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  1. Tnx², work like a charm here, win7 64. talking for extraction, skin & weapons work well in GR missions, except for the images of kits, for the SOAF missions i have a crash and cant open them in Igor, if i find some clue, i will post here... perhaps, its a bug of my own, but the .env for each map, are not extracted to the folder for each, it will be possible to make some command maps by Igor, and normaly there is no need to change the mission, there is just a problem of incompability with the sensor kit, so just put the one from soaf, in the equip folder...
  2. , tnx for this very nice fr SkinMod , if you need some info on the french army , or on the PetitJean&froggy frmod , dont hesitate to come on the dgse forum , and the mod is available to download on the dgse site too ... http://www.clandgse.org/forum/ http://clandgse.org/association/downloads.asp
  3. Good Work , i'm impressed ... if they give us the same possibility for modding that we had on the GR1 , i think we are going to have a lot of Fun , Dudes , Nice to see AlphaSquad on the Link ...
  4. Dont know if i had make it Good... but dont use the ClientSide with the ServerSide , thats differents & uncompatible ways of doing it... 1/ on the ClientSide i had just removing the RedDotTexture on the "CMI.rsb" one... so you cant see anything... and perhaps you'll have some probs with other Mods who had already made some modifications on this texture... and sure if anyone want to cheat on it , there is a facility... anyway , i think thats the Best solution for FriendlyCoops , or Missions... But you cant use the Sensors , because they are noUse... 2/ on the ServerSide , you just use
  5. hi all... Dont know if there is already one ... but i have made a little twiceMod , for removing the RedDots from the Maps... 1/ClientSide ... but cant use the Sensors... 2/ServerSide ... but cant use Friendly AI ... if you have some ideas to make it better dont hezitate... some precisions (in French ...) here -> http://www.clandgse.org/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1975&PN=1 and DL here -> http://www.clandgse.org/association/downloads.asp hf&gl
  6. Take a tour on the SunMaps v1.1 , you can choose any(24 restrictionKits , SD or not) AIBackUp's Equipments you want in Multi... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...3&t=12893&st=20
  7. Hi all , this the last update for the SunMaps , there is not so much improvements , just some BugsFixes , & minorChanges... The major Change is that its the final superVision by Ryan243 , about quality&coulours textures , & a 1 newMap ... by the same Ryan243 dp15_sunrrbridge____________________________from...m03_RRBridge... Badly , i'had make a big mistake on the 1.0 , because all the files from the "cp14_sunmountain" are overwritting files on the Original "m14_Mountain"... so i cant make a patch for some files to be removed... just an entire new download... i havent anypla
  8. ... what an amazing Map ... i had never seen a perfect one like this... dont know if there is an other topic on... but if you like GR , try a ride ... -> http://christon.free.fr/downtof/
  9. had you try to make some change on the two "d06_ground_smalldmd06_ghosttown" & "d06_grounddmd06_ghosttown" rsb ... ?...
  10. Sorry , i cant help you ... but this screen is simply Amazing ... Hoping that you 'll find a good Buddy to help you...
  11. Hey Guys , dont you know the French Army Mod by PetitJean & Froggy... (Skins&Weapons)very good Work , ... at this moment Froggy is in "CoteD'Ivoire" where FrenchArmy is involved ... (i Wish the better for him) http://www.clandgse.org/ -> Navigation -> download ... you can find it here , with his tinyPatch...
  12. there isnt some "grounddm"-like RSB" on "C06_Polling_Center" , on "cp05_market" , "m05_embassy" "m10_Vilnius" too there isnt... you can find some in exterior map ... not in the cityone... (sometime its called like this too "c01_detail_256dmc01_plantation"...) ... you can change the apearence of the ground , by changing the street texture like (in "C06_Polling_Center" , you can try ,"c06_pavement01" , "c06_street02" , "c06_ground01" ... sometime you must search for the one you want really...) other thing can alterate the color ground , are the "DarkMap" & the fog... if you want play the tw
  13. What a work of excellence... my wish , for the lastYears of GR , is that Ubi & the Heads of GRModdingCommunity can make an Official BigBigExpensionPack , with the most finest Stuff ever made by community's masters... all the good maps , all the good Campaigns , all the good Scripts , all the good Skins , all the good Weapons etc... in one or more CD , & on DL... perhaps not with the help of UBi , but at least with their Kind regards... dont know if it is possible... but what a Dream...
  14. Wup , Dima & Zij , there is no need to change anything , all is explicit in the ".text" in the mod...(anybody know the FrankZappa piece of pure marvellous Music called "SunVillage" ...?...)
  15. Make it SI-ZacPro... ... good work here ... (for the last years of GR , i wish some "BigModdingPack" like Bajabravo'sChoice or Monolith'sChoice that can regroup some of the best Stuff ever maid by ModdersCommunity... where we can find some of the finest Skins , Weapons , Maps , & Scripting ... dont know if that will stay a dream...?... and if there is toomuch difficulty for realise it...)
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