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  1. The problem I see is, that the same map limitations that you see in GRAW SP are in MP. You get funnel to the same place every time. I remember the "Farm" map in [GR], where every single inch of that map could be use. Very hard to tell from where the enemy was approaching, nerve wrecking.
  2. Why all the things that Grin added to GRAW1 dissapear?. Game modes, weapon selection, server contrlability, etc. I, deep down inside think that GRAW2 is just a "Port" of the 360 version. I don't think Grin work "Hard" on GRAW2. Why they didn't just add to the graw game and made it better with all the new additions and refinements? . Because I think the game was given to them to "PORT" and that's all they did. Now, this is my opinion. I enjoy matching in GRAW2, is not perfect but is a good game to have fun with your team. The truth be told, this game just need some tweeks and additions to make it "realy good" and some of those "tweeks" were on GRAW1. How come they didn't include them if it was already done? It confuse me greatly.
  3. How many new maps have been release for the 360 version? , how much the 360 players pay for them? How many maps came with the 360 version?.
  4. I don't think this will happen for "Free". Maybe one more "Free" patch to stabilize the game a little more, but that will be it. For maps....is up to the modders now. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. We matched the other night, SCE vs 30+ HH, no explosives, U/L respawns and it was a blast. GRAW2 is good for matching , but not as good as the old GR. TDM is intense and fun. I read this here and it makes no sence to me: It was like this in the [GR]. Is your job to go find the other team and even things out. Tactics, communications and knowlage of the maps is were is at. A team can get the first kill, but that don't guarantee that they will win. The worst part of TDM is the weapon selection. I don't know why if the weapon selection is good in SP, why it SUCKS so much in TDM. People running and gunning with sniper rifles gets old too. I read a lot how GRIN work so hard on GRAW2. I have GRAW2 for 360, which came out months sooner than the PC version and after seen that all the maps, game modes and weapons are the same as the 360 Version, It make me wonder is the PC version is just a PORT of the 360 game. Maybe some refinements here and there, but not more than that. The title of this thread is not correct either. If this game was GREAT, many more people would be playing this game. GRAW 1, screw GRAW2. The after taste was to hard to forget. TCZ was great. We matched EVERY week day, some times twice a night. It was so addictive that some players on our team had to quit under the preassure of divorce,LOL.
  6. Will the game will not let you play on servers that don't have the modded maps, If you have the mappack. You know, the "modified files" error.
  7. I think GRAW2 is better than GRAW1, but not by much. Some good things on GRAW one were changed. Why? I got no idea. The ability of choosing your own load out of weapons was changed to premade kits, very bad choice. The last patch took away the ability of seen who's playing on the servers...WHY?. The sniper rifle can be use for "run and gun", WHY?? In reality the 50Cal can only be use while prone, using a bipod. Why a player using a real heavy rifle can run as fast as one using the MP5?. If you never play [GR], you can relate to the complains people talk about here. Why the game (G2) can't download new maps like GRAW1? Another step backwards. I can't comment about SP, since I don't play SP. Multiplayer is ok and fun to play, but not as good as [GR] was at MP. Bottom line is. GRAW2 will never be as good as [GR], Unless some modder that play [GR] change lots of things about GRAW2. Sniping in [GR] was an art form. You could see far, well beyond that you can see in GRAW. You never saw snipers running around. Snipers use to "stalk" their pray. For GRAW2 to be suscessful and logn lasting, we need more maps, maps that are playable in all game mods. Better weapon availavility(Kit choosing) and fix weapon characteristics. How many games last 5-6 years? not many. That's why people still talk about [GR]. Rabbi, stay safe. And stop saying that I stole GRAW2. I pay for it BTW, Rabbi is a [30+] Player, serving in Afghanistan. More that some of us are doing for this country, so if he wants to complain, he can.
  8. I think if modders can give us new maps(old GR maps, some GRAW1 and some completle new). The ability of make our own kits(Premade kits are way too restrictive) and some adjustment to the weapons(No, you can't not run and gun with a sniper rifle) I long for the "Caves" days also, where snipers set up on nice spots and barely move. They could see almost the whole map, all the way down and snipe peps all the way up in the mountain. No "draw" shortcomings. But we got what we got. I just hope someone step up, grab the fumble and run it for a touchdown. (Football season baby!!!)
  9. My opinion on no respawn is directed to TDM and Coop. Seige and HH is another story. The objective od HH and Seige is rack up points or capture a zone, is not kill the other team, so Multiple or unlimited in this 2 game types is ok. Another thing I notice on HH or Siege is, that most people don't care about guarding the zone or capturing the zone, all they care is about kills. I seen 5-6 players surrounding the spawn of the other team instead surrounding the "zone", pathetic in my opinion. All the cry about wanting more game types, to end up playing TDM in HH, seige anyway.
  10. If Tactics are so important...... why there is only one server with ZERO spawns(Thanks BSR), Having more than ZERO spawn, all it does is promote the "Run and Gun" mentality. I'n my opinion, the perfect server should be ZERO spawns and no nade launcher(GRIN screrw this one up), but this is just my opinion and your server is for you to do whatever you want with it. I see many people leave the BSR server because they just got kill and don't want to wait. This are the same people that complain that the game is not "Tactical" enough. If you enjoy the run and gun, why complain about tactics.
  11. It all depend on the game type. In my opinion TDM should have no respawns, so the player with the zero deaths is the winner. For HH or seige, should be unlimited respawn since the object of the game is "capturing" an area, not most kills. But if you kill 25 and die 10 while helping your team capture the zone and WIN, you 'Tha man" But if you kill 25 and your team still loose, you are the highes kill "Looser"
  12. WoW. I wonder how wide spred this is. The other day I was playing on a server(don't remember which one) and there was a guy only using the nade launcher and I was asking myself how this could be. I hope Grin fix this.
  13. I wonder if their is a patch in the works that will add the medic class.
  14. Gogamer.com is selling the game for $29.90 http://www.gogamer.com/Tom-Clancy-s-Ghost-...0VVviewprod.htm
  15. I have to disagree with you some. For me GRAW 1 was a big NO,NO. Was a waste of money and the reason our 30+ team loose some valuable members. GRAW2 on the other hand is way better that GRAW1 and I'm happy I bought it. I personally bought 3 copies so far. One for me and the other 2 for members of our clan that are serving this country overseas(Rabbi and Sinister). If this game was the first one, instead of the first GRAW, Grin would be consider a top notch game developer. I which some things would have been keep from G1, like the weapon customization, premade kits suck, but this is just my opinion.
  16. I rather see the option to take the nade launcer out for Multiplayer. The GL is great for single player, but no so good for multi, but this is just my opinion. I agree that the M99 is way to easy to use and it need some work. I had fire the real thing and there is no way someone can be running up and down with that rifle taking pot shoots like that. That rifle is made to be shoot from the prone position at a long distances. I think that carring that rifle in the game should make the player slow and should only be fire kneeling or prone. But again, is just my opinion. Look at the size of this thing and tell me how easy it would be to do the things the game allow you to do. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i141/30P.../P1010006-2.jpg Me firing the beast. Every time a shoot when out, the ground around the rifle tremble. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i141/30P...aw/P1010045.jpg [Oversize images changed to URL's - Please see forum rule 3.14- Large Images]
  17. Unless of course you guys eventually make a patch that allows this type of thing to function.... That would be great. I don't know why GRIN changed that. The GRAW option to pick firearms was better in GRAW1 I hate the preset kits and some maps don't call for the use of nade launcers on multiplayer at all.
  18. Rabbi, just want to let you know that a copy of GRAW2 is on the way to Afghanistan. I didn't have the time to write you a letter, so just let me tell you how much we appreciate the job all of you are doing over there. I don't care what the Goverment say, you guys are the best and we are proud of you all. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. Is way better than the first GRAW. I got a copy for Sin also, but he don't have the Rig you have, so he might have to wait to play it until he comes back. Rabbi, stay safe and tell all your guys to stay safe also. Can't wait to see you all come home. I see you in the Virtual battlefield. Enjoy the game!!!
  19. Soldiers look dark to me. I love on GR how you could see your teamate uniforms clearly.
  20. Agree 100% It sounded strange that they are Beta testing and 2 days later a "demo" is supouse to be out. Also if the release is in June there is no way they will release a demo with over a month to go for the release. Ussually demos are release 2 weeks before or the same day of the game release.
  21. Damm guys, sorry to hear all the problems you guys are having. My key worked fine. I play yesterday for a couple hours. All I can say is that is a promising game. with some good stuff added.
  22. I like what I see so far. Some good stuff was added on the beta. Now the question is, how easy mods can be made for it and what the engine is going to allow. This will determine how long the "good" stuff is going to last.
  23. I got the key today also, but can't get in to download the game. I will keep trying.lol
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