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  1. When we played the one on the Farm Day map, where one is captive in the house, at the end at the mission, I heard comments like "This was too easy". Most of us, if not all, were seeing it for the first time. We made it out without KIA. The fact that it was a FTI and no KIA led to that conclusion I guess. Perhaps increase difficulty/number of tanogs for coop ?
  2. We now have them all but one (hh13) up and running on our public dedicated. Thank you H-Hour !
  3. You will need the DTD Team 1.1 mod and the AS 2.6 mod to play on our server. All info here: http://alpha.websmart.ro/forums/index.php/topic,277.0.html As long as there's no real replacement for it yet, GR1 will continue to be popular, for the co-op players at least.
  4. Operation Flashpoint - http://www.flashpoint1985.com/ - is non-linear. At the briefing time, you have your objectives and intel notes. It's entirely up to the player how to accomplish the mission. That's the kind of freedom I'm looking for in a game.
  5. How can you play it with 2 monitors ? I thought you would need 3 otherwise the crosshair center is right between the monitors ?
  6. You sure you're using lock in the plan ? Also try with Disengage.
  7. Yes. Used this once in a mission. If you were the last man alive, wounded and there were more than a certain number of tanogs remaining, you were presented with the option to end the mission by moving to E.Z.
  8. I think this can be done. Have each actor in his own team. Have a loop through all the actors every few seconds. If actor is wounded, assign his team a new plan that will: - setactorkit noweapon.kit - lock stance to prone - wait 60 sec - unlock stance - lock allertness to panicked Not sure how much this will lag, but it's worth a try. If the FPS is good, try 1 sec interval. You can also try what Tinker said, check for range first and loop actors in platoon.
  9. Edit your campaign.xml file. This, for example, is from the Island Thunder campaign.xml: <ExtraStatPoints>5</ExtraStatPoints> If you need to assign extra stat points for when playing in quick mission mode, do what Buehgler said. Cheers
  10. Agent Smith, I believe you have mostly valid arguments from the point of view of a teenager gamer. However, many of the older GR players that play mostly coop had found no real replacement for GR1 so far and there is no point even putting GR1 and AA aside for a comparison in this aspect. I really would'n want to jump into a firefight in the first 10 seconds of a game, I would rather hold, waiting patiently to hear what the TL's general plan and orders are. I enjoyed AA very much during the training phase, especially that SF E&E mission, but quit easily after playing a few MP games. I loved particular some aspects of it, like the weapon view and handling for example that I now see in GRAW but I disliked the general arcade gameplay feeling. So for me, as a coop tactical shooter genre player, neither GRAW nor AA can ever replace (or compare with) GR1 yet. GRAW _has_ to become more like GR1 for some of us so we can enjoy it.
  11. Robalo / Robalo_AS 30 Overall: GR1 ATM: GRAW but not for long unless we see the modding tools for making coop missions released soon.
  12. The constant weapon sway when looking down the sight is a known problem when playing with less than 1 GB of RAM. How much RAM do you have ?
  13. Xerxes and Nightingale are crashing on startup. We're missing some .atr files: Xerxes: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file red_cross_f1.atr Nightingale: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file acolumbianvet6.atr
  14. Great, uploaded all except those requiring Frostbite on our public dedicated server. Thank You H-Hour !
  15. Alpha Mod 2.6 is out. This is a full install, can go along with AS25 so make sure you deactivate (or uninstall) 2.5 and activate 2.6. DTD Team mod 1.1 is still required. Please check the Readme.txt file in the Mods\AS26\ folder after installation. Download from U.S. Download from Europe If you have version 2.6 RC2 already, you can just get this small patch from 2.6rc2 to 2.6 Most important new features of this release: - Added all Stealth Recon 2005 tournament missions - New Delta uniforms from Eskwaad (Delta Force 1990) Enjoy ! AlphaSquad
  16. Alpha Squad public server IP is now Teamspeak: ts4.primarytarget.com:6717 password 2cold Rules and game password here: http://www.alphasquad.net/forums/index.php...wtopic=277&st=0 Active mods: DS/IT/DTD/SU/AS25
  17. Alpha Squad public server IP: Teamspeak: ts4.primarytarget.com:6717 password 2cold Rules and game password here: http://www.alphasquad.net/forums/index.php...wtopic=277&st=0 Active mods: DS/IT/DTD/SU/AS25
  18. There's a big problem with the T72s and the T80s. Empty 2-3 small arms clips into their turrets and they get destroyed
  19. The SBTO missions by AlphaSquad/Zero are the base of our campaign that was released since version 1.0. Most of them were also tweaked for SP gameplay, had bugs squashed or may have added objectives/difficulty.
  20. Here's an updated list of features for version 2.1 - New uniforms for allied and oposing force characters. Based on work of DTD. - New player classes like Spotter, Grenadier, CQB Specialist and Urban Sniper. - New specialists with custom weapon kits that you will unlock during the single-player campaign. - New OpFor attributes for added challenge in firefight game modes. Smarter tangos, but without being the world's best marskmen. - New trucks, tanks, helicopters and other vehicles from Blakarion's OpFor pack. - Command maps with grid coordonates. - Over 100 new weapons from the best modders in the community with quality models, textures and sounds, custom reticules and tweaked characteristics based on real specs. - Over 300 weapon kits split between the 8 multiplayer player classes. - New OpFor weapons. Bad guys get randomly assigned weapons chosen from over 30 distinct kits. - New MP kit restrictions like "no grenade launchers and no sensors" or "SD primaries only". - 6 custom maps: Jungle and Villa (Traffic mod), Ossetian Woodlands (Batleborne), Mosque (EL OSO), Outpost (H-Hour & EL OSO), Farm (Biro). - Custom firefight and stealth recon game types. - 13 mission single-player campaign with voice-over briefings. - All Alpha Squad tournaments missions. - Many other missions especially designed for multiplayer coop. - Custom game menu screens and many graphic tweaks for command map, night vission, binoculars and others. - Documentation (see Readme.txt for credits and instructions, Gear.html for the equipment list and the rest of files in the Docs directory). Alpha Mod forum thread here: http://www.alphasquad.net/forums/index.php?showforum=39
  21. Keen, I did not script the mission so I don't know about its scripting insights. However, I played the mission several times in both SP and MP and never had the problem you described. My hint is to execute it following the directions given by the various message boxes you see during the mission. Also, try extracting Garner last (the last guy, the optional objective).
  22. Summary of changes for 1.1 - New uniforms (Thanks DTD for the original combat vests textures) - New effects and gun sounds (Thanks Samu for the sounds from Kafee Sound Pack) - New game types: FF27 120 MOD and FF2(90)MODP featuring new enemy weaponry, last man going home and the Beretta penalty - New weapons: AR-10A2, Kimber TLE, M1a Scout, M1a SOCOM, PSG1 (Thanks Thumper) - Few kits were removed for realism or balancing reasons. - Some weapon models upgraded (from Thumper's 7.62mm v. 2.0 mod) - Pistols only kit restriction Have fun ! AlphaSquad / Robalo
  23. Downloaded and spent about 1 1/2 hour loading mission after mission with different kits just to stare at them. Outstanding work Thumper! Now I only wish you could let us use the new stuff to upgrade our little mod Robalo / Alpha Squad
  24. When the time comes we'll release it in zip format also for the mac users. There's no .exe that needs to be run. The rsb's were checked and should be mac compatible. The mod is mac friendly AFAIK except for the .wav sound format.
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