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  1. vBulletin is the best, or EkinBoard
  2. I stopped playing on UBI LONGGGGG ago, it's saturated with spasticated, pre-pubescant hackers and ghosters
  3. I find peeking invaluable in MP games, I was once faced with a 4-on-1 in a ladder match on PC. Not one of them had explosives, so I quick peeked to hell, killed them all and waited outside their spawn for my teammates to come. Needless to say, we won With a good slide peek, it is possible to beat a left peeking player with a right peek
  4. There is also a command map download avaliable from www.tagaming.com that allows you to see the spawn points when the M key is pressed in-game
  5. yes it requires much more strategy as when a man dies, he's down for good. I sometimes play this in my server when there's only 1 or 2 other players. Very fun especially when playing siege and you tell all the AI to charge down one corridor while you sneak round the back and steal the base
  6. thought it was just my crappy computer as usual
  7. lmao thats on my science teachers wall...hilarious
  8. harrr sounds like the kinda thing my mom would do
  9. personally i hate the so called "tactical" movement of RvS, id rather come up with my own tactics than follow some preset plan
  10. It happened to me once where i spammed the van in the garage on embassy and it started to levitate
  11. I dont have the tk problem cause im always the one leading the charge!! lol
  12. the default action key for GR Xbox is pressing down the left thumb stick. As for the demo charge, just lay one at the nose of the plane and you should see "Objective Complete" the charge will blow when you have reached the extraction zone with the pilot and wep officer upon which a cinematic will roll.
  13. I did that in a match once when i was the only guy left and ended up winning the match holed up in that damn palace
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