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  1. Speed the gameplay up, Graw is slow to play compared to [GR]. Always run setting, so run key becomes walk key. (toggleable for those that prefer to walk). And i wish you could lose the gun from the viewport, and only have the scope come up when zooming.
  2. Staying in one job for too long can make you go a little stale, it's always good to move onto new ventures every so often in life, breathes new life into one's self. Best of luck in your new job, you've great things at RSE as i'm sure you'll continue to do in future. Hope we still see ur ugly mug around here still from time to time
  3. Has anyone tried doing Cntrl A to see if its a hidden image in Internet Explorer?
  4. Now thats a peek glitcher if i ever saw one, ban him
  5. Dunno but i've always been a lefty myself, and June 07 is my prediction for the PC version.
  6. Apparently none of the 'bond' actors will be at the premier, but 'Boycie' from 'Only fools and Horse' is amongst some of the guests. And i still haven't bought my Tux yet. Tickets - Free. Tux - £200. Totty - Way outa my league. Something doesn't add up
  7. Funny the West didn't think he was such a bad chap when we supplied him his weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. He's as much of a pawn now as he was back then. It's all about who controls the flow of Oil, not who owns it. If you control the flow you decide when and how much is sold. http://www.oilempire.us/iraqoil.html Stand back and look at the bigger picture. 4 Largest American Airbases in Iraq - British bases - Iraqi Oil fields and Refineries -
  8. Will tell you after i've been to the Premier on the 15th We did the promo Wapsite for Sony and MTV. check http://wap.mtvmobile.com on your mobile phone or http://wap.mtvmobile.com/bond
  9. and never will until you try to uninstall him and he'll hound you on every startup about missing files if you ever attempt to remove him from your system.
  10. free = crap simple as. If someone gave you a car for free would you honestly expect it to run trouble free for 12 months?? You get what you pay (or dont pay) for
  11. Some people use forums as a vent for their frustrations as no-one can see them face to face. Any chance of a emoticon ?? Edit Lmao it already exists
  12. Ye everything you do out of work belongs to the company you work for (if it's considered the same line of work, depending on the contract you signed) but passion for work doesn't stop one working outside to make yourself achieve more in your own goals in life whoever it is who profits, because ultimately your the one who profits from your own work and effort You just learn not to get walked over and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy doing to become better at what you do
  13. I still enjoy playing [GR] and 5yrs is no short term fix. Am i just an addict or does the playability just rock??
  14. The DOM can be accessed and manipulated via javascript. Although writting a cross browser editor was a headache due to the different ways browsers access the DOM.
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