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  1. I think the Russian military was in a no win situation, but i think they could have handled the seige a lot better... Im no expert, but the first thing i would do is set up a water tight perimeter, so that no matter what happens no unauthorised personnel get in or out. The fact that 10-15 terrorists managed to escape the perimeter beggars belief. Also such a cordon would have kept civilians at a manageable distance, from the tv coverage i saw, how the russian army could tell who was a terrorist and who was a civilian was beyond me, especially since there were reports that some of the civilians were armed and engaged the terrorists... Finally, do the Russian army have a distinct uniform, cause all i could see was a hotch potch (mixture) of various uniforms (includinf UK camo) and webbing over civilain clothes... again deciding who is a terrorist and who isnt seemed confusing from my armchair, but again they are the experts. To be honest I do believe as someone has already mentioned, that the Russian Special Forces have a different approach to success... its a numbers game, if you have 1200 hostages and only 500 get killed, thats a success... i dont feel the SAS could have done any better, too many people involved...
  2. All raving crew muss big up!!!!! luvin this, but then i grew up on t early hardcore, but now im a drum n bass head.... luvin the Amen on 'For the headz' booyaa not in your league, but i like it... http://www.seriousbass.com/braveheart.ram and some more... http://www.seriousbass.com/capporegimeaudio.htm
  3. if ur interested, im having a clear out, selling a load of CDs and vinyl, including Squarepusher, FSOL, ambient trip hop (tricky) some collector AFX pieces... Rephlex EP's ill post a link when they are up
  4. For Sale : SA80 Air Soft Gun.... I bought this on a whim, as its my weapon of choice in Ghost Recon... here's the details, unfortunatley i can only ship to UK...sorry to all the yanks... SA80 - ebay ps for Dick Splash... i may have Black Thorn here UK DVD version if ur interested, just gotta check though, cause i offloaded a bundle on ebay and it may have been amongst them...
  5. "He has spoken to his family. He is now ready to get back to work." poor family
  6. i especially like the sniper texture.. is the guillie more bushy? and i finally got my hands on that lynx.... nice work chems.... only problem i have is that mission 4 has no mission.... no objectives, enemies...anything....
  7. What about the Greek Evzones Elite Presidential guard Evzones
  8. Chems they apparently had electrodes attached to his erm .......
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3675215.stm
  10. i think you are being a little naive if you think the Us will not have a hand in running Iraq... but anyway.... my 2 cents on the whole thing is this, FNG it is nigh on impossible to beat an unknown enemy on their home ground, they don't wear uniforms and they don't have satan horns, they are like every other citizen... even with the best intelligence on the ground, you are not going to capture or kill all those involved... i'm from Northern Ireland, so i have a little bit of experience... the allied troops are fighting a war they can't win, they may win the odd battle here and there, but until the Iraqi's see and feel the benefits of governing their own country, these 'rebel' attacks will continue ad infinitum... we in the west (especially the US) seem to think that all other developing countries want to be like us... well a lot of them don't , a lot of them have ancient traditions and customs / practices you and i may not understand or see as barbaric, but thats their culture, unfortunatley they may not want a McDonalds or KFC on every street corner... the idea behind setting up an Iraqi government etc is all very well, and maybe utopia will be achieved, but i feel there is too many hidden agendas for that ever to happen... The war was wrong from the off and the allied troops are now in an unfathomable position that they are not equipped to deal with and cant possibly overcome...
  11. that link keeps sending me to this link: http://www.fileplanet.com/gsid.aspx roll on the gr retreat dl
  12. http://www.fileplanet.com/gsid.aspx that fileplanet link keeps throwing me here... ######
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