think the game is popular enough to catch the attention of the serious hackers. They seem prefer 1000 servers and 50000 players to choose from. Why go to the trouble when one post in these forums gets you banned on all 12 active servers?
  5. Riverbed, Castle Day, and Tank are already being made. Check out the GRAW 2 Modding Forum. Even though I don't understand the technobabble taking place in there, I can still see that there are some really cool things going on, and GRiN appears to be lending their expert advice to the various private efforts to make (or remake) these new (and old) maps. Very encouraging IMO.
  6. Forgive me for asking what is probably a dumb question to the tech savvy folks, but if player stats are being generated and sent to GaymeSpy, why can they not be intercepted/diverted for our own purposes? It seems kind of silly that I can't even show the names of the players that are on my server on my server status page, much less current scores, k/d, etc.
  7. Same here. I run these maps on my coop server and have the same misreports of player numbers.
  8. Very interesting indeed. I'd love to test it out on one of our public dedicated servers.
  9. GRDST was definitely around during the glory days of [GR]. We started using it for our dedi in early '02 I think. It was an awesome tool at the time but I guess not everyone was aware of it (I thought all the cool kids used it).
  10. On the contrary, sir. My feet taste like pumpkin pie with a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top. OK...no they don't. But if they did, that would be sooooo awesome.
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