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  1. I'm on the same boat, got the e-mail fill out application and nothing yet, I guess is time to order ARMA.
  2. Got my invitation. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Is going to be a long week,LOL
  3. Nah, I got the game today. I just finish the single player campaing. The games is a big step ahead from GRAW, Just ask my friend April........fools.
  4. I don't care how long the demo takes. I just want a great game that is finish from the get go. Patches, just to fix minor problems. In my opinion, rushing GRAW was a "BIG" mistake. Just let Grin do their job and have a finish game to show for. Rushing things will not help at all. I don't care if the 360 version comes out first, and it don't have to be a "replica" of the 360 either. The game play on consoles is very different from PC(On shooters/combat simulations) I own a 360, but don't buy shooters for it. I read many times how much better GRAW for 360 was, But my choice is to stick to PC for tactical shooters. Just don't get angry if console gets the game first, just hope for a good/complete/great gameplay game. The ball is on Grin court. I hope the "Slamdunked" with authority.
  5. After watching the "Developer Diaries" The color scheme is better than in GRAW(I hope this is not an XBOX360 footage). If that's PC footage, is going to look a lot better. Is going to be a wait and see game now. I wish Grin the best. I'm counting on them to pull this one up, since our clan is drifting at the moment looking for a game to replace [GR]. For now Americas Army is the ticket(but is to much run and gun). If they fix the COOP mode(to allow more than 4 player per mission, with multiple objectives) and they up the graphics(color and flora) We might have a winner. The way you can give orders and take cover in Rainboe Vegas is nice also.
  6. I rather wait ,than get a crapy game(and Im not saying that GR2 is crapy, cus has not been made yet) I'm saying is that if RSE is doing it for XBox first, just to take their time and bring a better experience for us the PC gamers.
  7. I think he ment RSE, not RSI, cus RSI don't have any developers working for them
  8. The conversations here are not pointless, trust me. Many UBI/RSE peps go around reading, they want to know what we are thinking. They even ask in forums what people want to see. Maybe they don't take in consideration what we think, but they know what we think.
  9. He never said he Play the PC version, Thats a rumor one of the UBI designers started and later apologized for it(go to the UBI official site and see for your self). All he said was that GR2, is not the same game as GR1. He also said that the game look fun, but is not the sequel we all been waiting for. The game has been consolarized to the point that you can only control 1 guy thru the hole single player missions. No more jumping from squad to squad to position your soldiers, heck is only going to be 1 squad. The 3rd person view is in, so I don't know how they are going to implement that on multiplayer. I really don't care about single player part of the game, cus I have never finish any of the games(GR,DSand IT) I only play Multiplayer with my clan on TCZ. I really hope they bring the great Multiplayer experience we have back. I been playing this game since it came out and don't play anything else regularily, like I play GR(every single day, you can ask my wife,LOL)
  10. The sad part is that with all the processor power available to gamers and the new video cards that will be on the market before the game. Ubi could have made GR2 for pc an awesome game, but no, they decided to cater the console people. I got an e-mail from UBI the other day telling all the games they got for sale an a link to their store, I send a reply to them saying" After the masacre you guys are doing to GR2 I wont buy anything Ubi ever again!!!!!!!!!!!. ", LOL
  11. I read the PC gamer article(US PC gamer) and I'm not happy. Dan Morris is a GR player and voted GR for game of the year, and if he said that GR2 is not as good as GR1, I'll belive him. The only thing that keep my hopes up is that the multiplayer part have not been tested(or develop I think) and I hope UBI do the rigth thing and tweek the PC multiplayer part. Who want to play a FPS multiplayer on 3rd person view?????. Another thing is that most of the reviews out there are from the XBox version and all say that is a fairly good game, the problem I got with that is that many times when a game have been ported from XBox to PC the controls suck, big time. But also there are 2 games that were done for XBox first and later on PC and many magazines said that the PC version was better than the XBox version, Splinter Cell and Halo. I hope UBI learn from that (Splinter Cell is from UBI but a different developer than GR2) So I will keep my fingers cross
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