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  1. um... am i the only one who STILL cant see the pictures? "
  2. pro... once again bro.. beautiful weapons. :punk:
  3. hey pro... long time man... all i have to say is that is a DAMN fine weapon. absolutely gorgious. :punk: rock on pro... rock on
  4. reason.... dude... this is my opinion. SCREW everyone else. if u want to do the map, JUST DO IT. you should not cater to everyone else who gripes about the map. if u like it and you are the one who is going to put in the time to make it GR compatible then you make the decisions about the map. dont let everyone else change your mind about this. its a great idea b/c it is yours, not anyone else's. i hope that you have fun doing this. i know i will be there to d/l it. good luck. got any questions about 3ds or anything... just pm me or put up a post about it. dont worry about all these guys griping. just make the map. ok... i will get off of my soap box now...
  5. it won't be the last work that i do... i will help model for other mods in the future... i am always helping StalkerZero with something... im sure i will make new models sometime in the near future but for right now... growing up requires me to spend less time on the comp and more with my girl and at work...
  6. actually the reason the Hecate pics are with rifleman is b/c when i model a weapon i just rename it with the m16m203.qob file so i can start the game and just see how the hand placement and size is. the pics are when i first made the models and were testing them and the how well the camo textures worked in game... but if u want u can use the above method and play em with rifleman.
  7. dude... yes it has been done. Wolfsong made a ######gun that could open doors. he can tell u how. i forget where the post is but if i can find it i will post it. yo guys i found it... here's the link
  8. i don't know of any "tutorials" on it but here's a lil technique i use. select the edges of the top face. chamfer them to wear they are about 1/4 the width of the gun. that will take care of some of it. next, select the top face, detach it and then use UVW mapping and move its texture over to a place on the side texture that is the same as the side but that will blend into the model. does that make sense? do this... take the face in the red square, detach it, give it UVW mapping place the mapping co-ordinates in the space on the texture where the blue square is. see? it will give the face the same texture and hopefully it will blend in. you will have to tweak the positioning to get the sides to properly blend but it will work. i am sorry for the crudeness of this tutorial but its all i have time for. any questions just ask. hopefully Ruin will get what i am saying and can help u out.
  9. You might want to pay a little attention to all of the texture stretching on top of your models. Just my 2 cents. Hitman
  10. hey man... cool map. just a couple of comments. 1) there is alot of overlapping and corners on this map. the angle of all the hills with the buildings on them makes it where they "shift" all the time when u run. very annoying. 2) when i was playing it, i couldnt help but ask myself, "what's the point?" i mean, its a good idea and i really like the surroundings but it just seems to be a random map. maybe u should find a map of a city in Europe (Rome, Madrid, etc.) and model it after the street layout of a particular section you like. i think it would make the map alot more interesting. aside from that, good map man.
  11. there's not one i know of but im sure its been made and used before. but in real life, no sane person who wants to come back alive would put that on thier M4. too much stuff to use, to bulky, etc. its just over kill. im sure that i could make on for you real quick. but its not been in a mod that i know of.
  12. thx guys... glad u like the weapons. i believe the P90's do have scopes on them. that was my first model ever so it is very simple. unlike the hecates which have very high detail in the models.
  13. the only thing you can do is edit the .gun file itself. these are server sided. but make sure you do NOT change the model or sound files. change something like the ROF or stabilizing time and everyone on the server will have these same changes.
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